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177Screenshot of Bloodlines - A Vampire Saga

Bloodlines - A Vampire Saga

Can predators form families? Are there not lion prides, orca pods, and wolf packs? Why should vampires be any different? Just because we must take human life to survive does not mean we do not possess hearts that can care, love, be broken. We may indeed b

0051 Vote Comments
177Screenshot of vampire knight's blood stories

vampire knight's blood stories

this site is based off of vampire knight the series. play as your favorite charater or cearte your own charater

0066 Vote Comments
177Screenshot of Backup Foopets

Backup Foopets

this is a roleplaying site where you can put or add anything onm to it make your own its loaded with fun

0067 Vote Comments

The Ancient Clans

TAC is a friendly and literate warriors roleplay forum. Roleplay in 5 (including StarClan) clans including; MistClan, TreeClan, BreezeClan, DarkClan and even StarClan. Chat or play fun games with other members. Create your own plots and stories.

00141 Vote Comments

End Of The Ropes

Lake O'Hara, a small town built in the winter of 1925-26 by the Canadian Pacific Railway. It sits comfortably in the mountains between Banff Springs and Lake Louise. Its a small town where almost everyone knows everyone. Until something changes. A comp

0097 Vote Comments

SCryed of blood

this site is based off of the anime series scryed. where Kazuma and Ryuhou are dead and a new generation of at Alter were born. now a new Holy has been rebulid to keep the main land safe again

0088 Vote Comments
177Screenshot of

make a profile and post pics and make friends

0067 Vote Comments


fubar is a virtual bar social networking site

0074 Vote Comments

Role Play Gateway

I didn't make the website but I am part of it. It is where people make roleplay groups and other people join and roleplay with them.

00118 Vote Comments


what happens when angels and demons get reincarnated in to humans.. join and find out

0086 Vote Comments
177Screenshot of lisa


dfddg hg h

0080 Vote Comments

Potter's School of Magic

It is ten years after Voldemort was killed by the current Headmaster at Hogwarts, Harry Potter. The deatheater's have a new leader that has as much power as Voldemort had. The Dark Lord now is Draco Malfoy who has decided to take over where his family lef

00127 Vote Comments

Anime Roleplay

This forum is where you can do any type of anime styled roleplaying.

00119 Vote Comments

Vamp School

Vampire School... what more is there to say? RULES ARE VERY STRICT ON THIS SITE. THEY WILL BE POSTED SOON.

00104 Vote Comments



0089 Vote Comments
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