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Dark Traverse

Dark Traverse

A science fiction roleplay inspired by the likes of Chronicles of Riddick, Mass Effect and more. Mixes classic sci fi with fantasy elements, such as magic.

171153 Vote Comments

Path of the Vampire

An incredibly in depth vampire game with both role-play and grid involvement, as well as an in-depth tactical system for battle their exists a variety of role-play and on game product. It is an intense game and I recommend it to all hardcore players.

170104 Vote Comments
109Screenshot of Warhammer 40k RP

Warhammer 40k RP

WARHAMMER40KRP is opening & looking to recruit for the grimdark role-play experience. Be you a knife-ear, greenskin, bug, or filthy humie; all are welcome to join in the battle fray. For the Emperor!

68687 Vote Comments

The Beginning {of the E.N.D}

The Beginning {of the E.N.D}

Harry Potter defeated Voldemort in August of 1999 but now it is 2001 and another school year for Hogwarts. However, something odd is going on in the Ministry of Magic. There is a serial killer targeting Death Eaters. Will anyone bother saving them?

0651,055 Vote Comments
111Screenshot of Reverie of Aurlia

Reverie of Aurlia

This is a creative, finely composed, and very friendly site that listens and acknowledges user input. Feel free to help us develop this forum by contributing in any way you'd enjoy.

43642 Vote Comments
111Screenshot of Grimspire


An original medieval fantasy roleplay. Mixes the realism of a medieval world with the fantastical myths of fantasy.

164345 Vote Comments
111Screenshot of Seasonal Trackers Pack

Seasonal Trackers Pack

Forum based in role-playing as a wolf of the pack or a loner. We've many forums to RP and other entertaining things related or not with wolves!

16450 Vote Comments

Still Into You

Still Into You

Welcome to Still Into You! We are a No Word Count, easy app, laid back role play website! Set in a Boarding School!

164110 Vote Comments
112Screenshot of Domhnall



Three kingdoms battle for dominance over Domhnall - fighting with sword, magic & their védu's - a bonded beast which walks on the outside & guards the inside. Which side will you choose?

163242 Vote Comments
112Screenshot of Torab



Torab is Fantasy based role-playing, we have active DM's willing to start a role play for you or a thread where you can post your own, we have a storyline, general and off topic role playing threads, join, create a character and start role playing!

163785 Vote Comments

Eternia Bloodties

Eternia Bloodties

The two great races were once as close as brothers when they first came into this world together, one born of the wolf and the other the bat. As time went on their numbers swelled and hostility slowly grew within their ranks. The growing friction between

162206 Vote Comments

Code Geass RPG

Code Geass RPG

A non-cannon Forumotion roleplaying forum based on the anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

162742 Vote Comments
113Screenshot of Dragonball Chronicles

Dragonball Chronicles

Dragonball Chronicles

Chronicles is a Dragon Ball Z-based online storyline / role-playing game that allows only user-created characters. 35 playable races, a unique battle system, and an incredible community.

162285 Vote Comments
113Screenshot of A Certain Alternate Universe

A Certain Alternate Universe

A To Aru Majutsu No Index/To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Roleplay. When Science and Magic cross paths, a new story begins.

16245 Vote Comments
114Screenshot of Elemental Balance

Elemental Balance

16110 Vote Comments
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