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23Screenshot of Persona - Velvet Dream

Persona - Velvet Dream

Persona - Velvet Dream

A role-playing forum based off of the acclaimed Persona video game series of RPGs. Players create their own original character, and may choose an existing Persona or create their very own. Fans of the series will find that a lot of the elements they lov

03289 Vote Comments



A play-by-post role-play set in Keehrr, an original fantasy world. A cruel tyrant controls the land. Will you regain the Kingdom, or help the King bring it to ruin? Choose your own path. Harness your destiny. The world is yours.

03135 Vote Comments
24Screenshot of The Suspected Curses

The Suspected Curses

The Suspected Curses

The Suspected Curses, TSC, is a haunted estate role play with ghosts, humans, and a touch of romance. Anything can happen on this abandoned estate. No one comes around now a days but once in a while we get some teenagers peeking around . . .

0233 Vote Comments

The Lantern Waste

A new Narnia-themed RPG forum. Come Join today!

0292 Vote Comments
24Screenshot of Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here

Anywhere but here is a brand new Harry Potter RPG with no limits to what you can do. Create any kind of character you can think of and play them in this RPG.

0264 Vote Comments

Neovita RPG

Neovita RPG

A freeform "post-apocalyptic" role playing game set after the Fourth World War. Join now to play the future!

0152 Vote Comments
25Screenshot of Final Fantasy Mages

Final Fantasy Mages

Final Fantasy Mages

Final Fantasy Mages is a fansite that provides quality news, media, and information on RPG titles such as Final Fantasy VII, XIII, XIII-2, and XIV.

0138 Vote Comments



We're a multi-faceted, open-world fantasy and scifi roleplay site, and we're going to blow your mind. What have we got? We've got what you want. Dragons, wolves, and humans are our main races for now (with the possibility of others), and within each of th

0151 Vote Comments
25Screenshot of Alex's DBZ RPG

Alex's DBZ RPG

Welcome to Alex's DBZ RPG 5, an online roleplaying game created by Penguin Run Games in June 2000. ADBZRPG has a vast universe that is unique from other Dragonball Z RPGs. Complete weekly training and roleplay in deep-plotted quests to train a strong warr

01219 Vote Comments
25Screenshot of Midnight Dream RPG

Midnight Dream RPG

Midnight Dream RPG

Midnight's Dream is a fantasy roleplay that isn't based on stats, we give you the option to choose which path you want to take. You're allowed to play almost any race imaginable and we allow you as much customization as possible. So step back into the anc

01219 Vote Comments

Darkness Strife

Darkness Strife

Darkness Strife is an up and coming Post Harry Potter all OC site. We have an immersive story that has the son of Voldemort, and friendly staff.

01116 Vote Comments
25Screenshot of Dragonball Dragon Trials

Dragonball Dragon Trials

Dragonball Z RPing Site! Come Check It Out! DBZ is Here and Never going to leave!! A Free RP Anyone Can Get Into!!! A free role play.

01113 Vote Comments
25Screenshot of When Gravity Moves

When Gravity Moves

When Edward and his family left Forks, abandoning Bella, she was a wreck. Bella started to return to herself the slightest bit when she began to hang with her friends and Jacob Black, her very best friend that cared about her in ways that she couldn't eve

01109 Vote Comments
25Screenshot of Broken Galaxy

Broken Galaxy

A STar Wars RPG

0164 Vote Comments
25Screenshot of Relive the Magic

Relive the Magic

We are an advanced RPG, that is post DH. Voldemort is dead, however a new evil is lurking somewhere out of sight. It has yet to reveal it's face, but it's Death Eaters are aware of it's life, and are willing to give theirs to the thing even more great

0163 Vote Comments
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