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27Screenshot of Relive the Magic

Relive the Magic

We are an advanced RPG, that is post DH. Voldemort is dead, however a new evil is lurking somewhere out of sight. It has yet to reveal it's face, but it's Death Eaters are aware of it's life, and are willing to give theirs to the thing even more great

0192 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of Salem Seminary

Salem Seminary

This is an RPG that is loosely based on the Harry Potter series of books and movies. As a new member you may create whatever character you'd like be it student or adult and start developing characters through chapter based roleplay. The current year is 20

0035 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of gelinlik



0023 Vote Comments

Twilightus RPG Community

The Twilightus Universe is a growing community of forum-based role playing games that people of all ages can enjoy! Come and join the adventures in the many worlds of the Twilightus Universe!

0033 Vote Comments

Langston Asylum

For years Langston Asylum has been one of the best asylums around. Not anymore, since Dr. Jennifer langston took control, odd things have been happening. Nobody has left the Asylum in years. Is something going on behind those iron gates? Only the patients

0031 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of tempo



0041 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of Olympus Hazard

Olympus Hazard

Olympus Hazard is a RPG forum based on Greek Mythology and Hogwarts Founders Era, on their teenager years. It is the year of 990 A.D. and muggles and wizards live together, with the knowledge of each others capacities. Apart from the humans world, thou

0042 Vote Comments

Dark Traverse

A science fiction roleplay inspired by the likes of Chronicles of Riddick, Mass Effect and more. Mixes classic sci fi with fantasy elements, such as magic.

0036 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of Nordwind Entertainment

Nordwind Entertainment

Nordwind Entertainment entwickelt derzeit ein kostenloses und innovatives P&P Rollenspiel.

0042 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of Mourning Glory

Mourning Glory

Mourning Glory

An alternate-universe roleplaying community that revolves around ghosts, psychics, and the afterlife.

0046 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of Luna Llena

Luna Llena

Dans une terre ou régnait la paix , toutes espèces d'animaux vivaient ensemble , ce fut la catastrophe . Les animaux se disputaient les terres jusqu'au jour ou un oeuf ou un dragon y dormait depuis bien longtemps , s'ouvrit . Le dragon décida de tué ceu

0025 Vote Comments

Room to Grow - A Teen Titans Roleplay

Recently opened, Room to Grow is intended to be a sort of continuation to the Cartoon Network show "Teen Titans", set shortly after the series finale. Both Canon and Original characters are accepted.

00124 Vote Comments

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