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Fate X Destiny

Fate X Destiny

A revamped multiverse RPG that allows writers to control characters from anywhere! We accept both Canons and Customs! Join us today, you won't regret it!

110825 Vote Comments



0108548 Vote Comments
32Screenshot of Ivyclan Forever

Ivyclan Forever

Ivyclan Forever is a warrior cats RPG originally founded in 2010. We are a small semi-literate to literate community with a focus on members being able to create their own plots.

110613 Vote Comments

Masters Pet

Masters Pet

A world of immortals. Most people live freely, yet not every one has this chance. For the most powerful have pets that fulfill their every desire!

1106149 Vote Comments

City of Wrot

City of Wrot

A zombie-oriented RP forum. Wrot is a city in New York, recently overrun by zombies, werecreatures, and various monsters of the night. Humans have become second-class citizens as the supernatural population grows.

198241 Vote Comments


Our setting is a high fantasy world with medieval technology, where humans, dwarves, elves, angels, demons, and representatives of many other races work to make their mark in a war-torn world.

29418 Vote Comments
35Screenshot of Pandora



Pandora is a multi-fandom roleplay. This means that you can choose to be any character, from television shows and movies to books and anime, and more! People from all sorts of worlds have been dragged away from home and miraculously been thrown int

17835 Vote Comments
36Screenshot of Zombienomicon Eisegesis

Zombienomicon Eisegesis

Write your own choose your own adventure or join in with the rp and stories others are writing! Amazing and amazingly simple!

17315 Vote Comments

Naruto Beginnings

a fun, freeform roleplaying forum which an abundance of clans as well as different types of characters not only limited to Ninja and Samurai but 4 unique archtypes as well. A warm community who's dedicated staff will ensure your rp experience is an unforg

173270 Vote Comments



An all level, elemental canine vs. feline roleplay with a simple point system that focuses on fun and creativity.

17353 Vote Comments

Warriors Wolf RP

Warriors Wolf RP

This is a Warriors based wolf RP where you start off as a pup in one of four packs: Snowpack, small, peaceful white wolves; Fogpack, reclusive gray wolves; Nightpack, sly, black wolves; or Mudpack, large, aggressive brown wolves.

170159 Vote Comments
37Screenshot of Ever Realms

Ever Realms

Ever Realms

A chat-based community of writers and story-tellers playing across and exploring five realms: imperial Roman fantasy, high fantasy, post-modern noir, modern fantasy, & western sci-fi.

17095 Vote Comments

By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Very creatively free high fantasy. Over 70 species, 10 worlds and much, much more!

16722 Vote Comments



An original medieval fantasy roleplay. Mixes the realism of a medieval world with the fantastical myths of fantasy.

167424 Vote Comments
39Screenshot of Fantasyrole


Fantasyrole is an open ended RP site where anything you imagine is possible. There are resources for everything you can imagine, from writing tools, character pages, tools to build your own world, room to upload your own work, dice rollers and language tr

166622 Vote Comments
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