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A topsite for Warriors related fan sites, based off the series by Erin Hunter.
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Warriors of Winter

Warriors of Winter is an RPG forum. It includes 4 clans- SnowClan, FrostClan, IceClan and SnowflakeClan. You can also discuss the books and characters. The site also includes competitions, games and fanart.

0048 Vote Comments


This site is a warrior cats based rp site, it has the original clans and one tribe.

0046 Vote Comments


Create a cat, hunt, battle, and much more at Lowclan. We are a fierce clan.

00154 Vote Comments


Welcome to the world of Grassclan. That is what Twilightwarriors is based on. We have many graphics, warriors information, and much much more!

0045 Vote Comments

whiskers of starclan

A site dedicated to ALL things warriors!

0053 Vote Comments

Dark and Dangerous Past-A Survival Test

This is a warriors fansite that has role-playing and a chat, i hope you will join!

0041 Vote Comments

Clans of the Canyons

Extremely new warriors fansite, I really want to get well known.

0047 Vote Comments

Moonstar's Prophecy

Moonstar's Prophecy is a literate Warriors RPG that takes you into the world of Warriors. Our site contains five original Clans. ShadowClan,ThunderClan,WindClan,RiverClan, and last but not least, SkyClan. We have many plots and hope that you may contribu

0027 Vote Comments


RainClan is a great role play site with active members! It's updated constantly, has tons of pages, and we interact with other Clans! Join as whoever you want and start roleplaying! ^^

0058 Vote Comments

Rising Storm

Rising Storm

0052 Vote Comments

The Forest Of Secrets

This is a warriorcats RPG. We love new members and are willing to help out with anyone! The Clans are your beloved ShadowClan, RiverClan, ThunderClan, WindClan, and BloodClan, along with one new Clan--RavenClan--a Clan with special powers! We will happily

0047 Vote Comments
78Screenshot of Warriors: Destiny Clans

Warriors: Destiny Clans

A role-play site about the five Clans of the forest, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and SkyClan. Do you have what it takes? Your destiny lies here. Join us.

0039 Vote Comments

Snowstar's Site

We are a fairly new graphics site with many more things than graphics. Including randomness!

0081 Vote Comments

Sea Sand Clans

A new danger emerges. Ruinclan, a band of rouges that are more deadly than Scourge, maybe deadlier. And 2 other new clans, emerge from the sands of time, Seaclan and Sandclan, together with the original clans, they must vanquish the foe that is Ruinclan.

0025 Vote Comments

.::Kit Clan::.

a loong time ago the 7 clans, Thunderclan,Riverclan,Windclan,Shadowclan, tribe of rushing water,Skyclan and Bloodclan and teh 3 great clans, lionclan,tigerclan and leapordclan had a flood. all the kits were swept away to another forest. Together they bec

0027 Vote Comments
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