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1Screenshot of Faint Paw Prints

Faint Paw Prints

Faint Paw Prints

Looking for a great community with four brand new Clans and a plot that will leave you with infinite rping opportunities? Well come on down and slap that register button to get started!

15261,164 Vote Comments
2Screenshot of Warrior Clan Cats

Warrior Clan Cats

Warrior Clan Cats

The future's in your paws. Shape it well. Roleplay in the five Clans. Set in a time before the books. Active site with friendly community since 2008!

14541,168 Vote Comments
3Screenshot of Grass Beneath My Paws

Grass Beneath My Paws

Grass Beneath My Paws

GBMP is an ACTIVE 2013 Warrior Cat and Wolf RP forum. What path will you chose? Will you chose the life of a clan or a pack? Your choice..Could be fatal..

12835,967 Vote Comments
4Screenshot of Forgotten Purrs

Forgotten Purrs

Forgotten Purrs

Forgotten Purrs is a new literate tradional Warriors cats roleplay forum. We require at least 100 words per roleplay post to ensure a quality RP.

1195764 Vote Comments
5Screenshot of Warriors: The Final Sunrise

Warriors: The Final Sunrise

Warriors: The Final Sunrise

Warriors- The Final Sunrise is based solely off of Erin Hunters books. This means that it is with only the 4 original clans, along with SkyClan and the Tribe of Rushing Water. Any cats with mythical powers or strange pelt and eye colors are not accepted h

11643,717 Vote Comments
6Screenshot of Lies in the Low

Lies in the Low

Lies in the Low

A literate semi-AU Warrior cats roleplay site with a 200 word minimum. LitL features a sandbox play style, a stat system for character development, staff-run NPC accounts for events and encounters, an

1156752 Vote Comments

Silver Warriors

Silver Warriors

A Warrior Cats roleplay based on the books by Erin Hunter. Come create your character and live a life of a Warrior or choose to live the rough life of a loner. No set plot, mini-plots shall dominate and rule!

11335,675 Vote Comments
8Screenshot of Warrior Cat Pics

Warrior Cat Pics

Warrior Cat Pics

Signatures, Wallpapers, Official Artwork. Over 2,000 graphics, I'm sure you'll find one you like!

11242,472 Vote Comments
9Screenshot of The Clan Renaissance

The Clan Renaissance

The Clan Renaissance is a unique warrior cats roleplay site focused on making the warrior cats world more realistic while still retaining the essential spirit of the series. Active as of Dec 2016!

1116580 Vote Comments
10Screenshot of StarClan's Promise

StarClan's Promise

StarClan's Promise

An authentic based warrior cat roleplay based loosely around the original five clans in the lake territory. Created March 2018 and growing fast! - November 25th 2018 We are active Join us!

19111338 Vote Comments

SSS Warrior Cats Official Forum

SSSWarriorCats Official Forum. With over 350 ACTIVE members and over 2000 topics this is one of the biggest Warrior Cat fansites on the web! With being to play the 4 main clans and the 3 original clans you will never stop having fun! Join us today!

19710,764 Vote Comments
12Screenshot of Ivyclan Forever

Ivyclan Forever

Ivyclan Forever is a warrior cats RPG originally founded in 2010. We are a small semi-literate to literate community with a focus on members being able to create their own plots.

186455 Vote Comments
13Screenshot of Dovestar-Warriors


A brand new warrior cats RPG! Leafstar from the very popular (but unfortunately now inactive) roleplay site leafstar-clans is co-creator with Dovestar. It needs members and it will for sure be a great roleplay site!

179527 Vote Comments
14Screenshot of Cat Kitska

Cat Kitska

Cat Kitska- fun plots, active members, caring staff!

171513 Vote Comments
15Screenshot of Starbound Skies

Starbound Skies

With trepidation DragonClan, SphinxClan, UnicornClan and PhoenixClan must look to the future, and pray to StarClan that they are not destroyed.

164398 Vote Comments
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