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Leaffire Warrior Cats

Welcome to Leaffire Warrior Cats! We are a warrior cats roleplay site based on the popular series by Erin Hunter! We are kinda new and willing to welcome any members who join!

03231 Vote Comments

Endless Running

Endless Running

This site is owned and managed by Sageleaf. This site has been around since July 2009 and continues to grow. This site offers mainly graphics but also has the potential to become a reference site.

03243 Vote Comments
41Screenshot of Stars & Whiskers Graphics

Stars & Whiskers Graphics

Stars & Whiskers Graphics

The one stop place for Warriors graphics. It is a relatively new site, although it already has a great selection of graphics. It is updated often and done up in HTML.

03189 Vote Comments
42Screenshot of Warriors: A new Code

Warriors: A new Code

The clans have fallen and the warrior code must be rewritten as the cats travel to a new land under the guidance of an old leader on the brink of death and a young medicine cat.

1220 Vote Comments
42Screenshot of Eclipse


Reinscar's goal in Eclipse is to improve skills of those who wish to learn new ways of battle in Roleplay, that includes Para and Multi-para fights. The Organization Eclipse was made to help new roleplayers in the world of Warriors,Wolves,And other forest

0272 Vote Comments
42Screenshot of Mosspath's Pine Tree Hideaway

Mosspath's Pine Tree Hideaway

Mosspath's Pine Tree Hideaway

A small, but growing, Warriors fansite. Updated constantly and includes fanfiction, polls, typos, and all things Warriors-related!

02228 Vote Comments



GloryClan is a one clan Warrior Cats Rpg. The Clan is set on the beach and we welcome members aged 13 and up. We have active staff and are always welcoming new members!

02240 Vote Comments

Night Whispers; A Warriors RPG

Night Whispers; A Warriors RPG

Night Whispers is a semi-advanced literate warrior cats RPG. It takes place in the original territory from the first series of books by Erin Hunter, and in game it had been many years since the days of Firestar and all the rest.

02144 Vote Comments
43Screenshot of Warrior Cats Forum

Warrior Cats Forum

Start exploring new lands! Registering on our community gives you access to our forums, territories, roleplays, chatbox, art galleries, worlds, and more! It's time to begin the adventure!

11127 Vote Comments

Reminescent Dawn

Reminescent Dawn is a literate Warriors RPG set in the post-apocalyptic aftermath of the devastating battle in The Last Hope. We recently opened and are still looking for people to fill in high positions, so feel free to join.

0160 Vote Comments
43Screenshot of The Five Clans

The Five Clans

What would have happened if SkyClan wasn't driven out? Scourge would never of attacked because there would be no twoleg place. Dogs couldn't have been let loose because there is nowhere for them to come from. The Clans wouldn't of had to leave their home.

01258 Vote Comments
43Screenshot of The Fight for Freedom

The Fight for Freedom

The Fight for Freedom

A Warriors fan site run by Kitty and Staff with spiffy Warriros graphics and helpful Warriors information. We contain no Seekers information what-so-ever.

01222 Vote Comments
43Screenshot of SummerWind Warriors

SummerWind Warriors

SummerWind Warriors

Summerwind Warriors is a warrior cat graphic, drawing, and info site. We have forums, chat boxes, a fanzone, and drawing/photoshoping requests.

01201 Vote Comments

From the Ashes

One year has passed since Firestar and Sandstorm of ThunderClan have rebuilt SkyClan. Three rogues by the names of Smoke, Storm and Stone decide to make their own Clans. SmokeClan, StormClan and StoneClan are born. Which Clan will you choose?

01145 Vote Comments

StarClan's Song

StarClan's Song

StarClan's Song is run by Ashbreeze, who creates original graphics for you to use, provides information on Warriors, shares her knowledge in tutorials, and much more! (This site was formerly known as Falling Mist.)

0189 Vote Comments
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