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Lineage 2 Private Servers

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Welcome to Lineage 2
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..:: L2-Fanatics ::..

..:: L2-Fanatics ::..

L2-Fanatics is back - deutscher Staff - 30 XP + 50 SP + 150 Adena - Noblesse - Olympia - Hero - SevenSigns - growing Community

11,0315,918 Vote Comments

L2 information

L2 information

A lot of information about Lineage 2 for Czech players-Noblesse,Hero,CS,Shots,Gallery,Fishing and many other things,come look at us.

18722,840 Vote Comments

HellGate - Gracia Final

HellGate - Gracia Final Multiskill 2 server 1 hi rate 5000X ; 2 Low rate 50X. Xp=5000 ; Sp=5000 ; Drop=5000 ; Spoil=1 . En.Safe=7 ; En.Max=25 ; Scrol=60% ; Crystal=70% ; Bless=85% Sistem 2X 3.2Ghz Xeon DualCore , 16Gb DDR3 , No Lagg, Nice comunity,

18564,442 Vote Comments

Lineage 2 Awakening (PL)

Lineage 2 Awakening (PL)

Odkryj wspanialy swiat Lineage 2. Nowy, polski serwer gry mmorpg oferujacy zabawe za darmo. Oferuje klimat oraz pozwala na odgrywanie waszych postaci. Odwiedz nas juz dzis poszukiwaczu przygod!

18153,816 Vote Comments

myL2: Team Server

myL2: Team Server

If you`re looking for a stable, no-wipes server, this is it. XP: 4x; SP: 5x; Adena & Items: 10x; PartyXP: 2x; PartySP: 3x; AAdena: 2x; Spoil: 15x

18114,324 Vote Comments
21Screenshot of Lineage2 Adena sales website. Buy Lineage2 Adena

Lineage2 Adena sales website. Buy Lineage2 Adena

Lineage2 Adena sales website. Buy Lineage2 Adena

Sell Lineage2 Adena Website,buy Lineage2 Gold,Large Stock For All Servers.100%Refund,100%Guaranteed,100%Reliable, 100%Fast & Legal‎.

1711369 Vote Comments
22Screenshot of L2 Mythodea High Five x15

L2 Mythodea High Five x15

Welcome to Mythodea x15 infinite odyssey free server! ALT+B with Gm shop ,Gk towns,offline shop,.exp on/off, bank system ,full wedding system,password system,Vitality System,.Premium

1708267 Vote Comments

L2 Exilium - Freya PVP Server

L2 Exilium - Freya PVP Server

Freya 200x / Adena 300x / Buffs 2h / Npc Buffer, Gk Global, Gm Shop / Custom Areas / No-LAG (Hosted in the best DC of EUA) / 10 Auto Events / Balanced Classes / Great Server / Unique Style, Join NOW!

16261,873 Vote Comments
24Screenshot of

Hello guys, L2Crafting has been reopen the doors on 05.11.2016 after a closed time of more than 4 Years. We are a low rate server without PK only Duel and many custom Events and NPC's

1434516 Vote Comments

Pandora Project - Gracia CT2 PVP Server ~ EXTREME CUSTOMIZATION ~ Totally Custom GameEnvironment ~ Totally Custom Events (SelfMade) ~ Come and Get really amazed! OLD ECHOKINETICS STYLE!!

14071,747 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of L2IceScream 20x H5

L2IceScream 20x H5

Private server starting new season vol.3. We have nice community 400+. Official start in 2015... Check our forums to be in!

1377333 Vote Comments

Tickle's Palace

Lineage II CT1 (Kamael) Free Server - 15x XP,18x SP, 25x Adena, Drops/Spoils/Quest 50x. Dynasty Weapons/Armor Craftable. Clan Halls/Castle Sieges . Weekly Champion Event. Custom Luxury Shop.

13731,413 Vote Comments

L2 Faithless Gaming Community

L2 Faithless Gaming Community

L2 Faithless 2k/2k/4k/4k lifestone drop, adena/seal drops only. 2nd Generation TvT engine, Special NPC Buffer, GMShops, Fast-Retail Sieges, most IL skills, info in site!

13623,531 Vote Comments
29Screenshot of L2 Crystal - C4

L2 Crystal - C4

Only one C4 reborn server in Europe! Functional, quality and stable C4 server with some different types of new things. All functions C1 to C4 are fully functional. Donate is designed that it cannot affect the game (you can buy only 2nd class)...COME

1305807 Vote Comments


High rate pvp server 1000 x no need nobl quest max enchant +20 atribute to lvl 9 ingame

12962,692 Vote Comments
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