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Lineage 2 Private Servers

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Welcome to Lineage 2
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96Screenshot of Server Incarnum

Server Incarnum

Server Incarnum

Gracia Final Rates: Xp 15x - Sp 15x - Party 1.5x Adena 25x - Drops 20x - Spoil 25x L2Day - PWF - Medals Events

03280 Vote Comments

.: L2NewDay Interlude :.

.: L2NewDay Interlude :.

[Interlude] [Espaņa] [35x xp] [35x sp] [300x ad] [Fresh servers] [Uptime 24/7] [Lag-free] [Primeval Isle] [Akamanah/Zariche] [Duels] [Olympiad] [TvT] [All Quest] [Non-corrupt staff] [Join Free now!!]

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Melhor Server Interlude Full. Server: PvP |- EXP: 10.000 |- DropAdena: 10.000 |- SP: 10.000 |- SafeEnchant: +10 |- PartyEXP: 50 |- MaxEnchant: +25 |- PartySP: 50 |- NormalRateEnchant: 45% |- DropItems: 4 |- BlessRateEnchant: 65% |- RaidDropI

03066 Vote Comments

Lineage interlude server

Rates 1000 SP 1000 EXP 1000 Adena Safe enchant = 10 Maximo enchant = 40 Bleses W y A 50% Scrol W y A 20% Crystal Scrol W y A 70% Boss Actualmente funcionando al 100% Skill lvl 80 al 100% NPC Buff GM SHOP Ropa: Vesper, Epic, Dynasti al 100% A

02964 Vote Comments
98Screenshot of L2-Desire


Private Server Website.

029179 Vote Comments

L2 Maximus Interlude Private Server

Versao Interlude / Custon items Wepons/Armors /Novo systema de crafter /olimpyads / Noblesse 100% / Novo systema de crafter / olimpyads / Noblesse 100% / Safe enchant +15 / Max enchant +35 / Custom Trader / Npc buffer com Full buff/ etc.

028123 Vote Comments

L2 Akirra

1000xp 1000sp 1000adena Custom Farmzones Custom items : Titanium armor / Icarus weapons

02877 Vote Comments

l2 curse

Server interlude 70x XP 70x SP 100x Adena GM Shop to grade A NPC buffer Class transfer free Subclasse Free Noblesse in quest automatic TVT

027671 Vote Comments

Lineage 2 interlude

Server interlude pvp x 1000 iagurado 02/09/2010

027480 Vote Comments

SuxGames Gracia Epilogue And Interlude

Servidor Gracia Epilogue 1500x And Interlude 100x Join Us !

026183 Vote Comments

L2 Yeti-Spawn x25 Freya

NEW Lineage II freya server x25 Shop up to B-grade, Global Gk, Basic buffer, NO LAGG, alot of event's!, and more! Join TODAY!

026275 Vote Comments

L2 LightVortex

L][LightVortex Interlude Server x300. Join Now. RespeCt Our Rules And Remember To Have Fun!!!

026331 Vote Comments


gmshop gk global rates x200-x200-x200 Sub Calss Acumulativas

026228 Vote Comments

L2 Anexa

Interlude stable Server, Custom NPC, Custom Features, High rates, Lots of pvp zones Auto events And more!!!

02579 Vote Comments

L2MAG Interlude x75

L2MAG is a new Interlude MID Rate Server! We are going to give you the best interlude experience possible! Rates x75

12412 Vote Comments
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