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Top Fantasy Sci Fi RPGs

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Welcome to Top the Top 100 Fantasy - Sci Fi RPGs List
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1Screenshot of Aerina



It is the year 2,800 of the Blackwell age, and the world knows nothing of peace. It's future is up to you. Original Fantasy RP, with our own unique world. Be anything you want to be!

1222445 Vote Comments

Ausus RPG

A fantasy equine RPG. Ausus was one of the original RPGs to allow character customization - and it has been opened again with a fantastic set of new features.

193406 Vote Comments
3Screenshot of City Of Sin

City Of Sin

City Of Sin

An original roleplay set in a post apocalyptic world where Vampires run the show as they repopulate the earth with their food, humans. Mutants and Supernaturals have also joined the fray.

147422 Vote Comments

Southern Winds Weyr

We are a mature, non-canon Pern set in the 9th Interval with an altered time line. We also feature 2 mutations of dragons, with roles and positions available for just about anyone.

141426 Vote Comments


The town of Alamira is connected to a vast landscape called the Dream World, a place with a rare resource called Dream Dust that Alamira uses to function and survive. The Dream World bestows any one of three skills to whosoever wanders within it, and Alam

1342,432 Vote Comments
6Screenshot of Aramoore


Aramoore is a continent inhabited my many different breeds of dragons. No humans can survive here, but the animal population flourishes.

129455 Vote Comments

Reality Shift

Reality Shift

This is a modern fantasy RP forum which allows members to choose or create their own race, select an occupation, create a business, and the like. It's fun, welcoming, and invites plenty of creativity.

1191,739 Vote Comments
8Screenshot of Web imenik

Web imenik

Arranged directory sites which allows web authors to make their work accessible to many visitors.

118600 Vote Comments
9Screenshot of Aerina



It is the year 2,800 of the Blackwell age, and the world knows nothing of peace. It's future is up to you.

116401 Vote Comments
10Screenshot of Ecalphri - The New Era

Ecalphri - The New Era

Ecalphri - The New Era

In the mystical land named Ecalphri awaken the Fires of both good and evil fantasy Role Playing. Take your own created and customized characters with completely new races and a whole new style of Role Playing excellence. This site will be one to remem

151,467 Vote Comments
11Screenshot of A Lost Hope

A Lost Hope

A Lost Hope

We are a free form Fantasy RPG set in an all original fantasy RP, with friendly active staff. We welcome all to come here to RP for simple fun.

14738 Vote Comments
11Screenshot of Fairy Tail: Renaissance

Fairy Tail: Renaissance

a Role-playing site based on the manga/anime Fairy Tail. more than 150 years after the end of the Fairy Tail manga. New spells, new guilds, new empires. Join the magic.

141,552 Vote Comments

Dangerous Whispers

This is a medieval fantasy RPG that allows for an immense amount of player creativity.

141,463 Vote Comments

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