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MapleStory Private Servers

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Welcome to MapleStory Private Servers
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MapleStory Private Servers

MapleStory Private Servers

MapleStory Private Servers

16,3306,417 Vote Comments

[HellyMS v.83!!] [Beta] [777/400/4]

[MapleStone v83][24/7 UpTime] What Are You Waiting For? JOIN NOW

12,6553,699 Vote Comments



SmileyMS-Rates: Exp-1500, Drop And Mesos-1000 [Use Hamachi][Have PvP][Pets Work][4th Job Skills Work][Lots Of Custom NPC][At Least 20 Hours A Day][Cash Shop], AND [MuchMore!][JOIN NOW!]

1749,687 Vote Comments

KonoMS V62

KonoMS V62

[V62] [ h t t p:// ] or [ w w w. i s k o n o .n e t ] KonoMS is back up again , rated by 45x exp , 5drop and 8 meso,we do make event every day we are GMS like.... [PQ's work][boss][2 channels]>> w w w . i s k o n o . n e t

1633,415 Vote Comments


Join our NEW! v.62 Raw! Yes we are currently HAMACHI but we will get off it soon and we are HIRING GMS!!! Just contact any GM. We have custom shops and boss summoners. Damage cap set at 10Million Damage, SUPER FUN SERVER at rates

1442,961 Vote Comments

~~FakeMS~~1000x EXP 850x MESOS V55

[A New Server V55 Maplestory...] -[Nx Seller]-[Ap reset]-[Pets]-[Custom PQ\\\\\\\'s]-[1000xEXP]-[850xMesos]-[LOTS OF EVENTS]-[Friendly Admin, And GM\\\\\\\'S] COME JOIN NOW!!!!!!

1444,719 Vote Comments

IngloriousMS v.62

IngloriousMS v.62

BETA TIME IS OVER!! Now we have fixed the most of the things! And the GM APPS is open!!! Rates 500/500/5 Working quest, mounts, pets, 4th job, fmmobs, hired merchants, hamachi (for now) and much more, Join us today!!

1432,060 Vote Comments
7Screenshot of StealthMS



[v55] [Hamachi] [FM Mobs] [UFJ] [Reborns] [Player Commands] [1000/500/10] [Super Rebirth] And Many More

1352,140 Vote Comments
8Screenshot of MapleLegends [V75] [Non Hamachi] [250/100/5] [LF>GFX ARTIST]

MapleLegends [V75] [Non Hamachi] [250/100/5] [LF>GFX ARTIST]

MapleLegends [V75] [Non Hamachi] [250/100/5] [LF>GFX ARTIST]

(Free NX) (Auto Register) (Working Mounts) (Kataras) (Rebirthing) (Max Stat Items) (Occupations) (Friendly Community) (Custom Chairs (optional)) (Custom NPC) (Unique MSI system) (Tetris system)

1242,126 Vote Comments


ProphecyMs... Rates Are Exp:500x/Meso:1000x/Dropx. The Staff are very friendly and we have a nice community. We have a lot of custom stuff. We're also looking for a coder, if you want to be Co-Admin/Coder, Please Contact me: or go

1211,424 Vote Comments
10Screenshot of MapleStary 900x 800x 70x

MapleStary 900x 800x 70x

MapleStary 900x 800x 70x

v.75 New Private server, Non hamachi, Cheap All in one shop, Cashshop, Star System, Skill Maxer, Easy to use server.

1201,688 Vote Comments

~SkoolMS~ Private server V62

[v62] [5000x Exp,Mesos and Drop] [Multipets] [Pirate] [All-in-One NPC and Shop] [Daily Events] [Friendly GMs] [Warper] [Fame Seller] [Slime Erasers System] [Customized Monster Maps] [GM Job] [PQ] [Pvp] [Customized Skin, Hair,Eyes] [Max Stats Item] [Hamach

1201,720 Vote Comments

Dominator MS

[1500x Exp][500x Meso][50x Drop][Constant Updates][Pets][PvP][Friendly GM's][Friendly Community][Daily Events][Donateable GM][Nx Buyer][Cash Shop Working][Working Rings][Daily Event] And more

1192,445 Vote Comments

InglouriousMS v62

InglouriousMS v62

Join InglouriousMS today to experience all the GLORY! The rates is 200/500/3 for now. Nice GMs. First 2 to join get to be lvl 1 GM and work up to maby even lvl 5 GM!!! And then we will give out 10 free wizet hats to the 10 first to join to. What are

1191,429 Vote Comments
12Screenshot of EyenMS~


join we got [pets] u make ur ratez u do everything gm give thingz.we got alot of people join now its so much fun

118521 Vote Comments
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