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Nothing pulls our heartstrings more than pictures of animals and few things bring more laughter than captures the unusual antics of an animal in a perfectly timed picture. Add on a caption or title and you can find yourself mesmerized for hours by a well constructed website dedicated to our furry, hairy, feathered and otherwise clothed animal world. Below are ten such websites that are sure to please whether your interest is dogs, cats, ducks, giraffes or anything else. Some also have videos, animal stories, animations and more. At least a couple of these sites are sure to become your favorite way to kill some time and get a chuckle while you are at it.



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1. Animal Capshunz:  

Global Alexa Rating: 923


There is a reason why this website ranks so highly and is so heavily trafficked. Not only do they have the cutest animal pictures imaginable but they also have the unique ability to put captions on them that fit perfectly. The creativity that goes into this website is to be applauded. As if that wasn’t enough, the website also has a section called Animal Gifs with short clips of animals doing the cutest, and often funniest, things. You’ll find the most recent favorite ones on a toolbar near the top of the page. The website also has other types of humor and links on the right hand side of the page to unique articles.




2. Daily HaHa:

Global Alexa Rating: 40,246


Daily HaHa is a great place to go for cute and funny animal pictures but it is also much more than that. With funny videos, funny pictures, flash games and jokes on all types of subjects it is a fun place to spend some time.  A nice feature of this website is the ability to select the ‘newest’ tab when you just want to get an all around quick laugh that is something you haven’t already seen posted on Facebook twenty times.  It is easy to get to the animal pictures and videos by using the pulldown for funny videos and funny pictures. The only downside of the website is the next video feature does not bring up the next video in the specific category in which you began but rather one from any of the categories, but that’s fine as long as you didn’t want to see just animal videos. A laugh is a laugh, right?




3. Cutest Paw:   

Global Alexa Rating: 55,480


Cutest Paw is one of the best organized websites for animal pictures that there is with the ability to browse according to the specific animal that you fancy be it the typical dog and cat pictures or something more exotic like tigers and hedgehogs. Besides being able to browse by animal type and those pictures voted by users as most popular, there are also unique collections. There are a number of Best of the Week collections but also ones for specific occasions such as Halloween animal costumes, pictures of childen and animals together and animals being good moms. Whether you are looking for funny animal pictures or just those that are just plain cuter than a button, you will find hours of entertainment here. Cast your vote on those you like best and watch which ones make it to the popular section. Share them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Register for an account and you can upload pictures as well and keep track of your picture stats.




4. FunnyPica.Com:   

Global Alexa Rating: 189,190


While FunnyPica is technically about any type of funny picture it has plenty of posts dedicated to animals. The website is organized into four main categories: funny animals, funny people, photoshopped pictures which is just animals and random funny. The left side of the homepage lists the popular funny collections and on the right side of the homepage is a list of the most recent funny posts. Photos are listed in collections such as top 150 funny monkey pictures and top 30 funny cow pictures. One warning about this site – it can be addictive! Once you get started it is nearly impossible to leave.  The photoshopped animal pictures are absolutely hilarious!





5. FunToxin:

Global Alexa Rating: 209,402


This website has a nice variety of both videos and pictures – cute animals, dressed up/posed animals and funny animal shots. The website has other types of pictures and videos as well all organized by topic so you can look at just the type you desire.  The website also has some games that can be enjoyed. The website is laid out fairly well with the latest posts on the homepage along with direct links on the right side to funny videos and those the most popular that week and overall. A funny pic of the day can be found at the bottom right of the homepage. If you aren’t sure what you are in the mood for, select “random post” on the main bar at the top and have something selected for you.





6. All-Creatures.Org:

Global Alexa Rating: 398,971


What this website isn’t is fancy but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a peek because they have some unique categories sure to please. For example, pictures of kids that look like their
dogs and look-a-like animal photos.  Another unique category is one in which people have fashioned fruits and vegetables to look like animals. Besides these there are about 500 humorous, funny and cute animal photos. There isn’t much organization on the website so you’ll just have to scroll along to see them but don’t let that deter you or you’ll miss out on some very unique pictures. The humorous section is just a part of what All-Creatures. Org is about so if you have an interest in animal rights and other things to do with animals you might want to check out other parts of this organization’s website.



7. Funny Animal Site:

Global Alexa Rating: 753,045


There are actually two reasons why this website will keep you entertained for a long time – one is that there are TONS of funny animal pictures on this site, the other is because there is absolutely no organization and it is tedious to navigate. There is page after page of funny animals pictures – a thorough check at the time of this review came up with 168 pages! If you don’t want to look at them all at once and don’t wish to painstakingly advance through to where you left off, here’s a hint. When you are going to stop make note of what page you are on. Notice in the address bar that the webpage link ends in _ then the page number (such as _34.htm if on page 34). When you return you can simply click on the address bar and replace _1.htm with the page you were last on and it will take you there and then you can advance one page at a time from there. With about 4,000 pictures to view this little disorganization is not that big a deal but it would be nice if made it more user friendly.





8. Fun Claw:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,496,431


What this website lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality and organization. The pictures are simply organized into newest, funny dogs, funny cats, funny animals and funny captions with 5 to 20 pictures in each category. A nice thing about this website is the main pictures are kept fresh by archiving each month’s additions. This allows visitors to go back and see all the ones they missed while keeping content fresh for return visits. This site pretty much focuses on dogs and cats as the banner indicates although there are a few other animals shown as well.




9. Odd Animals:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,186,144


Odd Animals is a website devoted to more than just funny animal pictures as it delves into some of the unique beings found in this world. Categories include unusual animals, weird animals, cute animals, deformed animals (not for the faint of heart!), funny animals and hybrid animals. Some animals pictures fall into more than one category so they are found in more than one place. A nice feature of this website is that the pictures have information about the animal or a brief article. There is not a lot of content on this site as of yet but it is rather unique and worth checking out from time to time as it grows.





10. Funny-Animal:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,453,901


A well organized website in which funny animal pictures can be selected by the type of animal. Besides the funny pictures there are also categories for animal news, funny animal stories, funny animations and funny animal videos. Many of the areas are further organized by type of animal. A decent amount of content makes this a nice place to spend some time. Users can also rate content using a 5 bubble range from poor to best and can see just how many hits have been submitted on it. Users can also log onto the site using Google, Twitter or Facebook in order to share content.

So there you have it – the ten best websites for getting a chuckle from our fellow Earth inhabitants. Animals can do so much to improve our quality of life even when they don’t curl up in our beds and leave fur all over the house. Be warned, however, because seeing these adorable creatures just might make you want so some additions to your family.






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