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Can you take a joke?

Experts all agree that laughter every day is necessary for great health but it can be difficult to find something to even make us smile much less laugh some days. Perhaps the answer is to take the business of laughter as one more thing to plug into our busy schedules even if just for five or ten minutes a day while having that cup of coffee in the morning. The following ten websites are dedicated to helping you tickle that funny bone. Since everyone has a different sense of humor it is unlikely they will all be perfect for you but each has something unique to offer so you will likely find at least a couple that you can turn to each day. So, no more excuses – get laughing!


1. Reddit Jokes:

Global Alexa Rating: 112


You simply will never ever in a lifetime run out of jokes to read and laugh at on Reddit Jokes. There are more chuckles there than you could ever imagine. The tabs at the top let you select Hot, New, Rising, Controversial and Top but if you want jokes about a particular topic you can search Reddit as well. On the homepage you also have a section to the right that gives you links to their various specific topic joke sites such as CleanJokes and FunnyCommercials. With over 246 million humorists adding jokes you will find many different styles from cute to controversial so you will often find things that make you laugh, scratch your head or perhaps even offend from time to time. It all comes with the territory and Reddit does not have any rules for posting jokes so you just have to roll with it.



2. Jester 4.0:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,671


Jester is an online joke recommender that uses a filtering algorithm to select those jokes that are perfect for each user. Users begin by rating a set of jokes and the program takes over from there. Each time a user rates a joke they read it gets to know their tastes a bit more and continually improves on giving the user tailor-made jokes. Designed by a student at Berkeley it has become quite popular. The idea of combining laughter and science is interesting to say the least. Time will tell whether this site will stay up and running but while it is around it is fun to operate and will keep users laughing.




3. The Oatmeal:   

Global Alexa Rating: 4,401


The first thing you will notice when you enter this website is that it is much more visually appealing than other joke websites. The premise is that jokes should be more like a comic strip and they do it very well. The comic section is categorized by Random, Most Popular, All, Cats, Grammar, Food, Animals and Tech. The Random tab is fun in that each time you click it you get another comic to view. Besides the Comics area there is another fun adventure to be taken with the Quizzes section – don’t be scared off by having to answer questions because they are hilarious! For example, a couple on there currently are “How many hungry weasels could your body feed?” and “How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a Velociraptor?”



4. Comedy Central Jokes:   

Global Alexa Rating: 19,534


It should come as no surprise that the website for Comedy Central would be a riot in terms of laugh factor. The layout of the website is well planned and organized with over 30 categories so you can get right into the genre of joke that you are looking for. Once in an area you desire you can easily click to all the jokes in that section. If you don’t know what you want you can also click “Get a random joke.” You can also use their search feature to locate a specific topic. Also on the site is a place for users to submit jokes and a stand-up news section. It is worth checking in each day for the Daily Joke. A share feature lets users post jokes to Facebook or Twitter. An interesting feature is the ability to add comments to jokes.



5. Sickipedia:

Global Alexa Rating: 34,018


By seeing the title and also the caption you already have figured out that this is the place for the kinds of jokes you don’t let kids read. Hence it may be the perfect place or the worst place depending on your sense of humor. The site has some unique features that are worth pointing out. First of all there is a rating system in which users click Sick, Suck or Edit. Jokes receive a score based on those votes and the user that posted the joke received points both for votes and times the joke was shared on Facebook or Twitter. The Leaderboard on the homepage shows the top 5 users based on those points. The homepage includes the newest jokes of the day and the hottest jokes for the day. Users can read jokes from the homepage or go to Random Joke or Categories. The categories section is unique in that you don’t only have main categories and subcategories you can also search within up to three subcategories by either All, Today, Week or Month. A hot subcategories section gives you those categories that have the most jokes added to them that day. Another advantage of Sickipedia is that you can get it on Google Play and the Apple App Store.



6. Kickass Humor:

Global Alexa Rating: 159,874


This is a joke site with a very simple format making it easy to navigate. In the main window of the homepage you can select the newest best jokes or those best that week, month, year or all time. Each joke gives the reader the ability to vote either “kickass” or “lame” and you can see the tally of past vote results. Along the left side are topic joke categories including dirty, yo momma, Chuck Norris, blonde, celebrities, animal and redneck each with the number of jokes in that category in parenthesis. Below that section is General Jokes which are categorized by short, one liners, comebacks, pick up lines, long, puns and anti-humor which also has the number of jokes in parenthesis. That is all there is to the site – cleanly organized and simple to use making it one of the quickest sites to get right to the jokes.




Global Alexa Rating: 203,002 takes jokes to multiple levels – not just written, not just visual. There are four main sections: Funny Jokes, Funny Pictures, Funny Videos and Funny News. Once you click on one of these sections you then can select from categories. Each section also has the subsections of featured, today’s, all time funnies and newly submitted. Another unique feature of this website is that you can choose to view only the ratings that your sense of humor desires whether that is G, PG, PG-13 or R rated. Some posts are also noted whether they are short, medium or long jokes so you can avoid the longer ones if you don’t have as much time to spend on a particular day or if you don’t like to read or watch longer posts.


8. JokesWareHouse:

Global Alexa Rating: 247,184


This joke site has the ability to subscribe to their mailing list in order to receive the Joke of the Day in your mailbox each day which can be a great option for those that might not have the time to visit the website. As for the website it has a number of interest categories such as foreign jokes, wild west jokes, police jokes and genie jokes that aren’t seen on many joke websites. The only reason this site ranks a little further down the list is that it is not the easiest site to use. Something unique about the site is that when you click on a joke title the joke opens up in a different tab (at least that is what it does with Firefox, not sure about other browsers) which could be annoying to some people but helpful to others. They really should change that you have to return to the index to get to the next joke.



9. Cool Funny Jokes:

Global Alexa Rating: 555,146


If you are looking for thousands of jokes this is not the site for you as there are fewer than 1,000 at this time. However, if you want a site that is easy to use and has no distracting features then this one might be to your liking. On the homepage there are the top ten newest jokes posted and the top ten coolest jokes posted. To the left the jokes can be selected by category. Add to that a quick link for adding a joke and a section to take you to other sites and that is all there is to this website. There is a very easy to use rating system as well. Simple. Organized. No frills.



10 Jokes2Go:

Global Alexa Rating: 602,616


Whether you access the website or put their app on your iPhone you will find this joke site as cute as its logo. Although it doesn’t have a high Alexa rating you might just find it to be one of your favorites as it has much to offer. One feature that is especially fun is the 200 funny lists section in which unique humor lists are arranged alphabetically and by category. Another unique feature is their Random area in which you can pull up a random joke, poem, story or quote from hundreds of entries. On the homepage is also a sampling of their Funnypics4all site which you can select and enjoy as well. The archives section has nearly 13,000 entries so you are not likely to run out of content soon.

So there you have ten great sources to get your daily laughter fix from with each one having daily additions so you can always be assured of new content. Nothing lifts one’s spirits better than a good joke so after you find one that makes your day, feel free to share it with your friends and make their day too. Share the sites or just share a joke now and then – either way you will make your friends glad they know you!






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