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Life’s a lottery

Chances are if you have been looking for a website to get some tips and strategies for improving your odds while playing a lottery, you have spent a great amount of time reading one sales pitch after another. You really have to dig deep to find any websites that actually offer up good advice without wanting you to plunk down your hard earned cash. For those that would rather use their money to actually play the lottery, this list is for you. While many of the websites chosen do have advanced features, books or other items that you can purchase, they were chosen because they are useful even if you don’t pay a dime.

Helpful lottery websites do a number of things – they provide you with information on various lotteries and how they work, give you strategies for increasing your odds of winning, either select numbers for you or tell you how to do so and help you avoid lottery scams. The sites chosen for this article all do one or more of these things. While no system or strategy can guarantee results, it stands to reason that any plan beats having no plan at all. Take the time to go all the way through the list as you will gain information from each site and will be that much closer to lottery winning success.





1. Smart Luck:

Gail Howard is not new to the world of lottery playing – she has been helping people increase their chances of winning on lotteries for over 30 years and is well known all over the world. Her website is loaded with free tips for playing various lotteries around the world. Her strategies have helped many people win money on the lottery. This website is well designed and easy to manoeuvre to find strategies specific to the lottery played in your country and your area. Besides the free advice on the website, she also has available books and software for those that want to go beyond basic tips. This site makes the list as #1 because of its longevity and global abilities.




2. Lottery Post:

This site enjoys a pretty high rating for this type of website, currently #2321 globally and #441 in the U.S. and part of the reason for that is that it is a place where lottery players can hang out and communicate with one another in forums.  The ability to post to your very own personal journal blog also seems to be a quite popular service of this site. Also popular is the ability for members to post predictions. Many of the tools on the site, including seeing recent lottery results and using a full wheel for number selecting are included with the standard access which is free to use. Also available are gold and platinum levels on a monthly, semi-annual or annual fee rate basis.  This site ranks #2 on the list because the social aspect of it is so unique from everything else out there.




3. Lotto Crawler:

This site is for those that play the U.S. state scratch-off lottery tickets. A pretty impressive algorithm is used to determine just what the odds are for each payoff for each type of ticket. This gives the lottery player the knowledge necessary to plunk down their hard earned dollars on those games that they have the best chance of getting a winning ticket. They currently cover 35 state lotteries on their website. The website also has a number of articles and tips about buying tickets. Many people feel that this scientific approach to buying lottery tickets just might increase the odds.





4. Lotto Strategies:

This particular lottery tip website is full of useful tools to understanding the lottery. It  delves into calculating odds, analyzing past lottery data, pulling up winning numbers of past lotteries, finding the latest results of a lottery draw, and so many other resources that to write about them all would never fit into this article. For those that want to go a step further there is a premium member area available. Subscriptions are available for 3 months, 6 months and full year access. The advanced services get into helping you choose numbers using their various systems.





5. Lottery Number Picker:


While not a lottery tip website, this site is great for those that simply want to have their numbers chosen for them in their particular lottery. There are some user controllable options such as including certain favorite numbers or rejecting those you don’t want to play. The website also includes a lottery analyzer feature and an odds calculator. There is no hype here on how they guarantee to make you rich, just a simple user-friendly free source for selecting numbers to play. It is its simplicity that makes this a nice site to use.





6. US-Lotteries:

This website is for the statistical analysis enthusiast that recognizes that being well informed about the U.S. lotteries they play is important. The site includes winning numbers, statistics, information, calculators, lottery wheels, number generators and analysis tools. Not only are the U.S. individual states available but also the multiple-state lotteries such as the MegaMillions and Powerball games. The analysis tools include numbers analysis, pairs analysis and triads analysis. This all might be a bit over the top for some lottery players, but its popularity with those that like to really delve into numbers is why it makes this list.




7. Lottery Facts:

This website is designed for people that may be new to playing a lottery. It has a section on lottery basics that answers the questions about what a lottery is, who wins, how the odds work and improving your chances of winning. The site also has informative articles on such things as what to do if you win a lottery and some interesting stories about what has happened to some winners. The website does discuss some strategies and give links to lottery software that one could use. There are also  resource links to official lottery sites.





8. BetStarter:

BetStarter has information on lottery games, casino games and sports-betting. The lottery section starts out with a list of questions that a typical lottery player would find interesting, such as what are the types of lottery and how to play 3-digit and 4-digit lottery games. The site starts with explaining the lottery and then goes into more in-depth information such as how lottery wheels and combination generators work. This site is a good source for those wanting to understand the lottery process a bit more thoroughly.




9. The Lottery Site:

They call themselves the Lottery Information Center and that is exactly what they are. Some of the resources on this site are lottery odds, lottery pools, free Internet lotteries, state lotteries, international lotteries, new lotteries, number predictions, wheeling techniques and even taxation tips. There is a lot of concise information offered that can help visitors understand more about playing the lottery, whether in the U.S. or throughout the world. There is plenty of useful advice whether you are new to playing or have been doing it for quite some time.



10. All Lotto:

Regardless of what method you use to select your lottery numbers, at some point you are going to need to check to see if you have won. This site is perfect for pulling up the latest results to state lotteries as well as multi-state lotteries. You can also subscribe to their free weekly newsletter. For those that buy lottery tickets online for lotteries in other countries, there are also links at the bottom of the home page to results for a number of other countries. There are a few other features on the site as well including an odds calculator and a number generator.

By picking up advice from the above sites anyone can hope to increase their odds when playing the lottery. Learning how a particular lottery works and developing a strategy can go far to putting a little extra cash in your pocket. Playing the lottery can be great fun but always remember to keep it entertaining – never gamble more than you can afford to lose.






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