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Are you an Intern looking for an Internship?

There are plenty of websites out there designed to help someone find a job but when someone is looking specifically for an internship those sites might not be the most advantageous place to look. The following ten websites are specifically geared to aid college students and new college graduates locate internships and entry-level positions making them ideal this purpose. It saves a great deal of time to not have to look through all other types of jobs as well. The sites are listed in order based on Alexa traffic rating which indicates the popularity of each site. Whether you go for the one with the most traffic because it may have the most to offer or you go with one with less traffic and potentially less competition is up to you. Chances are you’ll probably use more than one during your search in part because each has different tools to aid you as well. Good luck!




1. Monster College:

Global Alexa Rating: 532


Monster College is more than just a billboard full of internship and entry level jobs. It is full of tools to aid college students and recent graduates. There is assistance for writing a cover letter, interview tips and advice, questions interviewers like to ask and how to answer them, resume tips and examples, general career advice, information on international careers, information about networking, how to handle salary negotiations, how to look your best, hiring trends and more. It is even a place one can find friends, join groups and perform other networking tasks. The website is loaded with helpful articles and interesting quizzes.




2. Idealist:

Global Alexa Rating: 12,316


Idealist is involved in connecting people. They have the goal to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. To that end they post jobs, internships, volunteer jobs and more for specific areas of focus. These areas include education, community development, youth, volunteering, health and medicine, social enterprise, economic development, family, arts  and others. At the time of this article they listed over 6,000 internship opportunities and over 13,000 volunteer opportunities. Most of the internships are unpaid but there are a few that are paid. The website is very easy to navigate to locate those listings that are of interest. Members can also get an email alert as new jobs that meet one’s criteria have been posted.




3. Internships.Com:   

Global Alexa Rating: 17,908


Currently this website lists over 75,000 internship positions with over 40,000 companies across all 50 states of the United States. Users can search by category, location or company. The website also has a number of student resources as well as employer resources making this a great site for both job seekers and businesses looking to begin an internship program. The student resources section is organized into 6 areas of interest – the basics, the preparation, the search, the interview, the workplace and the paperwork.  The website is very easy to navigate because it has been organized extremely well. It is easy to see why Forbes listed this website in the top 10 career websites.





4. InternMatch:   

Global Alexa Rating: 35,001


InternMatch is a great place to look for intern jobs and paid internships offered by some of the biggest companies out there. The look and feel of this website is very upbeat and fun making it a great place to pick up some knowledge and assistance. Articles such as “How to be a rock star intern” and “how to apply to internships online and not get lost in space” demonstrate the unique style of InternMatch.  Check out their templates (resumes, cover letters and recommendation letters), action verbs, ultimate guide to following-up, ultimate guide to dealing with multiple internship offers and more. They also have a few city guides that can prove helpful when considering interning away from home. The industry guides can prove helpful as well.




5. Experience:

Global Alexa Rating: 41,603


Experience is a no-frills place to look for internships that does have a few tools to help but is mostly about the search. One feature they have that can be quite helpful is a blog section full of articles on all types of subjects concerning internships. The search feature is a bit tedious and doesn’t seem to filter as well as it should when putting in specific search criteria but as long as you have the time to sift through thousands of perfect positions that shouldn’t matter too much. It is certainly worth the effort because this site has plenty of major employers posting positions. Probably the easiest way is to pull up all the listings and then click the headings to sort them by location or employer.




6. GoAbroad:

Global Alexa Rating: 44,717


Debating between spending your summer traveling abroad or working as an intern? Why not have both? With GoAbroad you can locate internships throughout the world and satisfy both needs next summer. The website offers more than interning abroad as well. They help connect people to resources for studying abroad, volunteering abroad or even teaching abroad. Currently they are listing 799 organizations offering a total of 3,526 intern abroad programs. Simply select the country of your choice and then see the types of internships available. If what you are looking for is shown, then click search to see what’s available. It’s that simple. If you don’t know what country you want there is also the option to select a region and go from there. The website is very easy to navigate and even has an area for Eco/adventure travel for those looking for a unique travel experience.




7. YouTern:

Global Alexa Rating: 45,656


YouTern takes a more personalized approach to becoming an intern. They use technology to match an intern with the needs of the companies they work with. In theory this saves you from pouring through thousands of postings because they will match you with the perfect internship. For those that prefer to look through the listings, that is fine also as they can be searched by keyword, location or through and advanced search. The listings have quite a bit of information which is a nice feature. Register to the website and you can then save an advanced search so that you can run it again in the future. There is a button for selecting live chat when they are online so you can get assistance if you have questions.  They also have a blog section titled “The Savvy Intern” which has some interesting articles.




8. CollegeRecruiter:

Global Alexa Rating: 69,420

This website is designed to assist those looking for internships as well as entry-level jobs, continuing education and business opportunities. When performing an advanced search users can select full time, part time, contractor, intern and seasonal employment types. The blog section has interesting articles that can prove helpful. Some of the resources on the website include articles, blogs and videos, best places to work, a career test, an education test, a resume builder and a resume guide. The website isn’t fancy but it does have a huge number of positions and you can apply for them right from the website.




9. GoingGlobal:

Global Alexa Rating: 307,790


GoingGlobal is a massive database with more than 600,000 internship and job listings in the United States and around the world. It also has 33 country career guides, 43 US city career guides and countless corporate profiles. The website is a little tricky to navigate but that is to be expected when there is so much material offered. The site is full of career news, articles and podcasts all designed to provide expert advice on helping find international jobs and internships. A great tool for those considering working in another country as you can readily see country specific career and employment information for 30 countries.




10. InternJobs:

Global Alexa Rating: 977,045


InternJobs is an easy to use website to locate intern and other positions throughout the U.S. and some other countries as well. The nice thing about the search feature is that when you search by region you first pull up the country and all listings show, then you can select a region/state within that country yet easily get back to all listings should that page not have what you are looking for. At anytime time you can enter a keyword to filter the results. Another great feature of the website is the career profile section. Select your state, industry and occupation and you will pull up helpful information about your career plan including average pay, typical education needed for entry and more. This tool can be helpful for those considering a career change as well.

Internships can be an ideal way to secure employment for after graduation because not only does a student get to demonstrate their value to the company they are interning at but they can also use the experience on a resume. When so many employers are now expecting not only a degree but also work experience this is the perfect way to get an advantage over other graduates. Securing one’s future by spending summers interning or even doing part-time interning the rest of the year is well worth the effort and these ten websites might just make that happen.






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