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Running games have been growing in popularity for a number of reasons. First of all, they rarely require much thought making them a great option for when someone just wants to decompress from everyday stress. Secondly they do not require several hours of game play like many other games do so they are ideal for killing a few minutes when stopped in traffic or waiting for a doctor appointment. Additionally they are usually quite simple to learn and the drive to get a higher score can quickly become an addiction. The following ten running games each have their own theme but the basic game play is much the same. Some are available only on mobile devices while others can be played online. They are listed in the order of the Alexa traffic rating of the game’s developer’s page but this by no means indicates the overall popularity of the game as most users find the game from the app site. Check them out and judge for yourself which you like the best.



1. Subway Surfers by Kiloo Games



Alexa Rating: 138,550


In this game the main character Jake is running along train tracks being chased by a station officer and his pit bull.  Jake needs to run quickly while dodging oncoming trains, running on top of trains, changing tracks that end and jumping over or ducking under all sorts of obstacles. Since the app is available for IOS, Android or even Kindle it can be played just about anywhere. The developer’s website has a nice 1 minute trailer video to give you a sample of the game. There are links to the various sites for downloading the game also.



2. Totem Runner by Chillingo, Developed by Yagoda Production

Available on: IOS/ANDROID


Alexa Rating: 139,731


This running app is set in a mythical world of beasts and legends as your character can transform into beasts such as a wild boar and an eagle as well as a dragon besides being a warrior. In this running game the warrior is shown in silhouette and the running is done from left to right instead of proceeding upwards as some other running games do. The backgrounds on this running game are very unique. Your warrior will need to defeat plenty of malevolent creatures during his run, keeping players on their toes. It is quite challenging and not as mindless as some other options.



3. Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick



Alexa Rating: 265,216


Jetpack Joyride can be downloaded from a number of places including the Apple store, Google Play, Amazon app store for Android, Blackberry world, Windows phone store, Windows * store, Playstation store and PS Vita. It has won a number of awards including Gamasutra Mobile Game of 2011, UGO iOS Game of the Year, Game Revolution Best Mobile Game 2011 and TUAW Best iPhone Game of 2011. The premise of the game is the loveable hero named Barry Steakfries and his antics as he takes to the sky with some really cool jetpacks. The developer website includes a game trailer so you can see how the game works.



4. Temple Run (Multiple Versions) by Imangi Studios

Available on: IOS/ANDROID/WIN (not all versions on all devices)


Alexa Rating: 414,701


It stands to reason that a game as insanely addictive and as popular as Temple Run would have plenty of versions to captivate players. It all began with the first Temple Run which is a free game available on iOS, Android, Win and can also be downloaded through the Amazon app store for Android devices. Then they came out with Temple Run 2 which they have also kept as a free game. In both games your character races down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs trying to avoid obstacles and collect coins and power ups. Then they teamed up with Disney and brought two more versions which are not free – Temple Run Oz and Temple Run Brave. In the Oz version which is inspired by the film Oz the Great and Powerful your character is Oz and the theme includes shrieking flying baboons. In the Brave version the character Merida is running her way through the wilds of Scotland. Beware, all these versions are equally addicting!



5. Agent Dash by Full Fat



Alexa Rating: 1,245,450


A twist on the typical running games is that the character is wearing a tuxedo and has a number of inventive spy gadgets to aid him on his way through a variety of situations. Players can also compete with friends via Facebook. There is a gameplay trailer on YouTube that one can view by following a link on the developer’s page.  The press release states it will also be available for the Nook but it is not yet showing up on the B&N website as of the writing of this review. This game is perfect for players that love the thrill and excitement of James Bond type themes. The visuals and the audio are amazing.




6. Rail Rush 1 and Rail Rush 2 by Rail Rush

Available on: ONLINE (Both versions available on website below)/ANDROID/IOS

Developer:  (Fan Site)

Alexa Rating: 1,582,021


This is one of the few running games available that can be downloaded to a mobile device or played online. It is free to play online although there are extras that can be purchased if a player wishes to get a little help for the harder levels. The theme of both versions is that your character is in a rail car that at first is in a mine but other situations come up later in the game. There are also side missions to work towards such as crouching 20 times in a game and riding the left track for 1000 meters. You are going to need really good reflexes for this game because it goes extremely fast. The graphics are stunning! The fan page given also includes a few cheats and tips for the game.




7. Run Like Hell by Mass Creation

Available on: IOS/ANDROID


Alexa Rating: 4,885,869


The Run Like Hell running game has three different game modes – story, time trials and endless. The story mode has over 30 levels to be played. The action takes place in a left to right motion. There are many different locations for your treasure hunter character to run through including a jungle, village and beach, along with two seasonal add-ons – Yeti Edition and Heartbreaker. There is a game play trailer on the developer’s website. The game also includes leaderboards, achievements and challenges. Great graphics and smooth animation make this a very fun running game to play.





8. Into the Dead by Pik Pok

Available on: IOS/ANDROID


Alexa Rating: 5,950,765


Who doesn’t love zombies? Well your character doesn’t in this zombie apocalypse running game. Run and defend yourself using an arsenal of weapons that you unlock along the way. This game is very challenging with missions and minigoals besides just staying alive. Global leaderboards give you the ability to challenge your friends to beat your high score. New modes, features and content are made available through updates. Zombie theme packs are also available for example World War II and American Football. User reviews note that the graphics are awesome and that the game is extremely addictive.



9. The End App by Goroid Kft.



Alexa Rating: 8,523,404


In this running game the theme is that your character finds that the world as we know it has ended and it is quite challenging to run through a world that has been pretty much destroyed. Besides running your character must collect needed supplies (duct tape, of course!) for the survival camp. In the free version you are guided through 14 days of survival with 5 challenges for each day. There are 2 huge cities with more than 100 levels. You can even select from one of five characters to use. The Pro game mode adds an additional 14 days of survival.  Players can also make in-game purchases of a handful or pallet of duct tape as well as a duct tape container or full shipment. The water effects are quite interesting.



10. Angry Gran Run and Angry Gran Run 2 by Angry Gran Run

Available on: ONLINE (Both versions available on website below)/IOS/ANDROID


Alexa Rating: 11,134,164


This is a really comical running app that can be played online as well as on mobile devices. Your character is an angry grandma running through the city looking to escape from her captors.  You earn coins which can be used to purchase costumes for granny such as a barbarian outfit, wonder woman outfit and more or used to purchase power ups to use in the game. This game is downright hilarious with the many antics and cute maneuvers involved. The 2nd version seems to have a bit better graphics and looks to be a bit more addicting.

Don’t say you weren’t warned that each and every one of these games is addicting – you cannot imagine how long it took to put together this list with all these distractions! The graphics on each of these is really incredible and the push to get a better score and get to a higher level will make those boring situations disappear forever. With one or more of these games on your mobile device you can easily entertain yourself whenever there is some down time. The only question is whether you want to run from zombies, angry natives, a grumpy station office and his trusted pit bull or just run for the fun of it.





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