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Do you want to make Safari better?

For those people using Safari 5 there are plenty of extensions to consider making the experience even better but with literally hundreds to choose from it can be a long tedious task to find the most useful ones. Hopefully this list can serve as a quick list of ten most popular that you don’t want to miss and then you can wander around the Apple store for ones specific to your needs with your free time. These have been selected because they will aid nearly everyone. Use them all or select a few – it is entirely up to you.




1. AdBlock:

By Safari AdBlock


Everywhere you travel on the Internet these days you are bombarded with advertising – popups, flash ads, banners and more. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all hidden from view so that you can avoid the distraction entirely? Of course it would. With AdBlock you can do just that. It works all the time everywhere you surf yet gives you the flexibility to disable it on any websites that you wish. AdBlock is the most often selected safari browser extension in use today and unless you simply love ads you will want this one pronto!




2. 1-Click Weather:

By The Weather Channel


Everyone likes to have a heads up when it comes to that day’s weather so they can plan their day accordingly. Will you need that umbrella today? How about a sweater? Being able to instantly see the current temperature and weather conditions right on your Safari toolbar makes answering those questions and others a very simple thing. The Weather Channel has been trusted for information on weather conditions for a long time so it stands to reason that their browser extension is the weather add-on most often relied on by Safari users as well as other browser users.




3. Awesome Screenshot:   

By Diigo Inc.


There are a number of reasons why an easy to use screenshot extension would come in handy. Being able to capture, annotate and share screenshots simply and easily can save Safari users plenty of time making them more productive at work and at play. Use it to put together a training project by capturing web pages and adding annotations is one way to use this extension productively. Sharing game achievements with fellow players on Facebook is an example of using it for pleasure. Once you have it you’ll likely find plenty of ways to use it.





4. Turn Off the Lights:

By Stefan vd


Enjoying videos online is something most of us like to do but often making them full screen to block out background images that are distracting results in a blurred image or at least it is not as crisp and clear. This extension offers a solution – it dims everything in the background so you can watch the video without those distractions. This allows users to watch the video in the aspect that it is the clearest yet not have other images confusing the issue. This is a must-have extension for those that watch videos regularly whether in YouTube or any other website.




5. WOT (Web of Trust):

By WOT Services Oy


Surfing the web can be a dangerous activity even with the best antivirus and malware protection software in place, so anything computer users can do to lessen the risk is a good thing. WOT is that extra level of protection because it is powered by the global community with users rating websites based on their experiences. This reputation rating helps surfers know whether millions of users have deemed it a safe site or not. This doesn’t replace other protection but it does help keep your personal information just that much safer while surfing.





6. New York Times Updates:

By New York Times


Like to know what is going on in the world but don’t have time to sit down with a newspaper? The New York Times extension provides headlines and updates so you can stay in the know without all the time commitment. Set it up so you receive just the type of news that you are interested in and then move on to the other things on your to-do list. You’ll be kept up to date without running to the newsstand or getting trapped on a news website far longer than you want to be.




7. Social Fixer:

By Social Fixer


Social Fixer is for Facebook users that want to make their experience on this social network more enjoyable and efficient. It adds features that the site itself does not do such as notify you when someone has unfriended you, hides ads and magnifies photos. Use it to fix various annoying Facebook features while adding more useful ones. Anyone that spends a few hours a day on Facebook, or even less, will love this extension and its many useful features.




8. Gmail Counter:

By Elia Cereda


While this extension won’t change your life forever, it does help one keep focused when it comes to emails. Rather than jump to your Gmail Inbox each time you get a notification, one can wait until they see they have received a certain number of emails and go handle them all at once. This extension adds a counter to the Gmail icon so you always know how much mail you have waiting for you. This can also serve as a reminder that you have a ton waiting and probably shouldn’t ignore it too much longer so it doesn’t get out of hand.





9. Translate:

By Side Tree Software


There is nothing worse than finding the perfect website to answer a question you have only to find it is in a foreign language. Having this extension gives you the ability to set your target language and then view the translation right on the page or in a new browser tab or window. The extension uses Google Translate by simply clicking a toolbar item. This is much handier than having to pull up a translation website to do the job. This extension is invaluable for researchers, writers and business people or anyone that enjoys traveling the Internet in search of knowledge.




10. SafariRestore:

By SweetP Productions


Often there are certain websites that a person uses most every day and the only choices they had when they left the computer for the day was to leave their browser open with all the tabs in place or close out and have to pull them up again the next day. Until now. With SafariRestore there is a better option. With this extension you can easily restore your previous browsing session with just one click. This can be an incredible time saver and can be used instead of setting up bookmarks for pages that will only be needed for a few days.

Users of the Safari browser should find these extensions useful and a great start to customizing their browsing experience. Extensions that save time and enhance one’s enjoyment of the Internet are a great place to start and these ten will easily fit many needs. If nothing else they may get you thinking in the right direction. For example, perhaps one isn’t all that interested in the New York Times but is interested in getting news easily. There are other extensions suitable for getting news from a number of other sources. Use these ten extensions or springboard on to something similar. Your browser will be perfected in no time!






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