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Looking into Mental Health?

There is no shame in struggling with a mental health issue or getting help, but there is in ignoring it and doing nothing about it. This is especially true since there is plenty of information out there about dealing with mental disorders. Rather than live life with a disorder and even potentially subject those around you take the time to do some research with the websites on this list and spend some time on forums with others that can guide you to back to health or at least better cope with your illness. Topics on these sites include anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression and more. Even those that do not have a disorder can use these sites for information about how to prevent mental illness and how to be supportive to friends or family that struggle with a condition.

Mental Health

1. NIH – National Institute of Mental Health: 

Global Alexa Rating: 340


The National Institute of Mental Health supports research on a multitude of mental health issues. This website takes each topic and discusses everything about it including defining what it is, discussing the causes, signs & symptoms, who is at risk, diagnosis, treatments including medications, living with the disorder and any clinical trials that are going on. They also include science news about each disorder, provide publications about it and post blogs about them.  They also include a link to PubMed journal articles about the disorder. There is also a link on the website to connect users with mental health services in their area. There is a statistics section that is interesting and can be helpful to understanding that one is not alone in their journey.


2. Everyday Health Emotional Health Center:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,427


This website is not just about dealing with various emotional health conditions but also about management of our emotional health which is a process of learning ways to cope with the various things that can happen in our lives. The idea is that if you work through stress and change bad habits that a better, happier, more mentally healthy person results. There are tons of articles on this site dealing with things such as how to manage a toxic relationship, managing conflict, overcoming jealousy, controlling anger, navigating stressful life events and calming one’s nerves. Through articles, discussion forums and blogs users can achieve a level of emotional mental health that can overcome or avoid various mental health conditions. The Emotional Health Center is only one part of this very useful website. Go to the home page and you’ll find lots of other useful tools such as checking a symptom, looking up a drug, finding an expert, using a calorie counter and even planning a healthy meal. Some areas require registration to the website.



3. PsychCentral:   

Global Alexa Rating: 6,008


Arriving on this site begins with a comforting tagline, “You’re going to be okay, we’re here to help.” This website is very well organized with the most common conditions on the tabs near the top of the page. There are also tabs for quizzes, drugs, blogs, news, research, resources and finding help. A great feature of this site is the ability to join any of over 200 support groups with more than 250,000 other users.  There are lots of blogs about lots of different topics dealing with mental health. Users can also subscribe to their weekly newsletter. The conditions area is organized into separate types of disorders including adult disorders, childhood disorders (developmental and/or learning disorders), personality disorders and other mental disorders. The articles on this website are very well written with most being authored by professionals in mental health.




4. HelpGuide:

Global Alexa Rating: 11,545


HelpGuide is a resource for resolving many health challenges including mental and emotional health issues. Since other aspects of one’s health can affect or be affected by our mental health it stands to reason that a site like this that addresses other things such as diet, relationships, sleep, parenting and more can be a great resource. They have a free self-guided program for bringing your life into balance than can help just about anyone lead a happier life. It is a five-step program that is well explained with videos and articles. Another good section is the relationships help guide with lots of advice for building loving relationships. There are also help guides for many mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, stress, schizophrenia and eating disorders.



5. PsychForums:

Global Alexa Rating: 46,954


Forums are a great way to reach out to others for help coping with a mental illness. The website opens with blue tabs at the top with various forum topics including eating, impulse-control, mood, developmental, sexual, sleep, addictions, general health, anxiety, abuse and personality. In each subject there is a listing of those forums in that category. For example in the addictions category there currently are four forums: spending addiction, substance abuse disorders, internet addiction and food addiction.  There is also a pulldown option to jump right to the forum desired. Another benefit of forums is that sometimes seeing that others are struggling with the same problem can make one feel less isolated.



6. NAMI:

Global Alexa Rating: 74,745


The NAMI site explains a number of mental illnesses as well as conditions that are sometimes related to illness as well as giving information about treatment and services that assist in recovery. The treatment and services section outlines various aspects of managing and treating mental illness including medications, psychosocial treatments and support systems.  There is also a tab that helps users find NAMI state organizations and local NAMI affiliates in their area. NAMI conducts Ask the Doctor calls, webinars, NAMIWalks and other events throughout the year to help those suffering from a mental illness and to raise awareness. The site includes a number of downloadable fact sheets and other resources.



7. HealthyPlace:

Global Alexa Rating: 79,476


Healthy Place is a very comprehensive site dedicated to helping people understand and cope with many different mental health disorders. The site includes some videos made by people discussing their problems or giving insight into how they have managed it as well as other interesting videos and news footage videos. Another interesting aspect of this site is a series of psychological tests such as a depression quiz, gambling test, OCD screening test and battered woman test. The site also includes both forums and blogs.  At first the website seems a bit complicated to navigate but it’s not bad once you get the hang of it. A nice feature of the website that members can use is their Mood Journal which is used to track mood along with other factors that affect mood such as hours slept, weight, medications and daily notes about activities. It can be used to alert a doctor or therapist if it registers a dangerously depressed mood or a text can be sent to a family member or caregiver. This can be a great tool for noticing a pattern among the factors that have a positive or negative effect on mood.



8. Mind:

Global Alexa Rating: 111,081


This website is comprised of a number of different sections that can be helpful to those with mental health problems or know someone that needs their help. One section is the information pages about the types of mental health problems. There is also a section on drugs and treatments. A unique section gives tips on supporting someone else with a mental health condition. Additional sections include tips for everyday living, guides to support and services, helplines (UK callers or email), legal rights, an online supportive community called Elefriends and blogs that are written by people dealing with mental health problems.  They also have Mind locations run as independent charities throughout England and Wales. The website is very easy to navigate.



9. Mental Health Forum:

Global Alexa Rating: 248,024


The first place to start is the Easy Guide to the Forum tab as it walks users, particularly those new to forums and discussion sites, instructions on how to get the most out of the forums. Even those familiar with forums should read this section to become familiar with their rules and guidelines which may be different than other forums they’ve used. The website is well organized with a few topics listed under Useful Information and a list of all the forums right along the left side of the main page. Users can view the forums as a guest but to take advantage of further features they will need to register. They also have mobile apps so you can access the forums while on the go – just search for MHF in iTunes or Google Play. They also have links to books that have been recommended by members.



10. MHA:

Global Alexa Rating: 251,018


Searching for information on MHA is accomplished from the pull down tab labeled mental health info then selecting mental health information. This takes users to a screen where a search can be accomplished by audience (children, older adults, women, workplace, etc.), by issue (eating disorders, healthy living, military-related, bullying, etc.) or by disorders and treatments. The MHA has an affiliate network so that users can locate the organization in their area that provides education, information, support groups, rehabilitation services and more. Something unique to check into on this site is their Live your Live Well toolkit that describes 10 tools for feeling stronger.

These ten websites can prove invaluable in understanding diagnoses of a mental illness, learning how to cope with a mental illness or helping someone else. Many of the sites can also help anyone move toward healthier mental health. We all can experience things that make us feel close to the end and at our breaking point. Sometimes all it takes is connecting with others going through the same thing to pull us back from that edge.







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