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Cycling Sites – Top Ten

Cycling Sites - Top Ten

Into cycling? Nowadays with the rising cost of fuel and the ever-pressing need from the media for us to keep fit, cycling, bicycling or biking, as it is also known has become a very popular form of transportation both stemming from necessity and recreation. Apart from two-wheeled bicycles, cycling can also refer to unicycles, tricycles, quad biking and human-powered vehicles (HPVs).  Bicycles were first introduced in the 19th century and are now an effective and efficient mode of transportation as … Continue reading

House Buying Sites – Top Ten

House Buying Sites - Top Ten

House buying? Many people dream of owning their own home and many that already own their own home perhaps want to upgrade or downgrade in exchange for something smaller or larger, but homework and a considerable amount of effort must be used to ensure that the move goes smoothly. Many things have to be taken into consideration such as positioning, proximity to shops and schools for those with young families, transport facilities and of course the neighbourhood.  Once you have … Continue reading

Book Sites – Top Ten

Book Sites - Top Ten

Book worm? Reading is a form of communication and a skill as well as a way of sharing information and ideas. It is a complex interaction between the text and the reader, which is shaped by the reader’s prior knowledge, experiences, attitude and social and cultural background. Reading skills usually start to develop in children at age four or five with the commencement of schooling and can develop rapidly depending on interest and the child’s ability to focus. There are … Continue reading

Bed Sites – Top Ten

Bed Sites - Top Ten

Its all about the bed… Getting good sleep is very important. Nowadays, everyday life is very hectic as we are always on the move with the hustle and bustle of working, tending to the home and caring for the family. While we sleep and relax our body replenishes cells and detoxifies itself. Less than the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep is not enough for our bodies to fully achieve this. In time this will show ageing effects of … Continue reading

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