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Accountancy is the practice of producing the final annual financial records for a company. Generally financial statements are made showing in money terms the economics resources of a company by selecting certain information that is relevant and representing it. The principles of accountancy are applied to accounting, book-keeping and auditing. Computer software has eased the industry enormously as records can be kept and obtained eliminating human errors and accumulation and storage is faster than paper processing and keeping manual records. The earliest forms of accountancy date back more than 7,000 years ago and today it is known as the ‘the language of business.’ Management accounting is concerned primarily with producing figures for making management and operating decisions and financial accounting provides information to shareholders, creditors, banks, vendors, financial analysts, economists and government agencies. Accountancy is governed by rules and there are agencies and bodies that ensure that accounting practices are upheld in accordance with legal requirements. Today there are many accounting firms offering their services and sometimes deciding on the correct company can be a difficult decision and reputation as well as cost must be taken into consideration. Below is a list of ten of the best sites for information about accountancy firms. If you are in need of an accountant, but want to know more before deciding upon a company, then the list below will provide valuable knowledge.


1. –

This site has plenty of information for accountancy with details about the profession, the differences between various countries, abbreviations used and the industry in general. There are links provided to surveys of accountancy firms and a library containing many books and references to read. History, practising standards, governance and management are discussed in detail with many sections to select in order to find information and articles. Further sections are given such as industry guides and company research and you can also look for financial jobs.




2. California Board of Accountancy –

The California Board of Accountancy regulates the accountancy profession in the State of California by maintaining standards of practice and qualifications. There is a checker to look up licences both in the home State and the others and you can also file a complaint if needed. Forms can be downloaded and there are handbooks and publications to view. There is a further section stating the rules and the law for accountancy and codes and pending applications are also given.




3. Valuation Resources –

This site is a guide to accountants and accounting firms with industry information, research, analysis, statistics and salary surveys. Other resources include trends and forecasts, financial ratios, compensation and business valuation resources. Guides can be found to over 400 different industries and there are webinars with useful links leading to further information. There are sections for the industry outlook as well as economic data and payroll services and tax preparation services are mentioned.





4. – has dedicated a page especially to public accounting firms. You can find a description of what accounting entails and the site explores the qualifications and experience necessary to practice. The positive and negative aspects are discussed and auditing and taxes are mentioned.  Useful links are provided for career opportunities and there are related articles and suggested reading material.





5. Accountancy and Information Systems –

This site is a university that offers graduate programmes in accountancy and information systems. Sections are given for study and the schedule of the courses as well as details of the department. The accountancy course will lead to a MAcc in accounting and can be achieved in less than two years. The course is suitable to obtain employment in auditing, management accounts and even proceed to a PhD degree.





6. Accountancy Age –

Accountancy Age brings the latest news in the world of accounting and has jobs within the field along with career advice. There are articles, webinars and events to view with special features about accountancy firms advertised. There are videos to see and audios to listen to and a site map is provided to guide you. You can read about regulations, practices and technology within the field as well as opinions from the experts.





7. –

This site has a page dedicated to accountancy facts and figures. A clear and precise description can be found with related links to book-keeping, auditing and retirement accounts. You can read about the history of the subject and there are videos to view about lectures on accountancy. Financial statements and income are mentioned and there are sections on public accounting and cost accounting with suggested books to read.





8. Accountancy Board of Ohio –

This is the official site of the accountancy board of Ohio which focuses on rules and regulations within accountancy as well as complaints and board investigations. There are articles to read on ethics and the laws governing accountancy and there is the facility to search for an accountancy firm as well as view licences. A section is dedicated to fees and you can download forms from the site and a full FAQ is in place to assist you.




9. CIPFA –

The CIPFA is the professional body for people in public finance. You can read about the institution and their work on the site which includes members working throughout audit agencies and major accounting firms. The association supports good governance and financial management in the finance sector and also gives training courses, conferences and guidance. There are sections for policies and events and topics include financial management, financial reporting and internal auditing.





10. ACCA –

The ACCA has globally recognised qualifications in accountancy and can route you to a successful career in accounting and finance. Study guides, research and information are available as well as the facility to search for a job. You can apply and enter the exams online and a full list of accountancy qualifications is given. There is section for employers with guidance for supporting members and a further section for members with guidance for learning.


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