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Everyone has their own idea about what the best vacation plan is and even those that lean towards one type or another can find themselves looking for something a bit different on occasion. One type of vacation that is growing in appeal is the adventure travel vacation. Many are no longer content to simply decompress and thus relax on a beach or at a mountain cabin. They want to be pushed, tested and amp their adrenalin to the max. If this sounds like your idea of a slice of heaven, then you’ll want to check out these ten websites. Some are for companies that specialize in adventure vacations, others are blogs about adventure vacations and some are lists to get you thinking. They are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating, but in this case that might just be of little use since you may actually prefer the path less taken. Because of this, there are some lesser known sites included as well. In any case, you’re likely to find just what you need for this year’s dream vacation!


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1. National Geographic Adventure:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,073

Who better to guide you to an adventure vacation than the people that spend every single day experiencing this vast planet? You’ll find adventure favorites, top adventures trips, their Beyond the Edge blog, extreme photos and videos, the ultimate adventure bucket list and so much more. You’ll never run out of research material on this site so if your dream includes trekking, surfing, climbing, hiking, biking or skiing in the most beautiful and adventurous places in the world, you’ll likely find it here.


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2.Lonely Planet Adventure Tours:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,926

Second only to National Geographic, Lonely Planet is another great resource for getting to know our planet and thus another great resource for adventure travel. You can book right from them with a great search tool where you choose the region, country and type of tour that interests you. The site is full of articles, travel inspiration and expert advice for getting the most from your adventure vacation.


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3.REI Adventures:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,761

A popular choice among adventure travel enthusiast, REI offers not only a great website but also quality gear and clothing designed for the rigors of outdoor adventure. They have been offering award-winning trips for over 25 years. You can select travel based on region, classic destination, activity or by date. You can also choose from family adventures, private departures and volunteer vacations. For over 70 years it has been their mission to get people outdoors, so you can feel pretty confident that you’ll have a great experience.


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4.Travel Channel:

Global Alexa Rating: 8,547

People have been turning to the Travel Channel for quite some time to get ideas about outdoor adventure vacations. The site includes tons of articles and videos about all sorts of travel – for the family that just wants a relaxing beach vacation to the ultimate adrenaline junkie. Find the best hiking trails, the highest and most splendid waterfalls, great diving locations and so much more. The photos on the site are incredibly inspiring.


adventure 5



Global Alexa Rating: 25,399

Planet G is all about great adventure and you won’t be disappointed with the information on this website. G Adventures was launched in 1990 by one person with a desire to experience authentic adventures in a responsible and sustainable manner. Now a company of over 1,350 people worldwide that helps over 100,000 travelers a year find their passion for getting to experience the real world too. A great feature is the ability to locate a vacation based on your desired travel style – classic, comfort, active, YOLO, marine, family, local living and private groups. In case you are not familiar with the term YOLO, it stands for You Only Live Once. They are designed for 18 to 30ish that want fast-paced yet affordable trips.


adventure 6



Global Alexa Rating: 229,515

O.A.R.S. was names the “Best River & Sea Outfitter on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure. They have been family owned and operated since 1969. They operate 100% of their trips in the U.S. but also offer international trips by partnering with thoroughly vetted guides. Their main focus is whitewater rafting, but they also offer sea kayaking, hiking trips, multi-sport adventures, national park adventures and special interest trips. A nice section of the site is the blog section – be sure to check out this one as a guide to some great blogs:


adventure 7


7.Overseas Adventure Travel:

Global Alexa Rating: 251,195

Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) is a leader in small groups on the road less traveled. They guarantee that their trips will only have 10 to 16 travelers in them. You locate a trip by selecting the year you plan to travel, and then the region, county and type of travel. They have adventure vacations all over the world including places you probably haven’t even heard of. For example, when have you heard about Patagonia? The fun starts when you tell your friends where you are going and they have a puzzled look on their face!


adventure 8


8.The Adventure Blog:

Global Alexa Rating: 468,797

Thousands of blogs await you on this website along with a number of links for adventure travel and gear. You can even sign up to receive new blogs via email. There are very interesting blogs, photos and videos covering all kinds of adventure experiences. The blogs are not categorized so you just have to scroll along until you find something of interest. There is an archive section with past blogs as well.


adventure 9


9.Adventures in Good Company:

Global Alexa Rating: 792,242

Here’s something a bit different – a site that specializes in adventure travel for women. This is a great site for those that want to travel with a sister, girlfriend, mother, partner or even by themselves and hoping to connect with other like-minded women. They offer trips for both beginners and those well experienced in adventure travel. There are trip destinations in the U.S., Latin America, Africa, Asia, Canada and Europe. They have a monthly email newsletter and there are two downloads on the site – International Travel eBook and 10 Hiking Tips.


adventure 10


10.Adventure Finder:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,391,857

As promised, here’s a site a little far down in the traffic count ratings that you might find quite interesting. The search function is unique in that you can explore the world by activity, price and more criteria than some sites offer. Find a dude ranch, a culinary adventure, a Segway tour, culture vacation or more. A unique option you might want to explore is a volunteer vacation. Their quick escapes option lets you find day trips and weekend getaways.

These sites won’t just inspire you, they’ll help you find that corner of the world that speaks to your adventurous spirit. Just imagine the stories you can tell and the memories you will hold forever. Sure, that time on the beach can be exactly what you need, but even then there are spectacular beaches all over the world. Incorporate something new and exciting into your next vacation – you won’t be disappointed!








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