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Advertisers and publishers alike have come to love the world of affiliate marketing and ad paying. Most everyone knows about Google AdSense which provides a free way to earn money from your websites and helps businesses grow in the process. AdSense is well known also as a high paying option but what can someone do if their website or other online content has not been approved by Google for some reason? Below are ten more options to consider that are also quite popular. They are listed in the order of their Alexa traffic rating.



1. Commission Junction-  

Global Alexa Rating: 307


Commission Junction is a great source for both advertisers and publishers. The website has links that clearly state the requirements for each. The advertiser requirements are reasonable and are actually a pretty good outline for any successful business and its marketing campaign. Publishers are required to apply to individual advertiser programs before they can promote their products and services. The publisher requirements section is a great place to learn just how to be successful by committing to affiliate marketing and creating a game plan.  Advertiser affiliate service levels include network access, recruiting & optimization and full program management. Publishers benefit from lead generation, pay per call and international global brands along with top brand advertisers, robust tools and reliable tracking and payments.



2. Clicksor-

Global Alexa Rating: 491


Clicksor is also a source for both advertisers and publishers. Their main focus is contextual targeting which scans for keywords and matching relevant content with the ads. Advertisers benefit from access to reputable publishers and real-time online reports and marketing results. Publishers earn income by using a selection of clickable text or targeted contextual banners. They provide timely net 15 payouts with a low minimum payout of $50 either via check or PayPal. They offer a choice of 10+ ad formats and also have an amazing referral program with 10% commission. There are various types of advertisements including CPC, CPM, CPV and CPI metrics.



3. Infolinks-   

Global Alexa Rating: 901


Infolinks offers publishers two options for creating a campaign – do it yourself with the self-serve marketplace or contact one of their account managers to create the ad campaign. Publishers are offered various ways to include ads in their websites including insearch which monetizes search traffic without disturbing returning visitors, intext ads which break through typical banner blindness, intag which uses their intelligent algorithm to recognize the most valuable keywords and display them in an attractive tag cloud and inframe which monetizes unused screen margins and frames with attractive display banner ads. There is a nice demo feature on the website so publishers can see how the various ads work – try different combinations and colors to see what works for you.



4. Tribal Fusion-   

Global Alexa Rating: 1,016


Tribal Fusion is unlike many other ad networks in that they provide advertisers a complete, end-to-end platform with which to plan, serve, optimize and analyze campaigns. Publishers must meet their rigorous quality standards which are outlined on their website under Site Requirements. It may seem a bit restrictive but their methods do provide CPM rates among the highest in the industry. Their payment terms are net 45 with a check mailed 45 days after the last day of the month in which at least $50 in net revenue has been earned. They pay publishers 55% of all revenue secured on your site.



5. SiteScout-

Global Alexa Rating: 1,375


SiteScout is a leading self-serve ad platform. Their easy-to-use, real-time platform allows users to create and manage banner ad campaigns, mobile ad campaigns, rich media ad campaigns and retargeting ad campaigns. The website discusses all the ways that SiteScout can benefit advertisers, marketing professionals and marketing agencies. The website does not go into how to be included in their 48,000 publisher base but there is a contact link to be able to shoot them a message for those interested. They currently have 4,000 customers and 87,000 campaigns with 25B daily ad views.



6. Bidvertiser-

Global Alexa Rating: 1,773


BidVertiser is an easy to use system for both advertisers and web publishers. Advertisers browse their categorized directory of websites, select the appropriate channels, choose desired keywords, set up desired geographic targeting, set pay per click bids and their ads are up and running. Publishers display the BidVertiser ads on their website or blog and get paid for clicks and conversions via PayPal, check or wire. They pay monthly for any account having at least $10 in earnings. They pay extra revenue for conversions and always display the highest bidders on your site to maximize revenue. The handy Publisher Center generated detailed online reports so you can monitor your ads performance and see how much you’ve earned at any time.



7. Chitika-

Global Alexa Rating: 2,089


Chitika has over 300,000 publishers as part of their ad network. They use Smart Ad Technology and RTB platform which leverages the power of their proven search targeting algorithm to optimize ads for maximum performance. It predicts what visitors want to see and delivers the best ad for each impression. The site offers a free eBook, “10 Tips for Top-Tier Ads” as well as links to the latest industry news. They’ve added display ads which can be a great tool for both advertisers and publishers. Because they only accept advertisers willing to commit to $50,000 or more monthly, they are able to provide quality ad campaigns for publishers.



8. Advertising.Com-

Global Alexa Rating: 4,487 is a division of AOL Networks that is a great source for both advertisers and publishers. A great tool by this company is their Display University which provides articles on display fundamentals, campaign setup, creative execution, audience and targeting, pricing and bidding, metrics and reporting, optimization technology and campaign improvement. There is also a video showcase. The site does not go into how publisher payments are made but there is a contact link for submitting a request for more information.



9. SkimLinks-

Global Alexa Rating: 5,651


SkimLinks has a different way of approaching making money through affiliate marketing. They tout their service as being able to install in minutes and start earning money with very little effort. The Three main aspects are SkimLinks which instantly converts links into affiliate links, SkimWords which automatically converts words into affiliate links and Showcases which automatically displays the products mentioned in your content. They have over 17,000 merchant programs all available from day one – no waiting for access like many others out there that either go through an approval process or skip that but still have a waiting period to get full access. An interesting feature of the website is a scale showing how many pages are being monetized per second – it hovered around 1400 – 1500 while this review was being prepared. It costs nothing to join and they receive just 25% of the commissions you earn for SkimLinks. SkimWords works on a variable amount. Payments are monthly for earnings over $10 paid via bank transfer, check or PayPal.



10. BurstMedia-

Global Alexa Rating: 9,361


BurstMedia is an option for publishers that have minimum traffic of 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views and reside on a top-level domain. It is not available to those that use free hosting providers or are not in English. There are other eligibility requirements that are clearly outlined on the website. They offer high paying brand campaigns with high CPMs. Publishers have full control of which ads run on their sites. Their Publisher Account Center is a user-friendly campaign and revenue management tool. Furthermore publishers can take advantage of custom sponsorships, advertorials and blogging programs.

Choosing which of these ten to use (or Google AdSense even) will depend upon many things. It will depend on pricing as well as meeting the eligibility requirements of some of them. Making revenue through affiliate advertising with a website or blog can be a great way to create additional income or it can be a full-time job making more money than you’d ever imagine. The key is building your website traffic so that advertisers find it a great place to have a presence. If it has something special to offer the public, they will come.






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