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An advertising agency is a business service that is dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising and other forms of publicity for clients. Efforts are made to sell the clients’ products and agencies also handle branding designs and overall marketing and promotions. Ad agencies also produce logos with eye-catching colour schemes in order to attract clients as well as brochures and slogans with descriptive copy for sales materials. Some issue press releases for new products, programmes and events and some even organise public service announcements for charitable organisations as well. All types of media are involved such as radio, TV, newspaper and magazine advertisements and even billboards and promotional giveaways. Agencies need to know their clients’ products well in order to ascertain the best form of advertising and the best audience. There are several advertising agency associations that ad agencies can join in order to assist with a platform for publicly showing their work and enhancing their reputation. Below is a list of the top ten sites about advertising agencies on the Internet today. Some of the sites provide a selection and index of the best companies and others give details and information to help and prepare you make your decision. If you are considering an advertising agency to handle your companies’ campaign then the list will be very useful indeed.





1. -

Adbrands lists the top advertising agencies in the UK by estimated billings. Company profiles can be searched and other lists include top advertising agencies ranked by billings, ranked by estimated income and ranked by gross profit as well as by profile. A full index can be found and main categories include agencies, advertisers, countries and sectors. Subscribing to the site is necessary to search a company profile and weekly updates are available by email.





2. –

This site has advertising showcases and case studies for you to view in articles and videos. A section for advertising news can be found featuring the top stories of the week along with the latest press releases and advertising guides and marketing jobs are also given. You can view company profiles and there is a blog for commenting and following threads. Training and career advice are highlighted and some of the latest topics include real-time advertising and Google.




3. – connects you with advertising, marketing, pr and media. The latest news can be found for marketing and advertising with top stories highlighted and videos and articles to read. There are jobs, a blog and a section for opinions along with events and resources. Information can be found from categories such as advertising, agencies, digital, direct marketing, media and pr to name a few and you can subscribe to receive the latest bulletins.





4. –

This is an online guide to marketing and advertising with sections for Internet marketing, trade shows, analysis and trends, public speaking and presentations, marketing events and news. There are articles to read with tools to assist you as well as books in the online store and press releases. You can subscribe to receive the newsletter and there are sections for jobs and careers with useful links leading to further information and a blog for commenting and following threads.



5. –

This site takes an in-depth look at advertising and features an ad for the day. The latest news in advertising is given including banned brands and the latest works and videos can be viewed and articles read with recommendations from the editor. You can read opinions in the blog as well as subscribe to receive the latest bulletins and there are special sections for advertising jobs, the media, close-ups and agencies.





6. –

This is a marketing and advertising online magazine from Canada and is composed of special reports bringing insight, analysis, debates and context to the world of advertising and marketing. Information can be found for media planning, buying, digital marketing, television, multi-cultural marketing and agency rankings. There is a special section for resources and articles can be read containing the latest news.





7. –

This is a weekly PR publication which provides news, opinions and in-depth knowledge on the adverting industry. Subscribers can sign up to receive a daily bulletin containing the latest news, events and jobs within the sector. There is a section gaining ideas for your own publicity and must-reads and other suggested material are given to help you. There is a special section dedicated to careers and awards can be seen on the site that the company have gained for their work.





8. – brings you opinions by experts and marketers who give practical advice in newsletters, conferences, seminars, podcasts, web-casts and articles. There are also tutorials, guides and reports to read with tools to assist you on topics such as brand management, design, marketing strategy, sales and public relations to name a few. A further section provides training for individuals as well as large organisations and becoming a member of the community is encouraged.





9. –

This site has a wide range of publications to read containing commentaries, daily news and in-depth industry blogs from the trades top journalists and contributors. There is a section for events containing conferences to view and business connections can be made with other like-minded media, marketing and advertising professionals. Briefs and media research reports are available to read as well as classified adverts. White-papers from advertisers can be found and reports can be read online.





10. –

This site provides interesting information and useful resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses. There is a comprehensive section for advertising with links to read articles as well as a guide to starting an advertisement agency. A long list of the States are given with the number of agencies in each and further links can be found leading to related information in magazines, reviews and other advertising publications. Statistics regarding agencies are given and contact with the site is welcome.


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