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The development of Internet and technology has created an ideal platform for the people to make money online. A wide range of online work from home jobs can be found in the Internet and affiliate marketing holds a prominent place out of them. The convenience and flexibility of affiliate marketing has played an important role behind its popularity. However, you need to be careful in order to join a good and a reputed affiliate marketing program in order to gain maximum benefits. This article will let you know the top ten affiliate marketing programs that can be seen in the present world. You can analyze them and go for the best one depending on your needs and requirements.


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1. Click Bank –

Click Bank is one of the most popular affiliate networks among people. It is equipped with a wide variety of digital products including website memberships, software and eBooks. The best thing about click bank is that it offers commissions up to 75 percent on their products. Affiliate marketers will be able to make direct deposits and all the commissions will be paid to them on a weekly basis. They offer an excellent customer service via emails and make necessary arrangements to provide timely payments. It has gained a good reputation among affiliate marketers in every corner of the world because of these reasons.


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2. Commission Junction –

Commission Junction is recognized as the biggest affiliate marketing network in North America. It also offers a good collection of products including tracking services and media services. They have gained an excellent reputation by balancing the relationships between affiliates and merchants. Commission Junction also offers a pay per call program for their clients along with their regular pay per action program. It will open gates for the affiliates to get high commission for the leads they generate.


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3. Share A Sale –

Share A sale is another behemoth affiliate marketing program that you can find on the Internet. It holds the third position in the 012 Blue Book of top 20 affiliate-marketing programs. Share a sale has more than 2500 merchants and you can go for a perfect selection. It provide on time payments for all the marketers for their convenience. Real time stats will be provided to the clients to make their life easy and it is one of the most user friendly affiliate marketing programs that you can find.


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4. Link Share –

Link Share is recognized as the largest affiliate marketing network in the world. It holds the number one position in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 affiliate marketing networks with more than 10 million affiliate marketing partnerships. It also offers more than 2500 affiliate programs for the marketers. The available options on Link Share will allow you to manage your own channel in a convenient way. People from every corner of the world join Link Share because of its international capabilities.


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5. Amazon Associates –

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping marketplaces on the Internet. People who are looking to make money by promoting products can try Amazon without any hesitation because they pay high commissions for all the sales. Amazon has gained a good reputation over the Internet and people love to buy their products. Therefore, it will not be hard for you to market Amazon products and generate successful leads. The available products include electronic items, clothes, software, books and many more. You can go for your perfect one and make money with less hassle. Amazon Associates will make timely payments to their affiliates through a check or through bank transfers.


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6. Click Booth –

If you are looking for a place to find highly targeted affiliate marketing programs, Click Booth is the ideal place available. Thousands of pay per lead programs that belong to a wide variety of categories can be found in here and there is something for everyone. If you have a website, it will be easy for you to engage in your marketing activities on this platform. This is because Click Booth offers two different programs for website owners to make money.



7. Avantage –

Avantage is a popular affiliate marketing network among Asian people. In their network, you can find several types of digital products including computer software and applications. People who own websites can monetize it by getting the assistance of their affiliated software.


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8. Google Affiliate Network –

Google affiliate network is another great service offered by Google. You will not be able to find thousands of products in this platform, like in Amazon or Click Bank. However, it has some great affiliate marketing programs, which can provide high commissions on sales. Google Affiliate Network allows advertisers to enhance their visibility through affiliate ads and monetize advertisements. If you need to post advertisements, you need to have a Google AdSense account. Starting your affiliate marketing career in Google Affiliate Network will be a great investment done towards your future as well.


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9. Peer Fly –

Peer Fly is a famous pay per action network that has its own proprietary software system. It was able to come into the list of top 20 affiliate marketing networks in 2012 as a result of their excellent customer service. The staff members of Peer Fly are dedicated in providing the best for their clients. They will lead you in the correct path and you will not have to worry about anything. They have thousands of potential merchant programs for the affiliate marketers. If you follow their instructions, you can become a rich affiliate marketer within a short period of time.


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10. Max Bounty –

Max Bounty came into the number six position in the top 20 list of affiliate marketing networks in 2012. It was founded in 2004 and they have the objective of paying more for their marketers. The company has obtained a good reputation among the affiliate marketing networks because of their weekly payments. It is popular among top affiliate marketers and people make thousands of dollars a month with their help.


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