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Into American football?

American football, also known as football in the USA or gridiron, is a sport played by two teams with eleven members on each team and played on a field that is 120 yards long and 53.33 yards wide with goalposts at both ends. The offense attempts advances with the oval ball by running or passing it to other players of the same team. It must be advanced at least ten yards in four downs to receive a new set of four downs in order to continue with the drive or else the opposing team is given the opportunity to advance. Points are scored by driving the ball into the opposing team’s end zone for a touchdown, kicking the ball through the opponent’s goalposts for a field goal or by defence tackling the ball carriers in the offense’s end zone for a safety. The team with the most points wins the game. The sports originated in the USA where teams play professionally and also at college level and high school with the championship game, the Super Bowl, being one of the biggest sporting occasions of the year.  It is a fascinating sport and below are ten of the best sites on the Internet to receive news and information about the game. Whether you are an avid fan or are just curious, the sites will be very interesting reading.

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1. –

This is the official site of the NFL and top stories and breaking news is reported from the world of American Football. There are articles to read and videos to view and you can vote for your favourite player as well as purchase tickets and game passes from the site. A schedule for forthcoming games is given and you can view the stats and rankings of all the clubs. You can watch the games live on the site or listen to commentary on the radio section and there is also an online shop to purchase football goodies.


american 2


2. ESPN –

ESPN has a page dedicated to American football and reports the top stories from the sport. The latest posts and headlines are highlighted and each team can be selected revealing a description for each as well as fixtures and a schedule for upcoming games. Stats and standings can be viewed and there is a section for players stating who is injured and who is changing teams. Tickets can also be obtained on the site and there are interesting articles about coaches, rumours and Super Bowl winners.


american 3


3. –

Sports Illustrated from CNN is another great source of news, articles, videos and information for American football. Scores, teams, standings, players, schedules, stats and injuries can be read along with the latest transactions and there is a section for purchasing tickets. There is a large photo gallery to view and each team can be selected with links leading to information. There are special reports to be found in the newswire such as coaching and head traumas in the game and there is a sitemap to help you find your way around.


american 4


4. –

This site has a page dedicated to the NFL with top stories including the Vikings and ‘who will be at number one?” You can view live coverage of games on the site and a schedule can be found for viewing listings. Top news from the Falcons and the Cardinals can be read and there is a section for injuries and another for the cheerleaders in the game. Scores and statistics are given along with standings and links are provided to individual teams to see more information.

american 5


5. – is another good source of information for the NFL with trending news within the sport and videos to view. A gallery is featured with photographs and there are tickets available for certain games. Links are provided to read further information about each team and current headlines are highlighted. Other sections include players, injuries, teams, statistics, standings, schedule of play and scores and there is an online shop for purchasing, helmets, caps, T-shirts and other memorabilia from all the teams.


american 6


6. Yahoo! –

Yahoo! has a page dedicated to American football which reports the top news headlines and has articles to read and videos to view as well as a photo gallery. The scores and schedules of games can be seen along with a list of all the players and teams and there are stats and injuries available to read as well. There are special sections for Dan Wetzel, Les Carpenter and Eric Adelson with a special tab called ‘Shutdown Corner.’ Tickets can be purchased on the site and there are viewing recommendations.


american 7


7. –

This site is the home of American college football and reports all the latest news from the various different divisions such as I FBS, I FCS, II, III and youth division. There are videos to view with TV listings, stats and scores and you can have your say in the polls. Standings for all the divisions can be found and special attention is paid to the coaches in the sport. There are sections for awards along with corporate sponsors and an online shop is available to purchase hats, T-shirts and other apparel.


american 8


8. –

This site is the global distributor of the National Football League real-time newsfeed. The service is used by worldwide media, mobile sites the Internet, fantasy football and social media networking sites. In addition to scores, the site also reports statistics, schedules, standings and results and produces photographs, breaking news, game recaps and previews as well as press releases about the sport and games in the divisions as well as conference games are also reported complete with box scores.


american 9


9. –

CBS sports also reports the latest news in the world of American football and you can read the headlines as well as articles about the sport. There are videos to view and you can vote for your favourite team at the polls and there is also a link to purchase tickets to the games. There are sections for scores, schedules, stats, standings, injuries, rumours in the sport and various transactions as well as a list of all the teams and the players.


american 10


10. MSN –

MSN has a newswire with the latest information for American football and there are videos to watch as well as analysis of the games. You can see the gossip and rumours in the league and have your say at the polls as well as listen to the games on the radio. You can view the standings and power ranking of the teams and the players as well as the scores, schedules and stats and tickets can also be purchased with a forum in place for posting about the sport.


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