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Mad about android?

The Android mobile-phone operating system is certainly the biggest trend in mobiles since the release of the first iPhone. These blogs help you make sense of what’s happening with this Google product and figure out whether it’s time to get on board –and what cool things you can do with it!

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1. Phandroid –

One of the best-regarded Android sites, updated several times daily with news, handset manufacturers using it, and the all-important Market (key to letting you pay for stuff with your phone, like they do everywhere else in the world).


2. Android and Me –

Crowded site geared toward both programmers and consumers, thankfully with a Beginners section that lays it out for non-experts. Also highlights downloadable apps, games and YouTube videos, and covers new handsets that feature the various versions currently in circulation.


3. AndroLib –

Collates and sells (or gives away) as many apps as it can find. Apps can lead you back to wherever your parked your car, organize your podcast subscriptions, or let you wage war on other (game) gangs. Broken down by categories including Communication, Entertainment, Finance, Sports, etc.


4. Android Forums –

From the folks who bring you Phandroid, extensive discussions of carriers, manufacturers, phones and apps for both developers and consumers. Threads have anywhere from dozens to thousands of participants, making this the place to get answers to your questions.


5. Android Tapp –

Accessible, easy-to-understand reviews of all kinds of Android apps: games, e-readers, ringtones, photo organizers, caller ID, GPS, productivity and more. Weekly blog is packed with user tips and advice.


6. Droideo –

Thousands of videos playable via Android, with the most popular being those that explain the OS and its associated phones.


7. AppVee Android Apps –

Ratings and reviews of apps. Broken into two dozen categories including utilities, music, games, productivity and entertainment. Brief videos help readers quickly get a handle on an app’s functionality and usefulness.


8. Google and Blog –

News about Android that’s geared more toward consumers than programmers. Stories discuss what factors will help or hinder the market share, mascot toys and chargers, and the latest trends and apps.


9. Talk Android –

Android news with a focus on which phones have it. Active forums discuss hardware and software, while YouTube videos help demonstrate new capabilities.


10. Androphones –

Reviews all available Android phones, in the U.S. and abroad. Mixed with photos and rumors, this blog makes it easy to keep track of what’s hot and what’s coming up.


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