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Making the switch to Android?

Android is a Linux-based operating system designed for mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablet computers. It was unveiled in 2007 and the first android-powered phone was sold in 2008. The open-source code and accompanying licensing laws allows it to be freely modified and distributed to wireless carriers, manufacturers and developers alike. A developer survey conducted in early 2013 found it to be the most popular platform for developers as it is now used by 71% of the mobile developer population. Recently it has seen additional application from televisions, games consoles, digital cameras and other electronics, which have now increased and encouraged the developer community further. Android has seen various updates since 2008 to improve the operating system, fix bugs and add new features. As of this year, a total of 900 million devices have been activated and 48 billion apps have been installed from the Google Play store and the number is growing all the time. Below is a list of the ten best sites giving information about Android on the Internet today. The sites will be very useful for anyone seeking details about Android as well as for developers.




1. – has forums for discussions about Android with the latest posts advertised and a section for getting you started. There are articles and podcasts to view and you can browse the latest accessories as well as shop for other phones and tablets. Headline news and polls can be found for the latest devices and a special section is dedicated to help and guidance. Useful links are provided leading to further articles and information and you can download free android wallpapers as well as sign up to join the site.




2. – is a very popular site for information and has the latest news and developments. You can see what is due to be released soon with trending topics, featured subjects and recent additions highlighted. There is the facility to send in news tips to the company as well as search for information with categories including carriers, phones, tablets and apps. There is a forum for commenting and discussing android topics and contact with the site is welcome.




3. –

This is another popular site with articles and videos to view on android and you can see what is being hotly debated. The latest comments and threads give good insight and information and the latest topics and the top commenters can also be seen. Samsung and Nexus are heavily featured with other brands being HTC, Motorola, Verizon and T-mobile. There are reviews to read and a section for market rumours and an online store is also available.




4. –

This site brings you news and updates from the world of android with the latest headlines highlighted along with reviews and rumours. You can ‘get a look at the basics’ and see what is hot right now with the emphasis very firmly on Samsung. Nexus and Sony are currently trending with ZTE, pinball and Dell in the spotlight. A section id given for information about becoming an intern and contact with the site is welcome.




5. – has the latest gossip for all things android with RSS feeds, reviews and a news section. Articles and news items can be browsed by date, category, tag or author and there are guides to help you make up your mind and assist you. There is a forum for discussions with the popular posts highlighted and Jellybean and Gingerbread are hitting the spotlight. There are sections for wallpapers and iPhones and if you have any tips, then the site would like to hear from you.




6. –

This site has good information for the android community with must-reads and trending topics highlighted. There are featured topics such as Jellybean, Nvidia, Moto X, HTC One, Nexus 7 and Tegra and reviews can also be found to read. You can see what is happening with the Amazon Kindle and with the company Sony and there are comments on certain devices that will be useful. You can also see videos and contact the site with your own tips and contributions.




7. – gives you the best twenty five android apps on the market at the moment. There are reviews, videos and explanations for all the apps for you to view as well as see recent additions and posts. There are many categories to select information such as phones, tablets, news, games and advice to name a few and the facility to submit is new app is given with help available to all users at all times.




8. –

This site is an authority when it comes to android with the latest android news and special features. Videos of Samsung and Sony are highlighted and the key differences between phones are explained. The latest popular articles are discussed and shared such as T-mobile and android manufacturers and you can have your say in the daily debate. A list of the best apps is given and there is a section dedicated to ‘how to’ with everything you need to understand about android.




9. – has the latest news about android with articles, videos and podcasts to view. You can read about the latest developments and there are reviews of android apps to help you and all the latest devices are explored. There are sections for development as well as tips and tutorials and you can even compete in contests. A special section is dedicated to android games and any contact with the site is welcome.




10. –

This is an open source project with a wide range of android devices. Source code and information can be found for the android platform and software stack, custom variants, port devices and accessories are discussed to help you ensure your devices are compatible with the android definition.  There is a section to help you get started and a further section gives the latest updates. A special section is dedicated to compatibility to help developers apps run on a variety of devices.


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