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An angel network is also referred to as an angel group. An angel investor is an individual, generally a high net-worth person, who invests in startup companies in exchange for an equity share of the business. Often these angel investors form a group with other angel investors so that they can invest collectively in entrepreneurial firms. Some angel networks are involved just in putting business and angel investors in touch with one another. Many angels are former entrepreneurs themselves and can be a valuable resource besides their investment. Below are 10 websites for angel resources and angel networks that look at UK entrepreneurs either specifically or in addition to other areas of the world. They are listed in order of their global Alexa traffic count rating.


angel network 1


1. Angel Investment Network:

Global Alexa Rating: 169,433

Angel Investment Network is the world’s largest angel network connecting entrepreneurs and angel investors. It is a web-based matching service owned by Angel Investment Network Ltd, a London-based investment company founded in 2004. They have also expanded to 30 networks worldwide, covering over 80 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. They have over 500,000 members worldwide. They offer three levels of membership: novice which is free and provides local online exposure and a pay per contact program; Pro which is £149 and includes contact details of all interested investors, email exposure, ability to upload documents, images & videos and a refund guarantee; Global Pro which is £249 and also includes global online exposure and global email exposure. They currently have over 40,000 investors in their network, which includes angel investors, family offices and venture funds.

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2. AngelsDen Crowdfunding:

Global Alexa Rating: 256,309

AngelsDen Crowdfunding was established in 2007 and has been leading the way in making investment very accessible with monthly Speedfunding sessions, Funding Clinics and Angel Clubs. It is a place for entrepreneurs and investors to meet. It is an easy to use site taking just five minutes to create an account and get ready to either invest or raise money. It is easy to view perspective pitches quickly and easily as an investor as well as present a pitch to get funding in as little as 10 minutes. They will create an online portfolio, receive funds and keep your investors up-to-date on your progress. They also help those that wish to actually donate funds to help get new businesses off the ground. Once your fund target is achieved, their fee is 5% plus an administrative fee of £1,600 or less if you have already pitched for Angel Funding. Those outside of the UK can register to view the opportunities, but cannot invest or raise funds at this point.


angel 3

3. UK Business Angels Association:  

Global Alexa Rating: 464,665

The UK Business Angels Association currently has a membership of 25 Angel Networks in England and Wales. It is a national trade association representing Angel and early-stage investments in the UK. They are also involved in the Angel investment market, including early-stage venture capital funds, banks and also non-traditional sources of finance. The website also serves as a great tool for keeping up with news, events and doing research. The research section has market research, guidance and tools, policy updates and regulatory updates. There is also a link to a site that discusses why to become an angel investor, the benefits and how to get involved in activities in your area.


angel 4


4. EBAN.Org:

Global Alexa Rating: 579,454

EBAN is a nonprofit association representing the interests of business Angels, business angel networks and Federation of networks, seed funds and other entities involved in bridging the equity gap in Europe. It was established with the collaboration of the European Commission in 1999 by a group of pioneer business angel networks in Europe and European Association of Development Agencies. They represent the early-stage investment market in Europe and carry out research on angel markets and produce facts and trends. They are not a direct investor in entrepreneurial companies, but instead a treasure trove of information and research. Numerous articles give valuable information for both entrepreneurs and investors. The website also includes events going on throughout the world.


angel 5


5. London Business Angels:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,629,501

London Business Angels is one of Europe’s leading Angel Investment Networks. They connect innovating fast growth technology companies to equity finance to their membership of experienced angel investors. They have been in operation since the early 1980s and as such have the longest track record in the business. They carefully select only the most innovative companies to present to their investors and as a result achieve significant results. Their highly experienced management team of established leaders in the development of new Angel early-stage investment initiatives are able to leverage nearly 30 years of investment experience. They are part of the Angel Capital Group. Since 2000, over 200 companies have raised funding to their members, amounting to over £50 million invested. They also offer investor workshops for building your capacity for angel investing.


angel 6


6. Advantage Business Angels:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,034,579

Advantage Business Angels is a trading style of the Private Equity Builders LLP. They help UK businesses at all stages, and all sectors, to find an investor with the money, contacts and experience to enable them to grow and succeed. Typically the investments their company secures range between £50,000 and £500,000, but they are flexible enough to secure higher funding amounts as well. The website includes a blog section with a new blog added just about every month and one can also sign up for their weekly email. The website includes a portfolio section that discusses some of the businesses they have orchestrated investments in.


angel 7


7. The Funding Angels:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,984,830

The Funding Angels is part of an investment platform, The Funding Place, that offers investors a new way to find great business investment opportunities and for businesses to gain access to funding in order to grow and expand their business quickly and efficiently. They facilitate a meeting between investors and business owners through Angel networking events that they organize on a regular basis. The events are listed on their website along with their fees. They will also arrange a private viewing in a private setting at a convenient time for both parties in their local area. The website also shows available investments which show what the money is needed for, how much is needed, the terms and the associated risk grade. The website also offers a live support option for asking questions or getting clarification.


angel 8


8. EnVestors:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,141,049

EnVestors was founded in 2004 as an award-winning corporate finance house that specializes in raising up to £1m for younger companies and up to £10m for those that are more established. They work across most industry sectors and all company development stages. They are head quartered in London and have an office in Manchester serving the north. They also have offshore investor networks in Jersey, Isle of Man, Monaco and Dubai and about 30 family offices and other specialist funds. The website shown is for their main page with links at the bottom to individual offices. They prepare companies for investment and raise equity funding from three distinct sources: their own database of around 1000 high net-worth individuals; their offshore investor networks; and other specialist funds. They look for mostly growth and development capital opportunities for their investors, but also showcase quality MBO, MBI and pre-IPO deals.


angel 9


9. Beer & Partners:

Global Alexa Rating: 5,894,734

Beer & Partners is a leading source of both venture capital and business angel investment for growing SME businesses in the UK. They recognize that growing businesses need finance, but also assistance if they are to reach their potential. In a typical year they raise capital for more than 50 businesses. At the current time they have 2278 active investors and have raised £135.6m to date. They provide a wide range of services for clients including advice on funding strategies, immediate and discrete exposure to a huge register of investors and other contacts, exposure to the website and help with investor meetings and negotiations. Their website includes selected completed fundings from 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The website also includes a number of articles and guides, including a guide to securing investment funding and a business manager’s guide to intellectual property protection.


angel 10


10. Oxford Early Investments:

Global Alexa Rating: 11,151,644

Oxford Early Investments works with entrepreneurs and companies seeking to raise finance by connecting them with highly active potential business Angels who frequently provide commercial experience and contacts in addition to capital. Their website includes information about upcoming investment meetings, investment opportunities and latest news in the industry. They are part of the OION Ltd group of angel networks – established in November 2004 to provide a wider range of early stage investment opportunities, often where more than just investment is being sought. These companies seek smaller sums ranging from £50k up to £250k.

Angel investors and angel network can be a wise source of funding for some entrepreneurial businesses. Angel investors that were acquitted in an Angel network can often find investments they may not have found otherwise. Although angel networks are not right for every investor and every business, if done right they can be quite valuable. The important thing is taking the time to do due diligence both in selecting an angel network is a business and selecting a business to invest in as an investor.






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