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It is difficult to imagine how we ever existed before the creation of the company Apple Inc. The very name is associated with computers as the company was founded back in 1976 and since then Apple has been responsible for giving us the ‘Mac’ line of computers, iPod music, iPhone Smartphone and iPad computer tablets, to name but a few, making it the world’s second-largest technology company.  Many on-line Apple stores have since been formed, dedicated to selling products in global proportions and making the company a household name throughout the world. With such vast quantities of Apple products being sold, many Apple Forums and Apple sites have been formed allowing buyers and users the opportunity to gain information and tips to provide customer satisfaction, improve services and ensure the Apple future is bright. Here are ten of the top Apple forums.


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1. Apple Support Communities –

This is one of the top Apple sites for giving informative tutorials from expert Apple product users. Simply ask a question within the community and you will receive answers from numerous members offering guidance and advice. All questions are monitored and you can respond and receive information almost instantly since topics are updated every minute and all tutorials give easy to follow instructions. The iPhone option gives clear product descriptions on all iPhone models with their capabilities and functions contributing to making it a leader amongst iPhone sites.




2. MacRumors –

Mac Rumors invites you to share tips and contribute to the many discussions currently taking place in the Mac Blog and the iOS Blog forums. An informative Buyer’s guide with price comparisons gives detailed descriptions of the best products available on the market, both in value for money and in the capabilities of the products.




3. Mac Forums –

This is one of the most comprehensive Mac sites available for contributing articles and reviewing Mac products with the chance of winning prizes for starting popular topic discussions after signing up, giving you the chance to earn while you learn. Subscribing to the Mac-Forums Brief will ensure you receive all special offers available from the partners and sponsors. Any topics or discussions started within the community are given weekly reviews to ensure all information is correct and in keeping with technological changes and up-dates.




4. AppleInsider –

AppleInsider invites tips from users regarding the products that they have purchased which may be of use to other members and shared in Apple talk. There is a full price guide for all products, so you can be assured of being quoted correctly for any future purchases, as well current financial information regarding all the latest news and developments occurring within Apple. Latest and back page headlines are available through RSS and you can also follow AppleInsider on twitter.




5. Mac OS X Hints –

This site is one of the best sites for troubleshooting and problem solving with any type of Mac product since it has a very knowledgeable and informative network of followers. With over 150,000 posts per day and 31,000 threads you can be assured of receiving a very high volume of response to any issue or topic that you require information on. The system is easy to follow with uncomplicated instructions and contribution to any of the available threads can be made after registration.




6. Mac NN Forums –

Mac NN Forums operates in much the same way as Mac OS X Hints except on a smaller more personal scale. It contains all the latest information on applications and operating systems and gives insight into new products shortly to become available. You can participate on any of the topics after registering and contribute to the community. The enthusiast zone encourages frequent users and all the latest topics and issues are discussed in the MacNN lounge.




7. iLounge –

This is beyond all doubt amongst the leaders for iPod sites since the forum topics, threads and articles are started with iPod users in mind. There are many articles, reviews, news items, and software to browse based on iPods and iPhones. The site has a ‘fun’ feel about it, as free music is available to download and you can browse and buy the latest iPhones and iPods available at discounted prices from the on-line shop. Many tips and tricks are listed for iPod users and the site is user friendly and easy to navigate.




8. Tuaw –

Tuaw, also known as the unofficial Apple weblog, gives clear and concise instructions on how to operate products with easy to understand videos. The ‘How To’ tab provides further information on operating all types of Macs, iPhones, Ipads and more, whilst in the gallery you can find an amazing display of photographs to explore with articles, comments and tips attached. This site provides clear instructional and informative advice with visuals aids making it stand out from the others as a winner in the Apple blogs category.




9. Macworld –

Macworld offers all the latest information for all things Apple. All Apple products are reviewed in categories and much information can be gained in the ‘How to’ and MacCentral sections as well as useful tips on storage and desktops. Products are given detailed descriptions with all the available features and comments are invited on all the latest topics and stories in the News section which is updated every minute. Expert advice is given on operating and maintaining all Apple products by users with years of experience who greatly contribute to Macworld with the knowledge that they have gained.




10. iPad Forum –

This is the ultimate Apple iPad forum as the name suggests, with every conceivable topic and information available regarding and concerning iPads. Every make and model of iPad is covered in the discussion forum offering troubleshooting ideas, operating instructions and useful tips. New iPad products are reviewed and the results of tests on new products are shown and commented upon. After registering, any comments and further additions to discussions in the iPad forum is welcomed clearly making it the best source for iPads.


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