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Is an app a Dog Owners Best Friend?

Pets or animal companions as they are also known become part of our family very quickly on account of the love and attention they lavish on us and make a great playmates for children. They are very loyal, but require much care and attention and dogs in particular need to be walked and exercised daily. The most popular pets are cats and dogs, but rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rodents, fish, birds and reptiles are also growing in numbers as household pets. Choosing a pet can be fun and heartbreaking at the same time. With so many animals being abandoned and needing good homes choosing a pet from an animal rescue centre can be a difficult task as all the animals are waiting to go to a good home. Once you have found your wonderful addition to your family, there is pet health to consider with injections and vaccinations to prevent disease as well as grooming and hygiene. A good balanced diet is necessary for animals to maintain bright eyes, a shiny coat and general well-being. Many apps for pet owners are now available making life easier to keep track of pet requirements and even your pet itself. Millions of pets go missing each year or are stolen if they are a valuable breed, but with the aid of technology this number is now declining. If you have a pet or are considering adopting one, then the list below will be very useful since there are ten of the best apps available on the Internet today for your phone and they are right at your fingertips.




1. –

Over 10 million pets are lost each year, which can be prevented with Pettracker. The system uses GPS and wireless technology to locate your pet and record activities. You can monitor patterns in your dog’s activity as well as read useful information for exercise and dog health on the site. The tag secures tightly to your dogs collar and is simple to set up and use. You can view the tag working inaction as well as read reviews with the link below and full support is available if necessary.




2. –

This is a location-based platform that enables you to make new friends whilst walking your dog. The territory has a 200 mile radius so you can see other dog walkers in your area as well as in other parts of the world. You can search for new users by gender, age, dog age and dog breed as well as share your content to make it fun. On the site there are games suggested to play with your dog and fun things to do together for bonding along with tips and hints on obedience.




3. –

This app makes it easy to keep track of all your pet’s needs from vet appointments to favourite food and allergies. Information can be stored on multiple pets as you can set the image, the name and the type of pet along with all information. A calendar helps you keep up with appointments and there are graphs to assist with weight gain and loss so you can see the health of your pet. There is a blog on the site for following threads and commenting and full company details can also be found.




4. ICam –

ICam allows you to remotely monitor live video and audio with live feeds so you can keep track of your pet. The Java-enabled browser lets you connect from almost any computer in the world. Full details for downloading and operating can be found on the site along with a detailed description for usage and there is also full support and a blog for assistance if required.




5. Petoxins –

This app is recommended by the ASPCA as it contains information for protecting your animals and pets. The app had a large database of plants and flora that are poisonous or dangerous for pets along with photographs to make identification easier. Symptoms are mentioned to assist if your pet falls ill and there are details of what steps to take in an emergency along with a direct line to the ASPCA poison control centre.




6. Map My Dog Walk –

This app allows you to walk your dog and get fit in the process since it automatically tracks your calories. The app uses built-in GPS technology in your phone and marks your route as you walk along including distance, duration, pace, speed and elevation. Once you have completed your walk the details are updated automatically and stored in your history. You can share your walks with your friends and the app has many more features that can be viewed when clicking the link above.




7. Pet First Aid –

Pet First Aid has been specifically designed with your pet’s health in mind as the app gives detailed articles and videos of pet emergencies and medical information to assist you if your pet is ill or in an accident. You can note your pet’s ailments and vaccinations and step-by-step instructions will assist you in caring for your animal. Useful hints, tips and advice can also be found making this a valuable addition to your phone if you have pets.




8. Pet Minder Pro –

Pet Minder is a tracking app which alerts you when your pet is in need. You can log data to assist you with toilet training and feeding times and even record your pet’s birthday with high quality graphics. Medications and vaccinations can be stored and alerts are colour-coded for assistance. The app is free, but there is an upgraded version and with a little cost you will receive more features.




9. Petsie Dog Breeds –

Dog Breeds gives you access to hundreds of different types of dogs and pet images. Pet profiles are created by enthusiastic pet owners and there are over one million photographs to view including puppies. Most popular breeds include Retriever, German Sheppard, Labrador, Chihuahua, Collie and Spaniel and there is even a dog breed game to test your knowledge.




10. Weather Dog –

Weather Dog is a fun app to check the weather for walking your dog either locally to your area or anywhere in the world. 3D graphics of an interactive dog will check the precipitation, wind speed, temperature, clouds and snow and also permit you to have the predictions three days in advance for daytime or night. Any city in the world can be selected and full details can be found when clicking on the link above.


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