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People have always had an infatuation with oceans, lakes, streams and other bodies of water. The majority of our major cities are located on water. While this was often done to be able to transport goods easily, that doesn’t lessen the fact that we love to live near water. The price of waterfront property is almost always more costly as a result. Since not everyone can swing the higher price tag, they often look for other ways to incorporate the feel of being near water into their homes. Water features in the yard and swimming pools are common options. As for inside the home, the addition of an aquarium is the most common way. The following ten websites are all devoted to aquariums and will provide great resources if you are thinking of getting an aquarium or already have one or more.


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1. Aquarium Life:

Global Alexa Rating: 570,077

You will find this site to be a complete source of information on aquariums, fish and equipment. There is a wide variety of articles on the site, including popular DIY projects, fish profiles, fish facts and online aquarium tools. The tools will prove very useful as you try to figure out how many fish you can fit in your tank and other important considerations to make. The fish species database will prove helpful when ascertaining which fish can be together in one aquarium without posing a danger to one another.


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2. FINS:

Global Alexa Rating: 828,217

FINS is an easy to navigate, no frills type of website. Other than information about who they are, the only main areas are For the Beginner, Focus on Reef Tanks, Aquarium Reference Materials and Additional Information. Sweet and simple. The site discusses both reef tanks and regular aquariums with an FAQ section for each. Beginners will love the section on good & bad beginner fish as it can save you from a high number of fatalities right off the bat. There is an entire section devoted to beginning fishkeeping that should answer all your concerns regarding equipment, water, fish and more.


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3. Tropical Fish Forums UK:

Global Alexa Rating: 828,890

One of the quickest ways to learn about aquariums or resolve an issue you are having is to talk to other people that are aquarium enthusiasts, and the easiest way to do that is to join a fish forum like this one. There are over 8,900 members, over 640,000 posts, over 50,000 topics – all ready to provide answers to your questions. They even have a newbies room for those just getting started.


Aquarium 4


4. Koko’s Goldfish:

Global Alexa Rating: 978,718

This site offers plenty of information on caring for goldfish which is how some families seem to get started in the world of keeping fish – especially if their child won one at the fair! Some people enjoy the endeavor of goldfish breeding and even do it for its income producing potential. There are a number of fancy goldfish that are in demand. If you have taken a liking to goldfish or koi, you’ll find everything about their care here.


Aquarium 5


5. The Tropical Tank:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,181,868

This site is dedicated to tropical fish and the freshwater aquarium hobby. It provides lots of useful info on fishkeeping and is well organized to be simple to navigate. They offer a friendly discussion forum that is advert-free. The main sections of the article library include a beginner section, equipment section, health and disease, plants, reference, water chemicals and miscellaneous. There is also a fish index and tank setups area.


 Aquarium 6


6. Houston Fishbox:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,570,009

The Houston Fishbox is more than just a forum for aquarium enthusiasts, although it manages that in spades. It also includes articles, blogs, a gallery, species profiles and calculators. It may have begun as a source for Houston enthusiasts, but it has attracted members from many other places as well. You’ll find information on aquarium management, beginner tips, fish health, DIY projects and much more. The community feel makes it fun and helpful. Whether you are doing freshwater, saltwater or one of each, you’ll find valuable information on this site.


Aquarium 7


7. Aquarium Bible:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,015,872

This is a really beautiful website with photos galore that enhance the enjoyment of the site while learning about aquarium keeping. You’ll find advice, care, fish species, DIY projects, fish information and help with getting started. There isn’t a huge amount of information on this site but the articles are simply written and thus easy to understand. It is worthwhile to stop in just to see the photography.


Aquarium 8


8. Betta Source:

Global Alexa Rating: 5,502,507

Bettas are another fish species that some aquarium enthusiasts like to focus on including breeding them and putting them in shows. The site includes various pages such as types of bettas, disease ID and treatment, breeding, foods for bettas and showing bettas. It includes forums, a member map, gallery and classifieds section. The gallery includes members’ albums and IBC show photos. Registration for the forum is free.


Aquarium 9


9. Reeftime:

Global Alexa Rating: 7,052,325

This site is devoted to reef tanks which are tanks that have a variety of corals. A reef tank is a saltwater tank that may or may not have fish in it. Care for a reef tank is unlike any other type of aquarium as coral is a living organism that has specific and very demanding needs. One feature on this site will prove very useful – the reef chemistry calculator. It will help you to calculate the proper amount of additives so you can achieve the right levels of calcium, magnesium and alkalinity. The site includes beginner topics as well as more advanced topics.


 Aquarium 10


10. Mad Hatter’s Reef:

Global Alexa Rating: 16,294,169

The most colorful of aquarium fish are generally the saltwater species, and this site operated by Jeff Hesketh will aid you in setting up and maintaining a saltwater aquarium. The Start Here area is going to be your best bet if you are just getting started and need information about how to do it. It walks you through the planning and research, types of setups, cycling and water parameters, husbandry, livestock selection and maintenance. You can also subscribe to his newsletter. You can also find him on Facebook.

Be warned, aquarium life is addicting! What often begins as a small bowl with a goldfish or betta in it can easily grow into a room full of tanks as you expand to freshwater to saltwater to a reef tank. There is nothing like watching the gracefulness of aquatic life as it meanders in its habitat. It is incredibly calming and relaxing. These websites should get you started on your way to becoming a real fish expert!




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