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An arborist world…

Without trees and other green plant life, our planet would be completely inhospitable as they are essential for providing the clear air we need to breathe. Even assuming mankind could find another way to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, could you imagine a world without trees? Most people really love trees and include them in their home’s landscaping or even opt to live in or near forests. If you are an avid tree lover or arborist, you will also really love the following ten websites. Some will help you choose the best tree to plant, some will help you take care of your trees and there are even a couple sites that will give you something else to do with your trees! The sites are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.


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1. Arbor Day Foundation Tree Wizard:

Global Alexa Rating: 69,110

The Arbor Day Foundation is a great site for all things to do with trees, but this link to their tree wizard is one of the most popular sections of the site. You simply answer a few questions and they recommend the best tree based on your answers. You can also pull up all the trees that grow well in your zip code. A great idea is to purchase a membership to the Arbor Day Foundation as they are currently offering a thank you gift of ten free trees which you can have sent to you, sent to someone else or have planted in your honor in a national forest. If you enter your zip code, they will tell you what your options are for your trees.


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2. ArboristSite:

Global Alexa Rating: 221,893

This site is a comprehensive forum with topics on such things as tree care and equipment. Some of the topics include Arborist 101, homeowner helper, recreational tree climbing, tree care videos, wood carving & turning, forestry and logging, milling & saw mills, firewood & heating and also some sponsor forums. There is also a gallery which is organized into categories, user albums, new photos, new videos and more. A great place to go for input from others for all your tree questions and concerns.


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3.Woodlands.Co.UK Tree Identification:

Global Alexa Rating: 281,700

This site is owned by a company involved in helping people become woodland owners. It offers plenty of listings for woods for sale in the UK, but there are also other features of the site that are interesting, including the link given for their tree identification section which is in the blog section. The section includes how to identify a tree based on the leaves, leaf arrangement, buds, bark and twigs. There is a list to the right of more common trees in the UK that gives information on them and photos to aid in identification.


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4. International Society of Arboriculture (ISA):

Global Alexa Rating: 442,756

The ISA promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and works to foster more awareness about the benefits of trees. They do this through research, education and technology. The site gives information about the benefits of certification and how to become certified. The site includes publications, an online learning center, podcasts and more. There are various sections to go to depending on if you are a tree owner, arborist, planner or developer, or ISA member. The Find an Arborist section is a nice tool for those looking for some professional assistance with their trees or tree selection.


 Arborists 5


5. TreePeople:

Global Alexa Rating: 482,659

TreePeople is an environmental nonprofit that unites the power of trees, people and nature-based solutions to grow a sustainable future for Los Angeles. Whether you are in Los Angeles, or not, you can use the website to learn about the benefits of trees, how to plant a tree, how to care for a tree, how to capture rainwater, sustainable solutions, drought defense and more. Be sure to check out the blog section as well for more information.


Arborists 6


6. Nelson Treehouse and Supply:

Global Alexa Rating: 808,194

What better way is there to get up close and personal with a tree than to spend time in a treehouse? A treehouse is definitely not just for kids, and if you take a look at some that Pete Nelson has built, you may just want to live in a treehouse! He has a fantastic television show on Animal Planet called Treehouse Masters and owns a Bed and Breakfast that’s (Yep, you guessed it) built in the trees called Treehouse Point. They do consulting, planning/design, site visits, tree selection and building. You can see their portfolio on this website. You may never look at a tree the same way again.


 Arborists 7


7. Tree Climbers International (TCI):

Global Alexa Rating: 1,440,215

As a child, there were two things that trees were good for – a treehouse and climbing. The previous site shows you that treehouses are not just for kids, and this one shows you that climbing isn’t either! TCI is a worldwide organization of people who love to climb trees and want to do it with safety in mind – safety for the tree as well as the climber. The site addresses recreational climbing, climbing for tree work and climbing in tropical trees. It goes into the benefits, choosing a tree and getting the right gear. You will enjoy the galleries and the forum if you are thinking about taking your tree loving to new heights (pun intended).


 Arborists 8


8. Arborist Forum List:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,641,570

Rather than list a number of sites for arborist forums, this link takes you to a page filled with a number of them along with comments and ratings. There is also a link for online seminars for municipal arborists. This list was compiled in 2010 and updated in December of 2012. Select the “About M.D. Vaden” link at the top to learn more about Mario Vaden. Select the “Coast Redwoods” link for 100s of photos and information on coast redwoods.


Arborists 9


9. Trees are Good:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,445,763

This site is managed by the ISA (listed above as #4) as an educational website providing homeowners and other tree owners with reliable information regarding the benefits of trees and how to properly care for trees. There are a number of useful links on the main page including a tree hardiness zone map, tree owner’s manual, national tree benefit calculator, tree ordinance guidelines, anatomy of a tree, fun facts and bug of the week. You’ll find useful information on choosing the right tree and pruning your trees.


 Arborists 10


10. Tree Care Tips:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,636,694

This site is designed to help you care for your trees but also to know when it is best to hire a professional tree company. The site is well organized into categories including choose a pro, diseases & pests, fertilization, hazard trees, landscapes, mulching, planting & care, pruning, seasonal issues, storm damage, trees in the wires, value trees and ask the arborist. You can also sign up for their newsletter. The site includes videos, a tree owner’s manual that can be downloaded and a tree and shrub journal that can be downloaded.

Whether you want to know what tree you are hugging, how to choose or care for your trees, learn about climbing trees or perhaps about living in one, you will have found these sites very useful and educational. Too many people overlook the importance and beauty of the trees around us. Once you’ve reviewed these sites, you will likely see trees in a whole new way.



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