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Into Archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of the past by examining the remains and artefacts from years gone by. It is important to understand the past to know where we come from. Archaeology looks at various civilisations from around the globe such as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Vikings to modern-day times. There are many famous Archaeological sites where work and excavation has been carried out for research and study purposes such as Stonehenge in the UK, the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt and Machu Picchu in the Andes in Peru, not forgetting that some excavations take place underwater in order to find remains of ancient lost cities and ships buried at sea. The subject is fascinating since it covers all ages in time and all regions around the globe with current digs and excavations taking place in various parts of the world. New sites and discoveries are often made with foundations and excavations being carried for new buildings as earthworks can uncover a secret world underneath that has remained hidden for years. The sites listed below contain valuable information for Archaeologists, students, teachers, enthusiasts and those that are just curious about the subject. Some are professional bodies and some are current Archaeological projects, but they all give great insight into the world of Archaeology.



1. –

This is the site for the magazine published by the Archaeological Institute of America. There are slideshows, articles and videos to view showing museum pieces and current digs with findings and new discoveries being highlighted. The site offers online exclusives and news headlines and the latest edition of the magazine is advertised with details for subscription and ordering back issues. Details of where to purchase all the latest Archaeological books are also given and a guideline is displayed for assistance in writing about Archaeology.





2. The Ancient Web –

The Ancient Web has a great deal of information and resources for students, teachers and those interested in cultural heritage. All continents and countries can be selected individually to reveal information and articles on the ancient cultures of each along with further discussions taking place in the forum. There is a library for images and a section giving suggested documentaries and videos to watch and the latest news and stories are highlighted with new comments being advertised.  The site is well constructed and colourful and draws you towards it for further information.





3. Archaeological Institute of America –

This is the official site of the Archaeological Institute of America. The society is dedicated to supporting archaeologists throughout the world as well as educating people of all ages in the preservation of the world’s archaeological heritage. Full details on the policies, governance, mission and history of the society is given on the site along with events, membership and current fieldwork projects. Information can be found on Archaeology in news, videos, blog and magazines and there are special sections highlighting tours, fieldwork scholarships and outreach projects.



4. Theban Mapping Project –

Theban Mapping Project is based at the American University in Cairo. The aim of the project is to protect the Archaeological site at Thebes with its hundreds of temples and tombs and preserve it for generations of the future to enjoy. The site displays a map of Thebes marking all the important landmarks as well as the topography of the area. Another map with the same detail is given for the Valley of the Kings with the assistance of an introductory film. There are many articles to read along with bibliographies, glossaries and links and advice is given on how to become an Egyptologist. The project continues to achieve great results, but donations are gratefully accepted for this worthwhile cause.



5. The Archaeology Channel –

The Archaeology Channel is based in Oregon in the U.S.A. and is part of the Archaeological Legacy Institute. It is a non-profit organisation which aims to preserve and restore archaeological sites and also increase public awareness about their archaeological legacy that is serious endangered. The site contains videos, interviews, audios, news and events in the world of Archaeology with participation from volunteers and members. Full details about the organisation are given and the site is seeking volunteers to assist in the project.





6. –

This is a small site, but it is very popular as it ranks quite high on Information can be obtained from news or from resources which when selected reveal links on various topics. The latest news on Archaeology can be heard in audio or in podcasts and other topics can be found in the forum. There is a special section for history of the subject and the site is currently looking for nominees for the ‘golden trowel award’.





7. Antiquity –

Antiquity is a quarterly review of world Archaeology. The current issue has many articles for research purposes along with debates and reviews and previous issues can be found in the archives. There is a section called Antiquity + which contains interesting facts and tributes along with a project gallery. Details about subscribing to the magazine are given and submitting a paper is welcome.





8. Bradshaw Foundation –

There is so much information available on this site that it is difficult to know where to start. There are articles, videos, book reviews, glossaries, links, maps and podcasts with the latest news being highlighted. Among the headings to choose from are world heritage sites, human migration and rock art with many sub-categories on offer. A section called the journey of humankind gives further insight and a host of goodies for enthusiasts is available to buy in the iShop.





9. Archaeology For All –

This is the website for the Council for British Archaeology, which is an educational charity working to promote the appreciation and care of the historic environment. The council was founded in 1944 and has gone from strength to strength. ‘Discoveries’ can be made from books, publications, news-feeds, articles, magazines, forums and online Archaeological resources with sections called ‘speak up’ and ‘take forward’ encouraging participation. Details on subscribing to the publications are given and full information about the charity can be found on the site.



10. World Review –

World review is a travel website, but it contains a section for Archaeology and states the top ten Archaeology sites in the world. The top ten are Machu Picchu, the pyramids, Tikal in Guatemala, Petra in Jordan, Easter Island, the Terracotta Army in China, Pompeii, Delphi, Leptis Magna in Libya and Baalbek in Lebanon. Details and reviews on each site are given along with travel possibilities. Further information and advice can be found in comments from previous travellers and more than 200 Archaeological sites are given in total.







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