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The word architecture comes from the Greek language meaning builder, carpenter or mason and is the process of planning, designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures which can sometimes be perceived as works of art. Documentation is produced by the architect namely a design, drawing or plans with specifications, which defines the structure and enables building works to commence. Attributes strived by architects should include beauty, utility or purposefulness and durability as the structure should be able to stand up to the tests of time robustly and remain in good condition. Buildings first evolved from the needs of humankind to have shelter and protection and as cultures developed the knowledge also increased and the name architecture gave meaning to specialised and highly formularised versions of the craft. Architectural styles vary around the globe with weather conditions, infrastructure and landscape being taken into consideration and contrasts in buildings can be found as diverse as the Taj Mahal, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Crystal Cathedral depicting different visions and timescales. The art of architecture is studied the world over and now there are many sites dedicated to the art. The need for knowledge and information has prompted the development of forums for communicating and below is a list of ten of the best forums on the Internet today for discussing the world of architecture.


1. The Open Group –

This site had an open forum for architects to communicate. There is a wide range of publications to view online with useful tips and news items in the world of architecture. Subjects include enterprise management and architecture, product life cycles, cloud computing and service-orientated architecture to name a few. Overviews and standard practises are given and the forum has worldwide representation from over 200 organisations participating in its activities.




2. Skyscraper City – has a forum for architects and gives a forum map for finding your way around. There is a section for guessing the name of the city from the buildings and projects, metro areas and construction are heavily featured. You are invited to give your opinion on the tallest buildings in the world and transport, urban planning and infrastructure are also discussed. There are many photographs to view with prize-winning photos contests and other forums available in Europe are also shown.



3. The Student Room: Architecture and Build Environment –

This forum has been created especially for student architects to post any topics related to architecture. Current forum listings are Architecture Technology or Building Surveying, Useful Architecture Links and Architecture after graduation to name a few.  Registration is necessary before you are allowed to post and comment.




4. Arch Design Community –

Architecture Week has forums for discussions on architecture, planning, interiors, landscape and other architectural-related topics. There is also a forum for students and other topics include climate change, home design and building, adaptation, and practical working issues. Construction and re-designing are also featured and any ‘war stories’ are greatly encouraged. There are further sections for discussing photography within architecture, community-created buildings, specifications and manufacturers and suppliers of materials.




5. – has a forum open for discussions for architects. The forum can be searched by threads or by topic which include employment, academia, business and economy, random tangents, politics, competitions, technology, culture and professional practise to name a few. There are photographs of buildings to view as well as views on architectural drafting and further topics can be found in the blog such as design and fabrication.




6. – has a forum for architects where you can post questions about your house, place photos, discuss buildings and explore any topic related to home design and architecture. Guests are welcome to view the photos, but registration is needed to comment on the posts and threads. Recent discussions are highlighted and there are newsletters, tips and tricks to view. Architectural styles are discussed in detail and there is a section for famous architects and their designs.




7. CGArchitect –

This is a discussion forum for Professional 3D Architectural Visualization User Community. There are many architects registered in the community and their valuable opinions and advice can be sought. You can create new threads and comment on any of the posts as well as send private messages to other. Also the site offers visuals, updates and blog style content.




8. – is a magazine with a discussion forum for architects to debate and talk about news, events and buildings in the world of architecture. Buildings around the globe and planning matters are the current subjects of conversation in the forum and there is the facility to search all active topics. A guide is given for buildings in capital cities and the suburbs and there are many fascinating illustrated articles to read on recent projects and historical monuments from the past.




9. Architecture Forums –

This site has a forum for architects where CAD discussions take place and students can talk about architectural courses as well as view buildings in the gallery. Various forms of architectural software is mentioned as well as reviewed and designs, decorating, plumbing, painting, floors and gardens are all currently being discussed in the forum. There is a section for building planning, technology and materials and there is a search facility for new threads.




10. – has a forum for architects to find jobs. There is a section for job postings and salaries and top cities for employment within the industry are shown. Members can ask questions and current discussions taking place are green cards for the USA, internships, influential architects, architecture degrees, tools used by architects and volunteer work. Tips and hints for interviews can be found and discussions can be started once you have created an account.



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