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Which is the largest army in the world?

The following list just might surprise some people for a number of reasons. First of all, some may not have thought that a few of these countries had a large enough army to make the list. The second thing that might seem unusual is how much larger some country’s armies are than others. The websites listed are for information about each country’s army and in most cases includes news and press briefings. It should prove interesting to get a better understanding of how the world connects militarily and see the similarities and differences between them. The numbers in each army are approximate and from January 2013. Since some countries either do not have a public website regarding their defense departments or its existence or accessibility may be curtailed by censorship when this is the case a main government website or other third party website is given. You will also notice that some countries spell ‘defense’ as ‘defence.’




People’s Republic of China:

Number of Soldiers: 2,285,000

Global Alexa Rating: 121,703


The Ministry of National Defense website of the People’s Republic of China is extremely organized with links to the various organizations within the structure of their armed forces. Military service is mandatory in China which is one reason why they have the largest number of soldiers. The website is extremely thorough in describing the structure, leadership, policy, military exchanges and exercises, history, expenditures and peacekeeping activities.  Add to all that information sections of photos and videos and viewers can easily learn all about this massive sized army.






United States:

Number of Soldiers: 1,458,219

Global Alexa Rating: 23,243


It is probably surprising for some Americans to learn that their country’s army actually ranks second in the world in terms of number of soldiers. As stated in the previous section on China’s armed forces this is probably due in part to the fact that service is mandatory in China but is not currently in the United States. From the main page of the Department of Defense (DOD) one can select any of the six areas of the U.S. military: Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, National Guard and Coast Guard. Links at the top of the page take a user to Today in DOD, About DOD, Top Issues, News, Photos/Videos and Military/DOD Websites. There are also a series of six top stories along with photos on the homepage. There are plenty of other sections and resources available with pertinent information as well so that anyone that wants a better understanding of what is going on with the United States DOD can easily keep abreast of activities.






Number of Soldiers: 1,325,000

Global Alexa Rating: 59,357


The Indian Army is also voluntary like the United States and enjoys enough support that it always has the numbers needed to operate. Part of this reason may be the level of benefits available to those that join – subsidized housing, free medical for the entire family and other perks. One difference from other countries is that joining is much more long-term with either a 10 year short service commission or a permanent lifetime commission. All the standards necessary to meet to join are listed on the website in the Careers section. The website is a great tool for learning about the Indian Army with six main areas found right on the homepage: History, Career, Operations, Veterans Corner, Our Heroes and Notices. Latest events and news are also covered on the website.





North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea):

Number of Soldiers: 1,106,000

Global Alexa Rating: 459,140


Finding information on North Korea is not a simple task – at least not if you are trying to access it from certain other countries. The site given is a main page that unfortunately does not discuss much about their armed forces. One can, however, read about their political system and foreign relations which makes for interesting reading. Most information about North Korea comes from third-party sources such as which may be the only way to do further research on the DPR military.





Russian Federation:

Number of Soldiers: 1,027,000

Global Alexa Rating: 2,044,424


The website for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation is well organized and easy to navigate. On the main page there are links for Land Force, Air Force, Navy, Strategic Missile Forces, Aerospace Defence Forces and Airborne Forces. The Land Force and Navy sections take readers to a page that describes their tasks during peacetime, periods of threat and in wartime. Each section goes into structure, leadership and history. They each also have a photo/video presentation.  The homepage has a map of the four military districts which can be selected to view the structure of that district.






Number of Soldiers: 666,576

Global Alexa Rating: 12,574,778


This website is powered by World Defence which hosts a number of country’s defence information pages. The website is very nicely organized with plenty of visuals and news. News is organized and archived into four segments: Defence & Security, Air Warfare, Land Warfare and Naval Warfare. At the top of the page are three tabs (army, air force and navy) that when selected take you to pages that give an introduction, history, leadership, support and present description of each. Recent articles are right on the home page. There is also a videos section that is interesting and informative. At the bottom of the homepage are a series of flags that are links to other country defence pages provided by World Defence.




South Korea (Republic of Korea):

Number of Soldiers: 639,000

Global Alexa Rating: 609,923


The Republic of Korea (known as South Korea by other countries) is a bit more easy to read about than their northern neighbor. This website is well organized with sections on a number of facets of defense policy including International peacekeeping operations, training & education policy, defense budget and defense reform. There are also links to the Korea Army, Air Force and Navy which go in depth regarding each branch. There are photos and videos present throughout the website making this a very nice site to spend some time on while learning about the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of National Defense.






Number of Soldiers: 617,000

Global Alexa Rating: 2,418,224


This site is a great jumping off site to get to specific information about the different organizations within the Defense Department including the Pakistan Air Force, Army and Navy – the links for each can be found on the Organizations tab found at the top and are listed individually on the right hand side of the main page. Each of the organization websites goes into more detail about structure, training, peacekeeping missions, history and heroes. A photo gallery is also included. The news flash area on the main page will give you what is currently going on in Pakistan that has been presented in press releases.





Number of Soldiers: 523,000

Global Alexa Rating: 81,320


Bringing up this web page in the address bar will only be useful if you happen to understand Persian. The best thing to do is bring it up in Google first and then click “Translate this page” so that it will be somewhat understandable. While that won’t translate every aspect it will at least give you a better chance of navigating the site. This site is not as informative about their military as other countries but it does give you Iran News and Military News which can give you some insight into the way this country operates.






Number of Soldiers: 468,500

Global Alexa Rating: 5,161,193


Another site powered by World Defence that provides news and information about the country. As with other sites by World Defence there are tabs for Army, Navy and Air Force that can be selected to get more information about that sector of defense including history and present conditions. There is also a discussion on each one about planned and possible future developments. The same headings of Defence & Security, Air Warfare, Land Warfare and Naval Warfare are present on the main screen to enable users to get to news specific to each branch.

Besides learning about the ten largest armed forces in the world using these sites along with those from other countries can be a way to better understand the things that happen globally. When something happens it can be quite prudent to read about the account as presented by both sides. It is said that in every argument the truth lies somewhere between the two sides and this is often true of military actions. A person may still not know exactly what the situation really was but taking the time to learn both sides is far more enlightening than following only one side.





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