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Art, culture and technology are three arts that are different and yet can interlink and join together. Art can be described as a diverse range of human activities in various visual forms such as painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, printing, literature and performing arts which include theatre, music, dance and film and also can be described as a sub-division of culture. Art is a global activity which encompasses a host of disciplines and various words and phrases have been invented to describe its many forms. Technology is making, modifying and using the knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems and methods to improve on a pre-existing solution, achieve a goal or perform a specific function with culture influencing both art and technology.  All three subjects are fascinating in their own right and when combined make compelling reading. Below is a list of top ten sites on the Internet today for art, culture and technology. The sites are informative and reveal new inventions, ideas and innovative sensations and well as rumours and also provide ideas for gifts and shopping as well as visual delight, fantasy and realism. For those interested in all three subjects, the sites below hold a treat in store.


art 1

1. –

Laughing Squid is a blog featuring interesting art, culture and technology information and was founded in 1995. Articles and videos reveal news and snippets and clips give surprises about the film world with rumours and gossip about the stars. You can read about the contributors to the blog on the site and there is an online shop for purchasing mugs, posters, stickers and T-shirts. There is an FAQ where you can read how the company got its name as well as contact them with any queries.


art 2

2. – was founded in 2006 and is a cross-section of pieces spanning art, design, science, technology, philosophy, history, sociology, ecology and anthropology to name a few and has a free newsletter bringing the best articles every week. There is a section for must-reads with inspirational quotes and insightful posts for your reading pleasure. The site is ad-free and any donations to the upkeep are gratefully received.


art 3

3. –

This site visits art galleries, attends art conferences, covers art and design events and interviews artists and creative people as well as photographing works of art. The findings and contents of which are then shared on the site for you to enjoy. There are exhibitions to view and book reviews to read with art related stories and vintage photographs in black and white. A special section is dedicated to Japanese art and you can subscribe to the site to receive updates.


art 4

4. – devotes itself to weird and wonderful things happening in technology and culture in a series of short articles, long features and video productions. The latest stories in the music world are featured along with book reviews and movies and an interesting explanation is given about self-publishing with tools available to use. There are vintage snapshots and comics to see as well as a forum for meeting like-minded enthusiasts.


art 5


5. – is a database and an online archive of digital art containing over 2,500 artworks. There is a vast range of projects from artists all over the world and the site also forms a base for materials such as software, code, websites, moving images, games and browsers. There is a large community which you are welcome to join and an editorial guide is given on how to break into the field of art and technology with coverage of exhibitions, festivals and new projects.


art 6


6. –

The aim of this site is to bring you inspiration in the stories and videos highlighting creativity and innovation in design, technology, style, culture, food and travel. You can subscribe to receive daily and weekly updates and there are interviews to listen to with city guides and gift guides. There is a search facility to browse by category, features or the most popular and the latest videos are advertised.


art 7


7. –

The New York Times is no stranger when it comes to publishing details about art, culture and technology and their art section has the latest art and design, technology, books, dance, movies and theatre and television news. You can see who is in the spotlight and select information from many categories as well as read articles and watch videos. Special features are revealed and there is a blog for commenting and following the threads.

art 8


8. – has news, food, arts and events that can be delivered daily after subscribing to the site and there are many interesting articles and videos to view. Details about major exhibitions can be found and different photographs are featured every day along with popular news on branding and technology. There is a blog for commenting and following threads with recent posts highlighted and a special section invites you to send in your own work contributions to the site.


art 9


9. – has art news and interesting facts contained in articles and videos on the site. Special artists are featured and the latest inventions from the world of technology can be found with the most popular recommended. There are separate sections for children and pets and you can view artworks and facts that are currently in the spotlight. A special feature shows people with unusual skills and there are also puzzles to test your knowledge. Memorabilia and gifts can be purchased in the online shop and you can subscribe to receive the weekly newsletter.


art 10

10. –

This site has front-page and headline news for technology and culture with many articles containing links that lead to further information. There are separate sections for stories and diaries and you are invited to have your say in the polls. Categories include science, politics, media, news, the Internet and fiction as well as technology and culture and you are welcome to open an account in order to participate as well as have discussions with other members.


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