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Art is considered a form of visual expression which includes painting, sculpting, architecture, music and poetry with dance and theatre included in minor arts. Drawing or painting is also considered to be art and uses instruments such as pencils, crayons, chalks, charcoals, pastels, pens, oils, inks and markers. Subcategories of art include cartooning, silver-point and also doodling with mosaics, calligraphy, screen-painting, engraving, etching and even photography coming under the subject. The most modern form of art is thought to be films and motion pictures which of course has become a billion-dollar industry. Over the centuries there have been many wonderful contributions and artists and some of them include Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Constable and in more modern times James Whistler, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Arts are on display in museums and galleries the world over with many private collections also available to view thanks to the Internet. Art enthusiasts are keen to view new works and see what has become available on the market and below are listed ten sites that contain valuable information for art lovers in all its forms and will be greatly appreciated by enthusiasts since they are all together in one place.

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1. –

This site exposes the work of talented artists as it offers clever designs and incredible photography as well as amazing art. There is a blog in place where art enthusiasts and trend-spotters can connect over creative ideas and signing up is advised to be kept up-to-date with the best designs. Many posts are featured with videos as well as brief descriptions and there is the facility to view all blog postings.


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2. –

Blouin Artinfo is a global source for up-to-the-minute news, information and expert commentary on art, artists and the pleasure of making, buying and understanding art. News is updated daily with developments from galleries, auction houses and museums and there are 15 different international editions, each containing local and cultural stories. The site is an authority on Paris and New York collections, the Cannes and Venice film festivals and also the Oscars and the Grammy awards. Information can be found in sections such as travel, fashion, lifestyle, artists, performing arts, visual arts and architecture and design to name a few and a guide can be found for galleries.


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3. –

Artquid is an online marketplace for buying and selling affordable art and contains a network and a community for artists and art enthusiasts to share their passion for art as well as show their work in the galleries.  There are blog posts to read with further suggested reading material and you can exhibit your first item for free.  Categories for browsing include paintings, sculptures, drawings, watercolours, prints, photography, jewellery, digital art, ethnic art, posters and cultural artefacts to name a few and links can be found to the artists as well as other art sites.


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4. – functions similar to an art database and provides a wealth of information offering an index with 9,000 artists, 2,900 art sites and 160,000 links. The database can be searched by artist’s names, artworks or art museums with an index for art movements also available to browse. Art news from around the world is on display in videos, articles and slideshows and there are forums for discussing art and meeting other art enthusiasts. Links are provided to galleries, masterpieces and museums with posters and glossaries and art reviews can also be read.


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5. –

This site is the first art newspaper on the Internet for art enthusiasts with daily art videos to view as well as sections for galleries, artists, museums and photographers.  It reveals fascinating and original pieces from around the world from historical periods to modern day and you can read factual and interesting articles regarding the works on display. There are special reports and photos along with featured stories, anecdotes and 3D images with art fairs advertised and art quizzes to enter in order to test your knowledge in the subject.


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6. –

Contemporary Art Daily is an online publication that focuses on international exhibitions and lives up to its name by revealing beautiful and stunning photographs of contemporary art.  Listings for art venues from around the world are given and there are slideshows to view. There are announcements of upcoming events as well as reviews to read and individual artwork can be searched in the database and the archives.


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7. –

This site is presented in a similar way to Pinterest and has an array of fine artwork to inspire art enthusiasts. You can make your own art profile and share any work that you discover and like with your friends as well as follow interesting people and artists. The site is currently in beta mode and is by invitation only which can be requested, but the information is available in several languages.


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8. – is a large online social network for art lovers and enthusiasts as well as artists with over 28 million registered users. The platform allows established artists to exhibit, promote and share their work with daily uploads ranging from painting and sculpting, to digital art, pixel art, films and anime. You can vote in the polls and subscribe to receive the latest updates and there is the facility to purchase artwork in the online shop.


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9. – is one of the leading places on the Internet to buy, sell and research Fine Art, Design and Decorative Art online. There is a database for prices, an art valuation centre and a section for Artnet Auctions along with an A-Z list of artists. Analytic reports on Art can be read and news and reviews are given throughout the site with links leading to galleries. A newsletter is offered after signing-up and assistance is available if necessary.


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10. –

This site is an online art gallery and has high-quality original artwork on display from around the world created by a community of artists. There is the facility to exhibit your own artwork as well as purchase art with shipping made throughout the world. You can view the full catalogue which includes photography as well as new art and you can view individual sections in the gallery as well as the curators. A section for commissions can be found and subscription is required in order to receive the newsletter.



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