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There are different reasons for wanting to find websites that have articles. It could be as a reader looking to learn about something specific or that needs to fill a constant thirst for knowledge. It could be someone that wants to share their knowledge with the world and thus wants to post articles for that reason. Another type of writer is the aspiring author that wants to gain notoriety by writing articles that will give him or her exposure. One could be in charge of a webpage and looking for interesting content to add to it. Another possibility is someone that would like to earn an income by writing articles and selling them.

Regardless of which category you fall into the following ten websites have a high rating meaning they receive lots of regular traffic. Whatever your goal one or more of these sites should help you. Some sites provide free content with writers that work for free and others have paid writers. In all cases there are thousands of articles right at your fingertips on every subject imaginable. Have fun and be prepared to spend hours of enjoyment!



1. eHow:

Global Alexa Rating: 177


This website has over 30 categories and has over 2 million articles and videos. This is a pretty good feat when you consider it only went live in 1999 and started having videos in 2007. The company also has a mobile app and a beta UK site ( along with being available in Spanish ( and Portuguese (

The site is very easy to use to find articles. You can search by a keyword or you can click on “More eHow” to bring up the category list. You can also click on one of the specialized site links – home, mom, style, food, tech, money or health. Each of these has their own categories as well. It may seem overwhelming to think about all the articles, categories and topics but it is really easy to find the topics you are interested in or you can simply jump around and discover new things randomly. The how-to videos make it so easy to learn how to do things.




2. HubPages:

Global Alexa Rating: 512


The second most popular source for articles (or Hubs as they call them) with over 100,000 published users. There are over one million published hubs at this time along with nearly 2.5 million forum posts. They are currently offering apprenticeships for those that would like to write for them. Go to About section and click on Jobs tab and then scroll down and click on Apprenticeship page. You can earn money and rewards as an apprentice.

The site is easy to navigate with a featured topics section at the bottom of the home page. Simply click on one that interests you and that will open up more options within that topic. You can drum down until you get to the area you are looking for, or use the search bar at any time. By keeping all the articles well categorized it takes away the chaotic impression that so many article websites have. Everywhere you turn there are graphics and videos to make the discovery of unique, genuine information a great deal of fun.




3. Squidoo:

Global Alexa Rating: 544


Their tagline tells you right off the bat that pretty much anything goes on this site. Anyone can join and add to the content. This makes for some very interesting articles from all walks of life. The idea is to post your unique point of view on a topic so anything that is a rehash of something else on the web is frowned upon. Anything that doesn’t meet this criteria is removed.

Articles on this site are called lenses because they are meant to snap your point of view into focus. Because this is what the writers do it makes for articles that are fresh and unique. This is a great place to go for insight into things you might never have thought about. When people write about things they are passion about it comes through in their writing.

Besides being easily navigatable the site is cute with categories depicted with icons that can’t help but make you smile. The Squidoo character is unique in itself and as such is so perfect for a site that takes originality to the extreme. This is just simply a fun place to hang out and even to contribute to should you have a passion you want to share.




4. Ezine Articles:

Global Alexa Rating: 738


This website has more of a business feel than some other article websites. Their main goal is to bring experts and publishers together to fulfill business purposes. Many companies use this site to get content for their newsletters as you can get up to 25 articles per year for this use. It is a great place for writers to get their work more exposed than it would be just sitting on one website. In this way a writer can gain credibility and drive traffic back to their website. There are currently nearly 500,000 expert authors submitting articles and you can easily begin following your favorites if you wish.

There are a number of article categories as well as a search feature to find just what you are looking for. The site is not full of pictures and videos as other sites are – just well written articles along with information about the contributor. A voting system allows readers to vote whether the article was helpful or not. You can also sign up for their newsletter to be emailed to you. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles on this site but it gets the job done quite well.





Global Alexa Rating: 751


With a network of over 100,000 contributors this website as the feel of an online newspaper. You will not only get the latest in news around the world but reviews, articles and more. To be a writer with examiner you must go through an approval process in which you discuss those topics that you feel you would like to write about. If accepted you are then given a title and a category in which to post. You are expected to write a minimum number of articles to keep “employed” by them and your earnings will depend in part on how much traffic you can drive to the articles through your other efforts.

As for visitors, this website reaches over 37 million unique visitors each month with articles of global and regional information. Want to know more about somewhere you are planning on going to for vacation? Search for the city, town or country and you will find someone that lives there and is responsible for content about it. This personal experience approach makes the information accurate and useful.


6. Articlesbase:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,226


This is a huge database of articles – over 3 million in fact that were written by more than 300,000 authors. It is completely free to use and there is no compensation for article submission. The benefit to readers is the huge amount of articles making it nearly impossible to come up with a question that is not answered. The benefit to writers is that they gain exposure, receive free advertising, boost credibility, drive traffic to their own site or pretty much just use this site in place of a regular website and reach an audience that they might not reach otherwise. You will also be able to view statistics about your submissions.

A unique and nice feature of this website is the AB Answers section. Here members ask any question they need an answer to and other members can post a response. The questions are shown under individual tabs for new questions, answered questions and open questions. Another useful feature is that readers can both rate and comment on articles. The rating system is then used so that if you search for top articles you will first see those that other readers have rated highly. You can see who wrote the article, when it was written, how many times it has been viewed, the overall rating and how many comments have been made. Overall a very easy to use website.



7. Amazines:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,920


This is pretty much a no-frills website full of articles that can be used for many purposes. It is completely free as writers are not compensated for their submissions. One of the features that is unique to this website is their Javascript Article Feed which allows you put one line of code onto your web page that will keep your site fresh with new articles and content in the subject category which you select. You select content by choosing one or more categories or you can chose world news updated hourly. You can also use keywords instead if you want to further specialize the type of content. You can also decide how you want the articles to be displayed and/or grouped.

Searching for articles is pretty easy as you can use the search feature, browse by category, pull up the latest posts, pull up all by a particular author or those that are top rated by reader votes. The article archives are a nice touch as well.



8. ArticleSnatch:

Global Alexa Rating: 6,298


This site is an online article directory for writers to share content. Writers contribute articles with links in them to drive traffic to their websites and others use the articles to add informative content to their own websites, saving them from having to write the articles themselves. It is a win-win situation for all concerned. The site itself is simple to navigate with plenty of categories to choose from as well as a search feature. Popular articles are showcased on the main page as well.

One nice feature of this site is a drop down window in which you can select whatever language you are needing. This is very useful for companies that have global exposure. It is powered by Google Translate. On the right side of the home page are links to get around the website whether you are looking to be an author or a publisher.




9. PubArticles:

Global Alexa Rating: 7,578


A newcomer to the world of article database websites, this site just arrived in 2009 but already boasts over 4 million users. The site has two platforms – PubArticles and PubAnswers, with both being very useful when you want information about something. There are many how-to articles to be found as well as an active member base that votes and comments on the tutorials.

Besides the search feature articles are classified into categories with 12 listed right on the main page: travel, health, food, entertainment, business, family, gaming, home, relation, tech, lifestyle and shopping. It seems to be a popular site for getting help with various games as there are plenty of walk-throughs provided. Overall a very easy site to navigate with enough graphics to keep it pleasing to the eye.




10. SooperArticles:

Global Alexa Rating: 8,067


A free exchange of articles in an easy to navigate layout. The article categories are well done as you can open each major category to get to the subcategories without leaving the page until you make your final selection. A nice option is the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds so you can easily gain access to articles as they post in the category and subcategory you choose.

Another nice feature of this site is that the search feature is more specific than the usual keyword manner. You can choose to search for titles, contents or authors. You can also subscribe to latest articles by submitting your email address. The site does not have much in the way of pictures and graphics which may be perfect for some readers that just want good content.

One way to get an idea of which of the above sites is a winner for you if you are one that is interested in reading the articles or using them for your business purposes is to conduct a search on each one using the same exact keyword or phrase. You can then compare what type of content you get with each one. Spending some time reading some of the articles will give you insight into the writing skill of those that are doing the submitting. Keep in mind that some of the websites review and approve articles before they are submitted, others will keep watch and remove ones that don’t follow their guidelines and others are a total free-for-all platform. It is a good idea to know which is the case so you have an idea of the reliability of the information so you can determine if the content is suitable for your needs.






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