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Biology is a natural science which studies life and all its living forms. There are many subcategories to Biology such as Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, Physiology, Genetics and Ecology to name a few. Biology is such a wide and diverse science that deep research and knowledge is required to fully understand it. The sites in this list are some of the best sources to gain information on the subject in the world today, as they all give valuable insight into Biology. The information will be useful for students to help find information for studying, for teachers for setting homework and giving lectures and also for anyone needing research material. Some of the sites offer straightforward facts for facilitating research and others show beautifully illustrated instruction which makes for easy learning since they appeal to children. One thing is certain; everything you need to know about Biology can be found in the list below.


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1. Biology Online –

Biology online is a great source for finding information on Biology by asking questions.  The site was formed in 2001 and provides a wealth of information in the forum, which is free to join. Many external links can be found leading to articles, tutorials and resources, plus there is a ‘Biology catalogue’ containing all user reviews, which gives further in-sight.  Information can be found easily and quickly as the site is very user-friendly.  There is an online Biology dictionary in ‘Wiki’ format and all contributions with information are welcome after registration to the site.




2. Online Biology Book –

Online Biology Book contains a large table of contents and Biology topics, which can be individually selected to gain information on the chosen subject. The site was compiled by a professor of Biology who continues to modify and update all the information regularly. Each topic is laid out clearly with detailed, but easy to read explanations along with photographs, diagrams, graphs, illustrations and links to gain further insight.




3. – is one of the most valuable sources for gaining information on the Internet and is ranked at 80 on The Biology section is vast with all categories containing in-depth information on the world of Biology with links, articles, diagrams, photographs and videos all contributing to making the search for knowledge on the site fun. All the information is displayed clearly and the explanations are easy to follow. A special section is dedicated to laboratory experiments and a further section gives advice and tips on studying the subject in order to assist students and researchers.


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4. Biozone –

This is a relatively unknown site from New Zealand, but nevertheless it does contain some very good information on Biology. The Biozone app can be downloaded for free and all Biology subcategories are illustrated with articles, news-feeds and special links to gain further information on any individual subject. A special section is dedicated to additional resources and DVD’s, books, course workbooks and presentations are available to buy online. There are free samples given for student workbooks and there is an FAQ on the site for any queries.




5. The Biology Project –

The Biology Project is part of the University of Arizona. There is a wide range of articles, tips and explanations available in various languages on Biology categories such as Biochemistry, Human Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology and Genetics to name a few. Many study aids are given for teachers and students alike along with information on courses. Articles are given with diagrams and graphs and there are useful links for gaining further information. The site also contains a section for children with easy to follow explanations and pictures in order to make Biology fun whilst learning.


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6. Cells Alive –

A relatively unknown site unfortunately since it contains some very good information on Biology presented in a bright and vibrant manner giving the site an inviting and fun feel with great appeal to pupils and teachers alike. All subcategories of Biology are covered with clear explanations given on each topic with colourful diagrams, photographs and illustrations along with sound effects which helps make it easier to understand. Information can also be obtained from live recordings with links provided to DVD’s and videos. There is a special section with quizzes and jigsaws specifically aimed at bringing Biology knowledge to youngsters.




7. Visible Body –

Visible Body is a site that concentrates on Human Anatomy and publishes anatomy and physiology products through the site as well as providing information. The site uses accurate 3D models for medical illustrations and biomedical visualisations which are used by students, patients and healthcare professionals. A complete range of Biology products can be purchased in the online shop on the site and each product has a specific page giving information and explanations. Evaluation copies of products can be obtained for schools, colleges and universities.

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8. NCBI –

This is the National Center for Biotechnology Information. There is a site map available and this is needed to navigate the site since so much information can be found. The list of resources runs from A-Z and after subjects are chosen there are further links to gain information from databases, downloads, submissions and ‘how-to’s along with a range of tools for assistance. Another list of quick links can be selected along with tutorials and training. Featured sections and popular sections are highlighted with help and guidance being offered.



9. The Encyclopedia of Life –

This site has a vast database containing a wealth of knowledge regarding all species of life forms on the planet. The information is for everybody, but is particularly useful for teachers, students and professors seeking research. All information on the site is given in videos, pictures and illustrations and individual species can be selected for gaining information. There is a guide for navigation and tools for assistance on using the site. Sponsorship is encouraged to enable the organisation to continue.




10. Darwin Online –

Darwin Online contains a catalogue of all of Darwin’s published and unpublished works including the famous ‘Origin of the Species’. All the publications along with manuscripts, articles, letters and Biography can be found each of them containing very useful information in connection with Biology. A user-guide is available to assist in finding facts and permission can be obtained from the site to use, re-publish and re-print any of the material, illustrations or interviews.



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