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Need a hand with the game of Blackjack?

Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is a very popular card game played in casinos around the world. Normally there are 6 or 8 packs of cards with 52 cards in each pack and players compete against the dealer, but not with each other. The object of the game is to reach twenty-one or as close as possible without exceeding that amount and wins are paid out if the dealer has a lower score number than shown on the player’s cards. Face-cards such as Jacks, Queens or Kings are counted as ten and when dealt with an ace become a blackjack which pays one and a half times the normal winning amount. Players, upon receiving two cards from the dealer can hit or stick depending on the cards and the personal choice and if more than twenty-one is reached then the hand is busted and the dealer collects the money that has been bet. The dealer can only stick on 17 or more and when two cards of the same value are dealt they can be split into another hand with another bet forming of the same amount. Many theories have been written about the game and the chances of winning giving rise to books and films regarding the strategies. Nowadays many of these theories and strategies can be found on sites on the Internet and below are listed ten of the best. If you wish to know more about the fascinating game of blackjack and perhaps increase your chances of winning then look no further because the sites below have some interesting ways and theories of winning to offer.


1. Wizard of Odds –

This site has quality information on the game of Blackjack. You can ask the wizard a question, watch video tutorials and listen to radio shows to get the top tips, odds and strategies. There are sections with information about gambling, gambling online and the rules of the game as well as a section for practice play. You can also comment on the threads in the blog and read the latest updates and useful links are provided for further information.




2. –

This site claims to be the first card counting site and contains a special strategy advisor with divisions, side counts, fractions, decks and estimations. Suggested reading is given along with blackjack software and rules and calculators can be found along with a forum. There is a section for reviews and references with free demos to download and upgrades and latest news are available after signing up to the site.




3. Blackjack –

Blackjack Strategy gives tips, rules and suggestions for strategies in playing Blackjack. A list of the top playing professionals is given along with world tournaments and there are posts and articles to read in the news section. There is a further section for card counting with high-low count, Ko count and shuffle tracking and there are some interesting facts to read about the dealers working in Las Vegas casinos. You can play Blackjack, download Blackjack and get Blackjack bucks to play for free and the site is available in many languages.




4. Blackjack Abccounter –

Blackjack Abccounter offers an automated card counter which you can see in action. An overview of the rules, strategies and glossaries of Blackjack can be found and a free course is available. A free version can be downloaded, but you can upgrade your system for a fee which includes features such as lifetime updates, supports many casinos online and card counting strategies as well as playing online Blackjack automatically. There is a blog and full support and the site is available in many languages.





5. Inside Blackjack –

Inside has strategy tables and Blackjack variations listed including beginner’s guides in step-by-step format for getting players started. Various Blackjack lessons are stated along with card counting and tournaments and Blackjack news, books, reviews, links and magazines can be found in resources. Blackjack strategies are explained such as double down, splitting, even money and insurance and there is a search facility for online casinos from around the world.





6. – has a section dedicated to basic Blackjack strategy with articles and charts for easy explanations. You can find out how to play hard and soft hands as well as pairs and there are many useful links leading to further articles and suggested reading. Rule variations and computer simulations can be found and there are sections on casinos and casino gambling.





7. Blackjack Strategy –

This site has featured casinos for reviewing and playing and featured articles on rules, strategy and variations. There is a section which tells you where to play in a guide to the best online casinos and tips can be found on doubling, splitting and surrendering. There are recommendations and strategy charts and links are given leading to further information.





8. Blackjack Info –

This is a popular site with much information on Blackjack including strategy engines, strategy trainers and strategy cards. There are free Blackjack games to play with the rules clearly stated and a blog and a message board for meeting members of the site. There is a card counting section, Blackjack software and a Blackjack school and you can read interviews from top players. Links to other sites are provided and you can find a list of available tournaments to play in.




9. –

This site has different strategies for Blackjack such as the Paroli system and the D’Alembert system. There are notes on card counting and interesting links with betting systems and tutors. Facilities and resources are given with advice on winning and suggested books for reading and rules, glossaries and tips about Blackjack can also be found.





10. Hit or Stand –

Hit or Stand is a free online Blackjack game that teaches you the strategy of the game as you play. You simply click the big game machine to begin playing and the rules of the game are clearly stated. There are links leading to other Blackjack sites and online casinos as well as a message board for discussions. Recommendations for Blackjack books can be found and there are strategy charts to help you with card counting.





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