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Listed below are some of the best blogging platform sites in the world. All of them are simple to download, whether you are a beginner to blogging or an expert blogger. Some you may have heard of and some maybe are new to you, but they all have one thing in common – they are all free. A good blogging platform should assist you with creating good content; give you help and tutorials with an online forum for discussing any issues with guides as well as tips and techniques on forming SEO words. Finding the right platform for your needs has now been made easier since the best on the market today are all to be found in one place. All the sites below have these qualities, so if you are looking for a blogging platform then you have come to the right place since you will find what you are looking for right here.


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1. WordPress –

This is probably the most famous of blogging platforms and ranks at 106 in the world on The software is used to create blog that is built by hundreds of community volunteers with thousands of available plug-ins and themes to choose from. Over sixty million people throughout the world use WordPress on their site since it is easy to use and support is offered with hosting at all times. Details of downloading and installation are given on the site along with in-depth information on operation and all features. Advice on creating pages and posts is given and details of plug-ins, themes and permalinks is demonstrated. It is easy to connect to the community with the forums and the mailing list and volunteering at a ‘Wordcamp’ is encouraged. Further details can be found in the ‘Codex’ section and showcases can be viewed to gain further insight.


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2. Blogger –

This site is connected with Google and offers many features. There is a template designer and the system is easy to use making it popular with beginners. However, many features are lacking for experienced users. After creating an account with Google, you can monitor traffic to your site and receive SEO benefits using all the available applications connected to Google. There are many themes with simplistic layouts to choose from and support is offered at all times. It is recommended for personal and travel blogs, but business blogs may find it limiting.


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3. Tumblr –

This site is ranked at 32 on and claims to have over 107 million users worldwide making it one of the most popular blogging platforms. There are features for sharing music, videos and photos along with community-powered group blogs and a multitude of different themes to choose from. The platform integrates easily with all social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and offers very in-depth tips and guidelines. Tumblr is available in twelve languages and you can be kept informed of any new developments in the articles posted on the site.


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4. Movable Type –

The company was founded in 2001 and claims to power blogs for some of the world’s largest media companies, which can be viewed in the showcases. Clear instructions for downloading and building blogs is given along with the features, which include tracking for changing entries, templates and pages, dashboard management and data organisation. Recommended partners for support and services can be found on the site along with a news blog where ideas are exchanged amongst users. New functions and updates are given and support can also be found in the community forum.


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5. Joomla –

Joomla is ranked high on probably on account of its simplicity as a blogging platform, making it easy to create blogs for businesses, including e-commerce along with social media integration. It is extremely popular and has a large community following along with many extension options making it flexible. It‘s a very powerful platform and has won awards to demonstrate this. It is also very user-friendly and full demonstrations and tips are given on the site.


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6. Penzu–

Penzu is a fairly new blogging platform with a different approach since it specialises in privacy. Most platforms are geared with worldwide blogging in mind, but with Penzu posts can be shared or kept private if preferred. The emphasis is also on safety.  Private diaries and notebooks are not always secure and Penzu provides suitable storage for journal and diary entries in a secure environment. Many interesting facts and explanations can be read on the site in journals and diaries and the features of the platform are clearly laid out. Reviews can also be read giving further insight into the popularity of Penzu.


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7. LifeType –

Lifetype is an open source blogging platform and is very popular. It benefits from having the facility of multiple users and multi-blogs plus the installation process is simple and there is a built-in anti-spam facility. Various plug-ins and templates are available and the site has an FAQ. Joining the mailing list is recommended so you can to be informed of any changes and developments occurring within the system.


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8. Xanga –

Xanga started life as a sharing site for books and music, but has now developed into a blogging platform supporting many languages. The emphasis is very much on privacy since the software runs from personal domains protecting it and preventing searches being carried out to gain contact information. Creating blog is easy with Xanga since it is very user-friendly and has a large help section offering good advice and tips in categories.


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9. Drupal –

Drupal is probably most well-known as a content management system, but it is now becoming a popular blogging platform site too. It is open source, but the blog needs to be hosted separately. There are many themes and plug-ins to choose from making it a powerful site. Drupal has a large community of developers and offers full support guides and installation instructions on the site. Any contributions with articles and content are welcome by the company.


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10. Weebly –

Weebly is ranked high on and is primarily a professional website builder, but the blogging platform offers many features and themes making it a popular part of the package. The blog is part of a free plan and all details on functioning and set up can be found on the site. Clear demonstrations are also given and support is available at all times.


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