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Working from home has become increasingly popular over the last few years. With redundancies and the closure of many companies, more and more people are turning to the Internet to make a living or to make some extra income. Writing blogs is an increasing popular way to earn on the Internet, if you enjoy writing, and many sites are now being launched which pay for blog writing. If you have a web-site and need cleverly worded SEO content in order to enhance your business, then this is a great way to find a good writer for your site. Advertisers can announce what they require and bloggers can respond and receive payment in the process. However, there are some sites that are slow to pay bloggers and some sites that have pay restrictions. Below is a list of ‘pay you to blog’ sites that hopefully will come in useful for both advertisers and bloggers alike.


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1. Buy Blog Reviews –

This site is ranked at 310 on and it’s easy to see why; it pays 70% in commission, which is higher than any other site. Blogs are approved in less than 48 hours and payments are sent every two weeks by PayPal. The site appeals to bloggers and advertisers alike since bloggers are permitted free sign-up and advertisers gain valuable write-ups from the bloggers which in turn builds up traffic and boosts revenue to their web-sites. Useful articles and tips can be found on the site and full support is given in emails and through live chat.


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2. PayPerPost –

This site is recommended by bloggers since it pays $14.50 for a link with 200 words and has now become the largest paid blogging network. All payments are made in PayPal and withdrawals can be made when the account reaches $50 with funds being released after 30 days. Advertisers have complete control over the blogs they approve and ‘Bonus’ and ‘Reseller’ programmes are offered. A full FAQ is offered to both advertisers and bloggers and useful tips are given on the site.


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3. –

This site is growing in popularity and rising on since it is becoming a favourite site with bloggers worldwide. It operates in much for same way as other blogging sites offering free sign-up to both bloggers and advertisers.  Bloggers can earn from $5 upwards to $1,000 for a blog and payment is made through PayPal every two weeks with withdrawals being allowed two weeks after completed postings. Honesty in blog writing is encouraged with constructive criticism being expected and guidance and assistance is given to advertisers.


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4. Review Me –

This site pays very well for bloggers since one post can pay up to $200. However, the commission fees are 50%, but the site is not as stringent as others in terms of rules. The bloggers are in complete control of what reviews they choose to accept and advertisers can choose from three products: Blog Marketplace Reviews, Advertiser Offer Reviews and Advertorials. A full FAQ for both advertisers and bloggers can be found on the site.


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5. Payu2blog –

Payu2blog operates slightly differently in the fact that there is no marketplace to shop for assignments from advertisers. Instead, bloggers submit material and offers are then sent from advertisers on the blogs. Payment is made through PayPal every two weeks with generous bonuses being offered.  There is a full FAQ for both bloggers and advertisers and in the ‘Town Forum’ further information and tips can be found.


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6. Linkworth –

Linkworth is ranked high on and is popular with bloggers on account of the many different payment options that it offers such as wire, PayPal, direct transfer and cheque, which is paid on the 10th of every month. There are three different referrals, Partner, Advertiser and Combo paying from $50 upwards. A variety of links and tools are offered along with full support and there is automated advertising management, which is attractive to advertisers. Full FAQ and terms are stated on the site.


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7. –

Advertisers with Bloggertizer can register for free and make offers on chosen blogs. Notification is then sent to the blogger of any offers and then all negotiations on monies, time and length of posting take place between the two.  Bloggers are allowed to add links to their posts and blogs to earn more money. There is an in-depth guide on writing blog with tips and valuable advice on how to write and what to write about. Registration is also free for bloggers making it an easy way to advertise blog and make money.


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8. Blogsvertise –

Blogsvertise operates slightly differently to other sites since bloggers send in blogs and the advertiser has the control to choose which blogs to use. A section for hints on what to write about is given and the site offers ‘grab bags’ to bloggers on occasions to complete a task a day, which are needed since the company does not pay as well as other companies. All payment is made through PayPal and sent one month after the completed task.


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9. Blogging Ads –

This site offers the opportunity to make a little bit of extra cash easily. Bloggers can choose to use and post reviews provided by Blogging Ads or write their own reviews. However, bloggers are limited to 10 posts per month and payment is only $5, which is made via PayPal. Unfortunately the site is not popular with advertisers so there are not many offers for bloggers.


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10. Loud Launch –

Loudlaunch only accepts sites that are 2 months old or more and therefore has less advertisers than other sites. Bloggers need to display badges, logos or trackers before accepting work since the site only recruits independent bloggers. Advertising packages start from $100 per month and bloggers can earn large amounts from the blogs which are paid by PayPal.  However, many bloggers have become disillusioned with the site since payment delays have been reported. Loud Launch is advertising a new affiliate’s programme coming soon to the site in order to increase audiences.


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