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Reading is a form of communication and a skill as well as a way of sharing information and ideas. It is a complex interaction between the text and the reader, which is shaped by the reader’s prior knowledge, experiences, attitude and social and cultural background. Reading skills usually start to develop in children at age four or five with the commencement of schooling and can develop rapidly depending on interest and the child’s ability to focus. There are millions of different books available to read which have been written over time with popular categories including crime, fiction, thrillers, romance, biographies, travel, science, crafts, sports and religion to name a few and there are subjects and themes to suit all tastes and interests. They are considered a vital part of education and practically every category can be found to improve, teach and instruct a wide variety of topics. Besides educating, they can be a form of escapism from reality with some having stories and plots of adventure and fantasy whilst others depict real situations that we can all relate to.  Various clubs have now been formed and with the invention of the Internet, finding good books to read has been made a simpler process. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet today for information about books. If you are looking for a good read and are stuck for ideas then the sites below are sure to provide inspiration.


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1. Amazon –

The worldwide site of Amazon has thousands of books with many recommendations from the editor. There is a blog for book lovers to post and comment upon threads and there are interviews and new releases to see with a section dedicated to Kindle books. Popular features include best books of the month, best books of the year, textbooks and school books along with award winners as well as sets and new series and deals can be found for purchasing.



2. – invites you to meet your next favourite book, decide what to read next and see what your friends are reading. You can tell them what titles and genres you enjoy and they will provide you with recommendations. You can search and browse for titles in categories such as crime, romance, biography, classics, fiction, mystery, self-help and travel to name a few and there is a section for trivia as well as quizzes to help improve your knowledge. You can see the best books from the category winners from the previous year and if you are an author, then you can also promote your own publication.



3. –

This site is aimed at people who are unsure of what to read next and need ideas. There are many posts to read about books as well videos and podcasts to view with many featured and highlighted. Each publication has a brief review and synopsis to help you decide whether you would like to read it or not and you can sign up to the site to receive updates and reviews of the latest featured. There is a section for book trailers and you can also meet the network of contributors.



4. – is a good place for book enthusiasts to meet like-minded folk and discuss, since there is a community of more than 170,000 book lovers worldwide. You can take a tour of the site, which is available in several languages as well as catalogue and import from other sites and up to 200 books can be entered for free. You can find new publications to read with reviews by publishers and authors and all recent activities are highlighted.


5. – is an encyclopaedia for book lovers where you can create a virtual bookshelf, discover new books, connect with friends and learn about your favourite for free. There are featured books, most popular and recent edits with RSS live feed on all updates currently being added within the community. You can start by taking a tour of the site and view authors, series and lists as well as subjects. After signing in, you are welcome to comment on the threads in the blog and help is available if necessary.



6. –

This site makes it easy to find books and share them as well as meet other book lovers. There are three simple steps which are to find a book and label it, share it and then follow it. You can view all recently added by members which include a brief description without revealing too much of the story or plot and are accepted in many languages which the site can support and translate.



7. –

This site is a database of books and gives you suggestions for reading. You simple start typing the title or the author and click on any of the links that appear which matches best. You can browse by subject from the results page and build your own list of favourites. The site is free to join and analyses a huge database chosen by readers to provide book recommendations and suggestions of what to read next.



8. –

This site recommends books for you to read, but with a difference as you can specify the type of plot, setting, style of writing and characters that you prefer to read and the site will give matches from the database accordingly as well as suggest similar books from other authors. The reviews are in-depth and informative to give the user as much choice and detail as possible and there are special sections for literature, mystery/thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, romance and biography.



9. –

This site has many report and reviews about the latest books with special features, news and a section revealing what books are due to be published and in print in the near future. You can subscribe to the site to receive the many newsletters and also give your opinion in the polls. There is a separate section to select authors and quotes and contests can be found as well as a tab for publications that have been made into films. Young adults have their own section for book news and a blog in also in place for meeting other members.



10. Google –

Google has a facility to search in the latest index of the world’s books from a database of millions which you can preview and read for free. You can create your own library with recommendations especially for you as well as view the book charts and new arrivals and they can be selected by genres such as finance, romance, children, cookery, fantasy, thrillers, science fiction and sport to name a few.





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