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A domain broker is a company that is in the business of buying and selling domain names. The broker usually acts as the go-between or facilitator between the buyer of the domain name and the seller of the domain name, although many companies on the Internet give their name as brokers when really the only similarity is a published list of names that are for sale. CTLDs or country top level domains as they are also known as are controlled by an authority in the relevant country with the letters of the country concerned appearing after the domain name, but now a few are being sold to private companies normally with large sums of money being received. The term dropped domain refers to a domain name whose registration has been allowed to lapse by the owner and after non-payment has been sent back to the register of available names for re-sale. An expired domain name is a name whose renewal date has passed, but has not yet been dropped by the domain name system. Many people chose to follow expired domain names since they are able to purchase a good name once it is returned to the registry. Below is a list of ten of the best domain brokers on the Internet. If you are considering a domain broker for your next domain name purchase, the sites below will be very useful.


1. – has more than one million member accounts from all over the world trading domains in twenty different languages. There are over 16 million domain names for sale and tools are available for buying and selling. The site gives ways of monetising domain names by domain appraisals, brokerage services, promotion and the domain parking program which gives members the opportunity to earn revenue on more than 4 million domains while promoting them for sale. A catalogue of names can be viewed or alternatively there is the option to search a name with featured and top domain names highlighted.



2. –

This site has valuable information to give for selling and buying a domain name. Domain names can be registered and transferred with the help of the company as well as renewed and there is a price list and a back order domain list for viewing. There are many links to articles on the site to read and even though the site offers a brokerage service, they give good information on how to sell your name yourself. A list of all services offered is shown and an FAQ and support section is available if needed.



3. – has fully developed domain names for sale in the domain name directory as well as the facility to reach thousands of potential buyers if you have a name to sell. There are articles and videos to view containing tips and ideas to assist you and new listings and featured listings are highlighted. There is a guideline for selling with the option to list the name on your own without paying a commission or through a broker and signing up for an account is free with advanced search facilities, statistics and private messaging available.



4. – has a huge database of more than 5,700,000 listed domain names with agents that act on your behalf. The broker will negotiate the best price possible on the domain names you choose and names can be searched by new listings, featured listings and trending listings along with full details about listing a domain name to sell. Domain name appraisals are offered and full contact details and support can be found on the site.



5. – has a team of professional brokers waiting to help you buy, sell or monetise your domain name. You can view recent names that are for sale as well as those that have been recently sold and there are guides for both sellers and buyers. The company offers assistance with keywords and brand ideas if you are looking to buy a name and if you are selling they will find out your domain wealth and help you obtain the best price. Regular updates are available and you can subscribe to receive the newsletter.



6. –

Igloo gives their clients personal and experienced advisors who take them through the domain name process step-by-step. Communication is their main goal with their clients and if you do not see the domain name you require on the marketplace, then they will assist you in attaining it in. Services include buying, selling, acquisitions, consulting, escrow and appraisals with full details and company history available on the site.



7. – gives expert advice for domain names by offering appraisals, acquisitions and escrow services as well as giving you the facility to search for a domain name. Domain names can be managed securely and privately and there are articles and events to view on the site regarding domain auctions. There is an app that is available for bidding and the brokerage company will find the best price for you whether you are buying or selling a domain. News and resources can also be found and support is available at all times.



8. –

This site can assist you to find the best domain name to suit your business as well as increase traffic and brand awareness. Once you have chosen a name the brokers will take you through the process and there are thousands of names available in the database. They will act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers with security and discretion until the deal is completed and you can read testimonials from satisfied customers which can be found on the site to help you make up your mind.



9. – is a company of domain brokers with expertise in selling and acquisitions of domain names. Names can be searched with many possible names to select and valuations and guidelines can be found for acquisitions with the company promising no fees until the deal is successfully completed. Information for appraisals can be found along with the commission rates of the company and there is also a section for viewing past sales and transactions.



10. – is a domain broker and a consultant who specialises in buying domains and has a personal list of domain names for sale. The company researches the history and the past use of the domain and gives an estimation of value based on pay per clicks and analysis. Full details and payment structure regarding the company who has been n operation since 1998 can be found on the site and there are testimonials to view from previous satisfied customers.


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