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Business cards can be a great way to make a first impression. They can also be an easy way to turn someone off before they’ve even seen what you’ve got to offer. Having a business card that looks like you just printed it off of your computer might make someone who’s into lo-fi stuff happy, but for a professional impression, you’ll need a professional business card. Can you get a card that has good weight and quality printing on it for a price that isn’t going to cost you more than a couple tanks of gas? You can… and you can even get quality and quantity from these great business card sites!


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1. VistaPrint –

If you can get past the annoying pop-up ads and e-mail spam that you sometimes get from VistaPrint, you’ll love the value that you can get from this business card provider. They are a little weak on the customization options when you compare them to other providers, but you can’t deny the savings you can get from their pricing options. There are often free promotions that can get you up to 500 additional business cards in your order + other advantages like embossing and metallic lettering that can be added as well. You simply won’t find better value than you can at VistaPrint.




2. Moo –

Moo makes an impact thanks to their customization options. With several card styles to choose from, including NFC cards and mini cards, you can tweak fonts, designs, and styles so that you get a completely personal look. All of their cards come on heavy cardstock because a heavy card makes a good impression just like a good, firm handshake does. You can even incorporate different photographs and backgrounds to give the perfect first impression every time! Moo also has a representative that’s just a phone call away if you’ve got an issue. This all makes Moo a very viable competitor for your business card needs.




3. PSPrint –

For the small business owner, the price of business cards can get out of hand because you’ve got to print a huge run of cards that you don’t really need. That means you end up having the same business cards for several years simply because you never run out! With PSPrint, you can place customized orders for as few as 50 cards that include die-cuts, rounded corners, and your own unique designs. With four basic card designs from which you can choose, you’ll be able to afford the perfect business card without having to pay for hundreds or thousands of extra cards you just don’t need.




4. GotPrint –

If you don’t need a designer card or a photographic background, then you’ll want to consider GotPrint. Sometimes a traditional design with classic lines is the exact impression you need to make and you’ll get affordability and class with an order at GotPrint. You can also upgrade an order to different shapes, colors, and cuts if you need something a little more modern.




5. PrintPlace –

Anything but a standard business card can sometimes hurt a business more than it helps one. If you don’t want any of the more modern business card cuts, then you’ll want to look at PrintPlace to meet your needs. Your cards can be printed vertically in addition to the standard horizontal method, plus you can get full color designs on the front and back. You can add some gloss or UV as well to get the perfect look the first time around.




6. Overnight Prints –

With the ability to upload your own specific designs and the ability to contact them for any special requests, you can really get the 100% customized business card from Overnight Prints. If you’re looking for just a fast business card that looks good, you’ll be able to quickly design one in their wizard as well, though they do have fewer options in their basic designs than their competition. It’ll be difficult to find someone who is faster, more affordable, or easier to use than Overnight Prints though. They are definitely worth a look.




7. Copy Craft –

Another provider that just offers the standard sized business card, at PrintingHQ, you can fully customize the look of your card. With virtually any style and design available, you can get a truly customizable look even though you’re creating it from a wizard. Turn around is within a week for most orders and uncoated orders are printed on 130# stock. This lets you create the best first impression possible in a budget friendly way.




8. UPrinting –

A business card with a typo is a business killer. Despite our best efforts, after staring at things for a while, we all end up making a mistake here or there. To prevent those mistakes from happening, UPrinting offers a complimentary proofing service with no upfront payment required. The website is very easy to use and you can design your own card online using three different card size options. With prices that start at $20 and a turnaround time at 1-3 days, you can get the business cards you need quickly and affordably.




9. JukeBox –

One of the best things at JukeBox is the ability to purchase wooden business cards. A memorable business card is something that people are drawn to naturally and the wooden cards are made from 100% biodegradable wood. You can be Earth-friendly with other recycled business cards options as well, though these options aren’t always geared towards the budget conscious business owner. For the standard business card, JukeBox adds new templates every week, which means you can get a great design at a great price too. At JukeBox, you’ve got lots of options, which means anyone can make or find the perfect business card there.




10. iPrint –

If you’re just looking for something basic and affordable, yet still looks good, then you’ll want to look at iPrint. With full color or 1-2 color printing options, you can get both horizontal and vertical layouts at a very competitive price – as low as $0.03 per card! Printing runs start at just 100 cards, which means you don’t have to get tons of cards you probably won’t use and most orders are in hand in about a week. This means you can get what you need quickly to make that great first impression when you need to make it.

If you’re looking for new business cards, these 10 providers have what you need. Choose your best design, upload your own, and display why you’re the best in your niche today with your brand new cards printed at one of these providers. That way you’ll secure your new opportunity with the perfect first impression.


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