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Silver has been regarded as a form of investment for more than 4,000 years and is amongst the world’s most precious metals. Popular forms of investing in silver include silver jewellery and silver bullion coins with the American eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf having the highest tender. Like most commodities, silver is driven by speculation and on supply and demand and in times of crisis it is sold and traded in large quantities and in some countries even used as a form of currency. Silver often tracks the price of gold with the average ratio being 47:1 in the 20th century. The recycling of second-hand jewellery and silver items has become very popular recently due to the current economic crisis and some companies offer customers a fair price, but others have taken advantage of their customer’s lack of knowledge and have caused distrust since they pay only a fraction of what the actual silver is worth.  The silver market is much smaller than the gold market in value and silver carries a lower premium than gold with silver bullion markets turning over on average at least 18 times less money than gold. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet to buy and exchange silver.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell, the list below will be very useful and valuable information can be found.


buy silver

1. –

This site has resources for investors and collectors seeking information about how to buy silver online whether it is bullion, silver bars or coins. There are tables with information from the top three bullion sites and general news and tips can also be found. You can read about its history and rise in popularity and there are buying guides with links for purchasing coins, bars and rounds. There are articles about silver to read and a host of silver traders is given along with a guide for coin grading.



2. Provident Metals –

Provident Metals has silver dollars and US silver coins amongst their range of products as well as silver bullion and silver IRA. There is a section for selling silver coins and an online shop for buying books on coins, testers, apparel, videos, safes and other coin supplies. You can refine your search by weight, price and condition and the world spot metal prices can be found. An impressive range of silver rounds is on display and ordering can take place seven days a week and 24 hours per day.



3. Littleton Coin Company –|10001|10001|-1|

This company offers a 45-day back money guarantee so you can purchase and make an order risk free. There are silver dollars and rounds as well as hologram silver American Eagles to select and you can update your collection with silver U.S. mint and proof sets. Gift cards and free catalogues can be chosen and there are links to related silver products and you can also opt to view specific mints, grades and denominations.



4. Silver 50 – has Liberty rounds, Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes and Indian head rounds in the collection of coins available. There are also silver bars and Morgan Peace dollars as well as the series of America the Beautiful. There is a section with information about precious metals IRS (individual retirement accounts) and customer service ensures that your order is processed with discretion, insurance and speed.



5. Buy Silver Coins –

This site has good information about buying silver coins. There are articles to read about the top most valuable coins which include the flowing hair dollar, the Edward III and the 1804 silver dollar and other coins include the American silver Eagle and the dazzling dream-catcher to name a few. There are many categories to search and the latest and most popular are highlighted with commentary regarding issues, dealing and mints.



6. – is the American metal exchange and spot prices can be found for all metals. Silver products available include rounds, coins and bars with a range of coins from mints throughout the world on offer as well as commemorative coins. The top selling product is the silver Austrian Philharmonic at the moment and you can read about market news as well as watch educational videos. Tools and resources are given for assistance and free widgets and price charts can also be found with industrial silver also available to purchase.



7. –

This site has silver rounds, coins and bars available with the most popular being silver Austrian Philharmonic, silver American Eagles and silver Canadian wildlife series. Other coins include Morgan dollars, Mexican Libertads, Chinese Pandas and Australian Lunars with commemorative coins available as well. There are special sets to view as well as the position of the markets and charts and newsletters can also be found.



8. –

You can buy silver coins and silver bars in this site with the most popular being the American silver eagle. There are sealed mint cases of Eagles available as well as Canadian silver Maple Leaves and the silver bars available are Canadian mint and Johnson Matthey. A special knowledge section is featured containing information on silver with spot prices as well as news and books. Storage facilities can also be found and the site is available in several languages.



9. CMI –

This site buys, sells and trades silver coins and bullion. Silver bars and Canadian bars are available and the most popular coins are American Eagles, liberty half dollars, Kennedy half dollars, Franklin half dollars and mercury dimes. There are articles to read regarding silver trading and recent posts in the blog are highlighted. Links can be found leading to information on investing in silver and there is a section dedicated to silver specials.



10. – has silver coins and bullion for sale with the emphasis on buying silver American Eagles. Valuable insight is given into silver as an investment and advice and guidance for buying and selling can be found. There are articles to read and videos to view and a full list of available coins is given. You can read opinions from the experts and reports from agencies and price charts are available to add to your site and download.


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