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House buying?

Many people dream of owning their own home and many that already own their own home perhaps want to upgrade or downgrade in exchange for something smaller or larger, but homework and a considerable amount of effort must be used to ensure that the move goes smoothly. Many things have to be taken into consideration such as positioning, proximity to shops and schools for those with young families, transport facilities and of course the neighbourhood.  Once you have found your dream home there is always the finance to consider along with legal fees and surveyors fees to ensure that your new property will be worth the asking price. Negotiations are always a crucial part to buying a home and sometimes the price can be reduced with owners accepting considerably less than the asking price. Fixtures and fittings are also to be considered, so it is necessary beforehand to find out what items such as furniture, curtains and carpets will be left or taken in order to budget and manage finances accordingly. There are many property websites available on the Internet to help with such issues. Below is a list of ten of the best sites available today for advice on buying property and if you are considering buying a new home then the list will be of great value.


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1. – has processed over $100 billion in property since 2002 and is a very popular site in the U.S.A. There is advice for sellers and buyers with a glossary of real estate terms and locations can be chosen by individual State and city. The service is free to use and a full FAQ is given for assistance with a special community network of sellers and buyers. There are informative articles to read in the news section and advice can also be found on mortgages, moving and insurance.


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2. Right Move –

Right Move is very popular site from the U.K and ranks at number 1014 in the world on Properties can be found using the map and new homes and overseas properties are highlighted. There are guides for selling, buying, renting and letting as well as a price comparison report and a special section is dedicated to commercial property. You can find buyers, sellers and agents and there is also a section for ideas in the home.


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3. Home –

This is another popular site from the U.K. and lists many agents and homes for sale with a guide given for prices. Locations can be chosen from anywhere within the U.K. and there are many informative articles to read as well as useful links for further information. Sections are given for buying, renting, selling, services and finance with over 649,000 homes for sale listed. A section is dedicated to property valuations with house prices lists and trends and you can also find advice on conveyancing, removals, gas and electricity.


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4. – contains good information for buying a home with property guides on many styles of houses as well as a guide for first time buyers. There are many articles and posts to read with sections for international property, new homes and renting. A section can be found for buying a disabled-friendly home with helpful hints for potential costs as well as a section for buying land, commercial property and obtaining a loan with useful tips on viewing properties also given.


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5. –

You can search for a home by property type, price or neighbourhood with as well as find open houses, mortgage centres and foreclosures in your area. Several buying guides are given and there is a blog with useful posts and comments for assistance along with a long list of agents and brokers. Further sections can be found for renting, moving, selling and auctions and a special centre list schools local to your required area.


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6. – is a popular worldwide site with millions of properties listed that can be searched by area or price. There are virtual tours to view with new listings and reduced prices highlighted and value estimates on properties in your local area can be given. There are guides available on selling, buying, agents, inspections, foreclosures and mortgages for assistance and press releases and articles can be read for further information.


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7. –

This site has over 71,000 subscribers from 34 different real estate associations and houses can be browsed by price, type and location. You can read the latest market statistics and find the right agent to suit your needs as well as use the quick links for further information. There are guides for moving with tips and tricks for packing and finance calculators are provided for assistance. You can contact the company with any questions or queries and there is also a mobile app so you can search while you are away from home.

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8. – has a section for home buying that contains very good advice and information. There are articles and posts on such topics as buying, selling, foreclosure, agents, investments, property finance and vendors to name a few with a special photo gallery of homes. There are guides for buying a new home with advice on mortgages and tips for listing your property as well as marketing and showcasing. Bankruptcy, debt and bad credit are highlighted and any housing topic can be searched using the special facility available.


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9. – has houses for sale or rent with more than 1 million listings. There are articles regarding real estate information for assistance with market reports and place comparisons. There is a section for finding a real estate professional with advice on mortgages and foreclosures and there are finance calculators, education centres and resource centres to help. It is free to post a rental property or a house for sale and a section is dedicated to open houses.


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10. –

This is a very popular site for buying house and ranks at 567 in the world on You can search for a home by price, type or location, learn useful tips for buying and selling, find schools in selected areas and view crime reports. There are 9,000 listings to view with advice and guides on mortgages and brokers can be selected in the directory.







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