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The world of Calculus is a mystery to most of us. Even the most intellectual and intelligent among us can struggle with the terminology and concept of it. Some of us need to know where to find information on the subject either for studying or research purposes whilst teachers need information for classes, lessons and lectures. Below are listed some of the best sites on the Internet for giving information and instruction on Calculus. Some of the sites are world famous establishments offering a vast range of instruction through videos and libraries through a large network of linked societies and others are smaller sites giving valuable demonstrations and explanations with simplistic terminology that even the least intelligent amongst us can understand. All the sites listed below will be useful if you are seeking information on Calculus which has now been made easier since they are all listed together in one place.


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1. MIT –

This is the calculus information site from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and ranks high on the Internet, no doubt from the quality and presentation of the information found in the site.  Subjects can be selected by topics and sub-topics with the emphasis on course study and homework. Many aids for studying and research can be found on the site along with introductory courses and highlights for teachers and students alike.  Special video demonstrations are given on Calculus and all topics in the Calculus curriculum are covered.  Help is available and an extensive list of software is offered for further assistance.


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2. Academic Earth –

Academic Earth is an organisation whose aim is to bring world class education to everyone on earth.  The company is based in California, U.S.A and offers a wide range of courses of which Calculus is one.  Academic lectures in videos can be viewed given insight into this branch of mathematics and the site explains the differences between integral Calculus and differential Calculus. Help is given in understanding the terminology and concepts involved in the subject and a full FAQ can also be found on the site.


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3. WolframMathWorld –

Wolfram is a very informative site specialising in Mathematics with a large section dedicated to Calculus. In-depth explanations on equations and fractions can be found along with full demonstrations and examples which can be followed to gain further insight into the workings of Calculus.  There is an alphabetical index for choosing search options and contact is welcome for any queries.


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4. Wiki Books –

Wiki Books is a very valuable source for information on the Internet with a very informative section on Calculus. There is an introductory guide and all individual areas of the subject can be selected and searched. Information is given in articles with diagrams and demonstrations giving clear explanations. A wealth of guidance and assistance can be obtained from the community section and tips, links and suggestions are on offer for further knowledge.


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5. –

HippoCampus is an open resource site dedicated to Mathematics which appeals to teachers, researchers and students and it contains a very informative section on Calculus. All topics can be browsed and useful links are given for further reference and information. There is a section showing worked examples, a Calculus simulator and presentations. There is a correlation of textbooks where individual books can be selected showing in-depth contexts and concepts regarding the subject and interesting articles and facts can also be found.


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6. The Math Forum –

The Maths Forum is a small site, but a very popular one nevertheless since it contains a very valuable information section on Calculus. Many articles and explanations can be found in links which are selected from the full table of contents. The library of information on Calculus is vast and there is a library help guide available for finding relevant information. All links lead to explanations that are clearly laid out with diagrams, tables and charts assisting with understanding. The site is simplistic in operation helping make it a very popular choice for information on Calculus.


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7. S.O.S. Mathematics Calculus –

S.O.S. Mathematics contains a great deal of information on Calculus. Information can be selected from individual topics within the index such as Sequences, Series, Differentiation and Integration to name just a few. Once the topic has been selected the information is clearly displayed with diagrams, graphs, rough workings and equations all adding to understanding of the subject. Useful links for obtaining further information can be found and book suggestions are given to assist with research.


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8. –

Calculus-Help offers flash tutorials for the Calculus phobic amongst us. All the tutorials are PowerPoint presentations with chapters and lessons and are easy to follow and understand. There is a section for solving problems and even Calculus movies and songs with catchy words to help you remember information. The site’s aim is to make Calculus fun for learning and studying, which it certainly achieves and there is even a Calculus shop for enthusiasts to buy products and souvenirs.


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9. Brightstorm –

This site is a little bit different. The company film the best teachers in action in the classroom and build quick homework help on the video results. The Calculus section contains good information and each Calculus topic can be individually selected and clicked to play the instruction video. There is a wide range of videos to watch with clear guidance and explanations. Sections can be found on test prep and textbook which contains solutions to Calculus homework and worksheets. Subscription to the site is welcome and there is a full FAQ.


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10. Quizlet –

Quizlet provides a valuable Calculus section for teachers and students. Individual topics and subcategories of the subject can be searched and information is given in the form of case studies.  There are thousands of cases, all adding to in-depth knowledge with a separate search facility for case sets with images. The site ranks high on on account of the volume of information that it contains on all study subjects. Sign-up to the site is free for receiving updates on any chosen subject.


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