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While much attention is given to the research being done in the attempt to cure all forms of cancer, there is much less attention regarding cancer prevention. Society as a whole does tend to ignore the concept of preventing it after all. Consider how many people are still taking on the habit of cigarette smoking even knowing there is an enormous amount of evidence that doing so will adversely affect their health and likely be the cause. The truth of the matter, however, is that there truly is a great deal of research being done regarding the prevention of cancer as evidenced by the following ten websites. Some of these sites are regarding the research being done and others are a good reading source for those that want to do everything they can to prevent getting cancer.


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1. Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT):

Global Alexa Rating: 2,125

CPRIT provides grant awards to advance cancer prevention strategies and early detection programs and services for Texans. Their efforts may well set the bar for similar programs in other states, not to mention that should advanced be made they undoubtedly would share them with the world. There are articles worth reading on the website about some of the successes made possible by CPRIT grants. There is also a section on the site called ‘Cancer News’ that has links to recent news regarding research.




2. Natural News:   

Global Alexa Rating: 2,049

Natural News is not just about cancer prevention but they do have a section on their website devoted to prevention news, articles and information. One of the things they have to offer is a full color PDF for purchase called ‘Don’t Eat Cancer’ which teaches about toxins approved by the FDA as food and teaches readers how to identify them in everything from drinks to cosmetics. Natural News is a science-based natural health advocacy organization that wants to empower consumers with factual information about potential things we just might be using and eating everyday.




3. CDC:   

Global Alexa Rating: 2,560

Most everyone has heard of the CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – but most think of them as just being our watchdog regarding disease outbreaks. The reality is that the CDC is a leader in nationwide efforts to ease the burden of cancer. They work with state health agencies and other groups to develop, implement and promote effective strategies for preventing and controlling the disease. The website has tons of articles on various topics including prevention, preventing infections when receiving chemotherapy, data and statistics and more. There are also links to areas that discuss specific cancers such as breast, colorectal (colon), gynecologic cancers, lung, prostate and skin cancer.




4. Prevention:

Global Alexa Rating: 6,236

Prevention has been a part of the Rodale family for many years with the circulation of Prevention Magazine at nearly 3 million making it the 14th largest consumer magazine in the U.S. They promote health in various ways but predominately through prevention through healthy eating, activity and natural remedies. The link given is for one article on the website – it is entitled, ’20 Ways to Never Get Cancer’ and it has some pretty good tips for the prevention of many forms of cancer and some of them are pretty simple to do. Spend some time on the rest of the website as well for all kinds of great information about getting healthy and staying that way.




5. National Cancer Institute: 

Global Alexa Rating: 14,231

This site is a treasure-trove of informational reading with general prevention information as well as information regarding prevention of specific cancers. There is also information about prevention clinical trials. Topics such as tobacco, food and sunlight and how they relate to cancer risk and/or prevention are also covered on this website. There are a number of fact sheets in the Other Topics section that are of interest as well. At the bottom of the page is a link for their LiveHelp Online Chat in order to get additional questions answered.




6. MD Anderson Cancer Center:

Global Alexa Rating: 54,968

The MD Anderson Cancer Center provides screenings, risk assessment and evaluation of abnormal test results and unexplained symptoms for those in the area. The website has numerous articles about topics such as prevention and screening, cancer screening recommendations, genetic testing and counseling and prevention research trials. Readers can also sign up for their monthly prevention newsletter, ‘Focused on Health.’ They also have a Cancer Risk Check with a few questions which will help to determine if you are at risk of certain types.



7. Cancer Prevention Research:

Global Alexa Rating: 72,523

This website provides access to the Cancer Prevention Research Journal. A subscription is needed to read the full text of the articles but anyone can read the abstracts. The articles are not written at the level of the typical reader and are more intended for the medical community but it can still be useful for the person who wants to more fully immerse themselves into cancer prevention that comprises preclinical, clinical and translational research with special attention given to molecular discoveries.




8. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance:

Global Alexa Rating: 523,437

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is a cancer treatment center in Seattle, Washington. They offer newsletters about research and treatment. The website covers a number of topics including prevention and early detection, breast screening, lung cancer early detection and prevention, colorectal cancer screening and more. The Preventing Cancer section has information about healthy living choices that can reduce the risk.



9. Prevent Cancer Foundation:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,008,627

The Prevent Cancer Foundation has funded cancer prevention research since 1985 through grants and fellowships. They also provide information through programs and awareness campaigns. The Prevention section of the website provides a health and wellness section from Dr. Ann Kulze, a section on ways to reduce cancer risk, information on preventable cancers and a number of prevention stories. Each of the preventable cancers has information about risk factors, prevention and early detection, symptoms, treatment and resources.




10. Cancer Prevention & Treatment Fund:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,028,038

This site is probably one of the most useful sites when it comes to really delving into the latest research about preventing various cancers. It is easy to navigate with articles regarding in depth strategies including avoiding environmental exposures that can cause cancer and avoiding medical treatments that pose cancer risks. The nice thing about this organization is that they do not accept any funding from drug companies or any source that would have an interest in influencing their work. While there are other sites that have a much better Alexa traffic rating than this one, it is being included because this reviewer found it to be exceptional and worthy of being on this list.

While nobody really wants to think about having cancer at some point in their lives, unfortunately it is all too common. Fortunately, with a conscious and educated effort one can truly minimize the risk of many types. Prevention is always far less trouble than going through treatment even with those that are almost always curable. Armed with the knowledge found on these ten websites one can just possibly avoid ever having to research cancer treatments later on.



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